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Nicolas Sarkozy: Turkey is best matched with Middle East, not with EU

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Nicolas Sarkozy of France pays five-six-hour short visit to Turkey as a President of G-20. Turkish “CnnTurk” news service informs that Sarkozy gave interview to a famous Turkish journalist and columnist Mehmet Ali Birand before his visit to Turkey.

Turkish journalist was granted a unique chance to address written questions to the French President, who answered them again in a written form. “CnnTurk” published the addresses that Sarkozy sent to Turkish senior leadership and the society.

– Turkey is best matched with the Middle East and not the European Union.
– Turkey’s EU membership will be in favor to neither EU nor Turkey.
– Turkey is a bridge between the East and the West. No other country could have that unique role.
– We shouldn’t remain imprisoned in the templates of the past.
– We think, we’ll be closely cooperating with Turkey in the Middle East.
– Though Turkey can convince Iran, there is no alternative but to increase sanctions against Tehran.
– France is the third foreign investor in Turkey. In 2010 the figure of mutual trade circulation was 12 billion euros. We’re intended to increase that figure.
– Turkey is indispensable partner in “G-20”. I would like to get Turkey’s support in “G-20”.


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