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Man caught eating baby in Papua New Guinea

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Residents of a Papua New Guinea mining town say they found a man with a history of drug abuse allegedly eating his screaming, newborn son during a sorcery initiation ceremony.

Police said locals on the outskirts of the town of Tabubil, in Western Province, woke on Thursday to the screams of the baby.

Beset with the grisly sight of the father allegedly eating his child, an angry mob chased him to the police station where he was detained after a short struggle.

Police said the discovery was too late to save the baby, who died of his injuries.

Tabubil police commander Demas Tapea said officers had detained a man and his wife to assist them with their inquiries.

“It is a very disturbing incident,” Sergeant Tapea said.

“The community is upset, angry but there is also a lot of fear and anxiety because there is a belief in sorcery or witchcraft.”

Sgt Tapea said the main suspect was known to police.

“Locals are saying the man was carrying out a sorcery ritual, or initiation, to become part of some sort of special society,” he said.

“The suspect has a long history of drug abuse and we are not surprised something like this has happened.

“A few years ago, he went crazy in what we believe was due to the effects of drugs,” he said.

In 2009, it was estimated at least 50 people were killed that year in sorcery-related murders in sudden or unexplained deaths in isolated communities.

Christian missions and the Australian territorial administration of PNG, along with the PNG government, have done their best to end the belief in sorcery, but strong superstitions remain.


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  • JamesTheJust

    Is anyone really surprised by this behavior in a negro? Cannibalism was common practice in Papua New Guinea before evil whitey came and BLESSED them with White civilization.

    Stupid missionaries. Always meddling. They should leave the other races alone and let YAH’s laws gonverning nature take over! Problem solved!

    • gladys

      he had no reason to harm that poor baby. but neither do you for calling people like that is racist and inmoral. you are a person with no heart… :( :-x :evil: :-?

  • Kafexionist

    The Papua New Guinean who ate his own baby is sick in the brain & is one devil among the Papua New Guineas because Papua New Guineans are real good people & not canibals. He is just a drug abuse with out a proper human sense. May God have mercy on his soul.


      Thankyou so much Kafexionist for standing up for us :) Australia and PNG are close not only geographicly but also through our history.. atleast YOU know us UNLIKE that complete idiot who refers to himself as ‘james the just’.

  • Genevieve.D.W.L

    JamesTheJust? More like James the racist! Where the hell do you get off calling us negros? Your not supprised by our behaviour? Well im from PNG and im not a freaking cannibal! This is just some sick and disturbed person who was OUT OF HIS MIND! That does not mean were all cannibals you idiot. Im sick of narrow minded people like you, you think you know it all.. have you ever been to our country? Do you know our history back to front? NO? well then shut the hell up and stop judging us all. Your pathetic loser.

    • JamesTheJust

      JamesTheJust? More like James the racist!

      Yes, I am a racist. As I have said many times; I AM PROUDLY RACIST! I know it hurts your little sissy mentality that I am a racist. That word has been so demonized, and yet it was that attitude which protected the very diversity that you panty waist ass wipes say you want to promote, but diligently seek to destroy. You IDIOTS are so into double speak that you cannot even see your ultimate goal of ONE WORLD blandness or mixed races mamzers.

      Well im from PNG and im not a freaking cannibal!

      And yet, you cannot truthfully say the same thing about your ancestors. Had it not been for the White man and his civilzing effect on the darker races, that child-eating man would have just been another “normal” citizen in another day in “paradise”.

      As stated before in this article, the practice of tribal cannibalism did not stop in Papua New Guinea until the country gained independence in the 1970s. …

      en. wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannibalism

      Detailed accounts of cannibalism in New Guinea. … One of the New Guinea Papuan tribes has the custom of taking out its grandparents, when they have become …

      www. heretical.com/cannibal/nguinea1.html

      Dec 12, 2008 … Italian photographer Iago Corazza travelled to Papua New Guinea to meet the world’s last cannibals, who say Japanese people taste best!

      http://www.bild.de › Bild-English › News

      Aug 16, 2007 … A tribe in Papua New Guinea has apologised for killing and eating … Cannibalism was common in many parts of the South Pacific – Fiji was …

      www. telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/…/Cannibal-tribe-apologises-for- eating-Methodists.html

      And there are many more articles concerning this subject.

