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Nokia Windows Phone 7 concept revealed

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Look what we’ve found! This is the first image you’ll see anywhere of the early fruit of Microsoft and Nokia’s budding new partnership. We have it on good authority that the technicolor phones on show are conceptual devices produced by the two companies. You shouldn’t, therefore, go jumping to conclusions about retail hardware just yet, but hearts should be warmed by the familiarity of Nokia’s new design — the shape of these handsets is somewhere between its recent N8 and C7 Symbian devices and there is, as usual for Nokia, a choice of sprightly colors. The trio of keys adorning the new concept’s bottom give away its Windows Phone 7 ties, but also remind us that the N8 and E7 are highly unlikely to receive any WP7 upgrade love. The best part about this whole discovery, however, might be that it confirms Steve Ballmer’s assertion that the engineers of both companies have “spent a lot of time on this already.” So, who else is excited about owning an Engadget-blue Microkia device?

Just few days ago Nokia publicly announced its new market strategy and collaboration with Microsoft. Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop has promised that he won’t ditch Symbian or MeeGo but will move these Operation Systems to budget smartphones and dumbphones, so Windows Phone 7 will become Nokia’s primary OS, but was that a good decision?

Share of worldwide 2010 Q4 smartphone sales to end users by operating system, according to Canalys reveals it was a bad decision.

Android is the world’s number one preferred OS and it accounts for 33% of world sales, Symbian is second with 31%, Apple iOS is third with 14%, RIM is fourth with 14% and Windows Phone is fifth with only 3% world sales. So why would anyone want to migrate from a platform that used to sell 31% to a platform that only sells 3%?

Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop was a former senior executive at Microsoft and some Nokia customers believe that he could be a Trojan horse set to infiltrate and bankrupt Nokia so Microsoft could later acquire Nokia or simply to sell Windows Phone 7 because unlike Android, Windows Phone 7 is not an open source and it’s not free. Most Nokia users are disappointed because they were expecting Nokia to adopt Android or MeeGo. Those that bought the new high-end N8 and E7 with Symbian^3 feel betrayed as their devices will now be classified as “dumbphones”.

Shortly after Nokia announced its partnership with Microsoft, it lost 17.02% of its market capital (see last 3 days trend).


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