      YES Cannibalism was and to a relatively large degree, VERY common among your people. But then you already knew this.

      I am a racist…most definitely, but I am not a pathetic looser, except in your own cannibalized mind.

    • i agree with Genevieve DWL… :) !!! not all the people are all the same…just dont judge people just like that without you even knowing who they really are. Papuans are just good people!!! and that man must be crazy eating the poor innocent child…for god’s sake!!! i just feel for the baby!!! god bless PNG!!!!

  • DION

    James, James, James hahahaha you are the most pathetic human being on the planet! Let me shed some light on the accusations you made you moran! Not ALL places in Papua New Guinea practised canabalism… Are you THAT stupid to not have known that fact! i bet you are just some low life creep who has nothing better to do so you just go around making all sorts of no brainer comments hahaha get a life!

    • JamesTheJust

      Let me shed some light on the accusations you made you moran! Not ALL places in Papua New Guinea practised canabalism…

      Shed some light? You just proved my point, you stupid nigger.

      And you call me pathetic. :roll:

      • DION

        JamesTheJust… you stupid! i was reffering to the fact that you were making accusations that all Papua New Guineans are canibals… you idiot!

        • JamesTheJust

          Me stupid? I don’t think so. Go back to my posts and pick out the part where I wrote that ALL Papua New Guineans were/are cannibals. Obviously there had to be the cannibalized.

          You make your race so proud. :roll:

          No really you do. Your race has little concept of what to actually be proud of.

          (Hey not all my people eat people…eh!)

          • ori ment affect

            Oh man!!! I’m not from PNG and even i think ur wrong!!! Dude u say ur race hasn’t eaten people but ur race slaughtered more people than we ever did!!! Adolf Hitler, Gerorge W Bush (The war in Iraq that was totally pointless) yes PNG people ma have done dis in da past, but its da past, welcome to da 21st century, u say our ancestors did wrong, but so did urs….cmon….ur people are basically convicts dat moved into a land dat was owned by the Native Americans that ur people slaughtered, so man think bout urself b4 others. :)

  • realist

    most white people i know are racist..and that list just went up by 1 at this minute.
    Thanks james, but your nega is not needed in this world!
    you :roll: have disgraced yourself. shame on you

    • JamesTheJust

      most white people i know are racist.

      Oh the irony. (You and your race probably will not understand, but I’ll wager most White people will.)

      and that list just went up by 1 at this minute.

      ‘scuse me, but you don’t “know” me and I don’t want to know you.

      you :roll: have disgraced yourself. shame on you

      You people are so full of false self interpretation. How dare you decide what is disgraceful for me and when I should feel shame.

      Who made you GOD?

  • realist

    most white people i know are racist..and that list just went up by 1 at this minute.
    Thanks james, but your nega is not needed in this world!
    you :roll: have disgraced yourself. shame on you

    • JamesTheJust

      God you people are pathetic.

      I know how to make a nigger mad…tell the truth. I guess if I came from a race of cannibals living in dung huts, I’d hate the truth too.

      Look all around you; from the cars you drive, the tv you watch to the food you eat…you can thank the White race.

      In that, I am content. Whatever you think about me is of no concern to me whatsoever.

      Yes, most White people are racists and for good damn reason!

      • emma

        :roll: Are you sure you’re not pathetic???? F.Y.I we don’t live in dung huts. :idea: I think you’re referring to the Masaimari people of Kenya and stop calling us cannibals. Haven’t you read the article, the guy had a long history of drug abuse…conclusion he was under the influence of drugs…i thought you of all people would know that people who are under the influence of drugs tend to do immoral things…. :!: You should know because there mainly an issue on the news esp in America.

        And once again we’re not niggers…. I dare you to say that to the “dark raced” people in and around your community/society and see what happens. You can’t go around name-calling people and making racist comments about people’s races..
        Who are you to pass judgements and make fun of the Lord’s creation!!!!

        • JamesTheJust

          You can’t go around name-calling people and making racist comments about people’s races..

          Oh yes I can. Niggers do it all the time. I’ve heard it. I have seen it done publicly, with an entire host of niggeretts chanting, “kill whitey!” or “whitey must die”.

          I’m not an ignorant White boy whose closest contact with negros has been some damned jew-inspired, made for TV bullshit.

          • emma

            :roll: OK. so you’re saying that we chant “kill whitey!” or “whitey must die”….where exactly did you hear it???? :!: Are you sure you aren’t referring to the people in your country :?: :?: :?:

  • emma

    @ JamesTheJust:
    :-x who are you to make generalised comments about us Papua New Guineans!!! If i were you, I’d think before opening my mouth. First of all, not all Papua New Guineans are cannibals. And secondly, who the hell are you to call us negros!!! You know so called racists like you don’t make it that far in life. People will eventually grow tired of people like you.You know there are good Americans out there but you’re just the most arrogant, selfish, mentally disturbed, psycho, disgusting and worthless good-for-nothing American. You’re just giving America a bad reputation.

  • realist

    :-D you are welcome!

  • Genevieve.D.W.L

    James what are you the spokes person for the KKK? I wouldnt be surprised.. people like you will end up buring in HELL.
    Look aroud you, u must be blind because you are surrounded by “dark” raced people… and guess what? your very own leader, your President happens to be from a “dark” race or are still in denial about that? HAHA JamesTheJust is being ‘justly’ led by a ‘dark’ leader… suck on that LOSER.

  • realist

    8) yep. does it taste good james? DOES IT????? hahaha

  • Obee

    JamesTheJust Dude, you are totally one sad human being. Stop being jealous of my people and find something better to do with your worthless, pathetic, sad life. Long story short- we all came from a black person u dumbass! And we’re not “nigros”, we’re Melanisan…..Damn, most Americans are smart but you are one Dumbass whiteman!!! :roll:

  • Me

    “Just” my black ass!
    More like James The JERK!!

  • JamesTheJust

    14/02/2011 at 5:33 am

    “Just” my black ass!
    More like James The JERK!!

    Oh, you have hurt me. No, you have hurt you…


    (just a little levity for White people. You probably won’t get it.)

  • Genevieve W.D.L

    Nice come back James! Actualy no that was pretty pathetic. ‘whatever’?? haha.. LAAAAME!!!

  • Qatalina

    James you seriously need to get a life…

    James the Just shouldn’t even be.. you want to make this a racist battle you got! You white americans are so poor and stupid that you steal land for people and claim it for yourselves. This is what you should do, Get your albino ass back to Europe where you belong and stop bullying other races..

    Ps: we Papua New Guineans are beige and 200 hundred years from now your race will not exist..

    That should be enough to hurt your feelings for now.. Loser!

    Turangu stret yu wanpla las bet…=p stick yu..

  • Obee

    Pex you! you’re just a nigger suffering from an identity crisis. Dude, F.Y.I….YOU WILL NEVER BE WHITE!

    • Qatalina

      yeh Pinky! more like it.. Pink Man…Pink Man.. Wanna be white man..


    :-D Oh come on guys.. Give James a break! He probably just got raped by a black person and hes just taking his anger out on us PACIFIC islanders.. Poor James, your feeling used and abused huh? *pats back* its okay, let it go.. were not the ones who hurt you.. Go see a shrink or something :-D go cry, just let it all out man. you poor confused idiot..

    • emma

      :lol: HAHAHAHAHAHA LOL :!: :!: :!:

  • Me

    Black….is the new white..

  • Diane

    oi whity… y dont u stop spoiling other raises and try go 2 church b4 its too late and u end up in hell!!!

  • Tequille

    James. James, oh dearest wannabe-whitey James whose actually pink but to dumb to realise…. What the hell on earth is wrong with you???

    Why are you being such a low-life? Why try to bully the PNGeans?

    IT should be the more industrialised countries of this world you should be blaming for whatever reason why your depressed, angered, or whatever else it is, I DON’T CARE!! Is it bcoz ov the credit crunch why your upset?? Must be terrible childhood memories aye..Well whatever it is, you shouldnt take it out on us PAPUA NEW GUINEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YOU PATHETIC LOW-LIFE!!! Seriously, what’s wrong with you?? You need to go see a shrink ASAP!!!

    I honestly feel for you…What’s wrong? Too much of a chicken to reply to any of the other comments?? HAHAHAHAHA!!! Loserr!!!

    And DON’T call us niggers, PINKEY!!!


  • dman

    james did u have a hardtime growing up??!!!!wer u like a fat ass white/pink kid which no one liked hanging out with??…. well u know what?? we Papua New Guineans didnt have anything 2 do with your life so just shut the fuck up about PNG.. wer nice people but if u wanna get smart with us, we’l get smart witchu! like the saying goes -do unto others what u want them 2 do to u!!!! incase u didnt get the info clearly into your white ass brain..it said that “a” man meaning “1” man ate the baby.. not the whole of PNG.. this situation could’ve happened anywhere in the world bt it so happened in PNG by a “DRUG” user.. i repeat a “DRUG” user!! i dont know how u understood the news flash but it turns out ur obviously a joke in a human body……. boohoo :(

  • JamesTheJust

    My goodness. All the flap over the simple truth. (I guess I’d be upset too if I were told that my race is sub-par and can be proven to be so.)

    So PNG’s ancestors (and evidently some PHG’s today) eat other people…It’s not so unusual for your race. Wherever they have lived, its been the same…Africa too.

    I don’t “hate” PNGers, but I wouldn’t want to be alone with them when they’re hungry.

    Please bring it on. The most you can do is belittle, but you cannot change the facts.

  • dman

    just stop it freaktard!!! u knw you have nothing to say so your just defending your white ass with worthless talks!!! please if your really despr8 4 something 2 do… y dont u just just die… that would live the world with 1 less dick head…

    • JamesTheJust

      y dont u just just die

      You first.

      • EAF

        W8….aren’t ur people like convicted criminals dumped in a wasteland that no one bothered to go to??? Mate, Im not from PNG but u shud think about all ur ancestors mistakes….am i right. maybe I shud call u hitler or adolf??? cmon mr KKK. White people are good, but ur just a living shame of the white race…..PINKY :P :-D

  • Tequille

    Oh James you have so totally got it coming!

    Issues. Issues. And MORE ISSUES! Thats what your problem is! You just can’t get it through your too thin to be thick head that we are all equal now aye? That it ain’t all about the whites…coz the light seems to be on us, the darker race.

    Seriously, if your a student, I’m guessing you got issues with some of your dark teachers, or maybe even your peers. Or maybe you happen to know someone whose black that you’d rather not know. Or maybe you got black co-workers who get keep on getting promotions, and NOT you…I don’t care what it is. Coz all you seem to be doing is HATING!! Hater!!!

    You say you don’t hate PNGeans aye..okay.. But why try to diss us on the World Wide Web?? And going on bout you being a total racist. Then you throw negative comments about PNGeans… that simply shows that your straight up disrespectful and pathetic!

    Oh and to let you know, what you think are facts, WERE facts. I repeat, WERE facts. We Papua New Guineans DO NOT eat people. That did happen in the past, but that was the PAST. What you read in that article was ‘a man under the influence of drugs (and alcohol?), who had a history of drug abuse.

    Blari kanaka aii pas! Wanem, jes bicos mahn ya sa kaikai wan-pek na go longlong ino min osem mipla olgeta lo hia sa wokim osem!! Aspas, aii pas, olgeta hap pas!!!

    • JamesTheJust

      I don’t hate you. I don’t love you. I simply tell the truth and you people go bonkers. Yes…very telling.

      BTW: We are not all equal. There are definite differences between the races and even within the same race, there are differences between individuals.

      My race has always been very advanced, relatively speaking. Its in our genes.

      BTW: I am so happy your race has advanced beyond eating people.

  • Obee


    “My race has always been very advanced, relatively speaking. Its in our genes”…..please u cum out lo hul blo ston! You dumbass caveman!!

  • Me

    Oi…upla sore lo em ya. Kiau blem pen ya. hahahaha! bloody last bet whiteman ya, hanoa blo america. LOL! :-D

    • realist

      now that’s some funny shit. hahaha

  • Qatalina

    Yeh! James your race is advanced with Bullshit…
    Why don’t you white Americans pack your shit and move back to wherever the hell you came from.

    If you had time to study history you’d know that Papua New Guineans did not intend to eat those white people that came here.. They just thought thos white niggers where some sort of animal… hehehe.. Too bad your people had to die like that aye..

  • Obee

    Sore ya….abus ya, abus!

  • Krizzy

    hahaha..ur so pathetic james!! y u dissin ada pipol?! u need to get a major reality check! did yo ancestors originate from north america?? i dont tink so!! u came in, pillaged and took over! u shud be ashamed ov yoselvs!! @ list we papua new guineans can be pround ov bein original.. y dont u jst mind yo own biznis b4 we send sum ov m canibals afta ur fat white ass!! :-x

  • realist

    *james the just
    *My goodness. All the flap over the simple truth. (I guess I’d be upset too if I were told that my race is sub-par and can be proven to be so.)

    the only simple truth here is that YOU, like everyone else, has their point of view. but don’t know how to keep certain words coming from you limited. you really should learn to keep some things to yourself and realize that not everyone is perfect. ofcorse we will defend our people. because NOT ALL of us are what is headlined above. you want the truth? you’re with and we’re black. that’s the whole truth and nothing but the truth. if you’re trying to prove a point, stop because it’s not worth proving if your own side will be racist. racism is a discriminational issue that evernone tries to overcome. and some people like you make our lives complicated because we have to deal with it. even though i’m not entirely black, i know what i’m talking about. coz i knkow how to realize meaningful things. unlike you james.

  • dman

    wsss lusim lusim….. kaikai bol na die!!!!

  • Tequille

    Why am I even wasting my time arguing with someone like you whose totally ignorant about anyone else’s thoughts, but his own?

    And why use a name such as James The Just, when your nothing compared to that??

  • jeff

    woah is it just me or is james the fuck acting up

  • hannahk

    Stop arguing about race. This article says nothing about race, so don’t bring it up. Let the racist rant and rave, he has his opinions. You do too. this article is about a man eating a baby, why dont you just discuss that? god.. you all are acting like children! lol :!:

  • Amani

    James..the PNGs are not negroes,they are melanesians.those are two different races.Someone else talked of ‘Masaimara tribe’,there’s nothing like that! It’s the maasai ethnic group.I am a Kenyan and my people have never and do not practise cannibalism!

  • love& light

    :!: james the ignorant redneck….your kind is a dying race…thank goodness….hasn’t it been proven that we have all originated from the black man in Africa….through the process of evolution from Stone Age man on!! A cowardly act, spouting your “insane” message of hate and indifference (from behind the safety of a a computer screen) – well guess what….aren’t the majority of serial killers – caucasian?? This is a fact that FBI Profilers have long discussed and been trying to understand??? Seriously foolish JJ – you don’t threaten or make me angry with your childish tirade – growing up & getting a life is not in the foreseeable future for you as people of your nature are not able to function in the real world, have probably never travelled out of a 100 mile radius & live in a bubble of redneck “heaven” where you are only aware of a stink you call your soul ……James the Joke…..sadly disturbed individual that you are. As for the drug-crazed, sorcery practicing PNG man – sad and disturbing!

  • Crev

    JamesTheF*ck…You make us Americans look bad you ignorant idiot.

  • marita

    @JamesTheJust …ich bin weiß,deutsch und alle weißen die ich kenne sind nicht rassistisch. deine freunde sind es weil es deine freunde snd.normale menschen wollen mit dir sicher nichts zu tun haben

  • dave

    James the just you are sick in the head because at the end if the day there are plenty of white people who are sick in the head like george bush so dont be a fucking cunt u dissrespectfull piss of shit u make white look really bad. Oh and by the way i white as well so fuck you

  • Poppy

    I think you’ll find the “race” in PNG is Melanesian not negroid. I think if you decide to be racist you should know the difference.

  • tara

    James the just.. you have gone of the point entirely… you have used this as an excuse to spread your venom that does little to relive/resolve the situation or change anything. Your vicious rants are unnecessary and unfounded, and have little impact upon the world.

    I am white and as far as i am concerned it means absolutely nothing, and i can confirm it does not unite me and you. I do not agree with anything you have to say and i would like to point out few would.. i very much doubt if james voices these opinions publicly. i presume he sits at home on his computer typing furiously.. its pathetic really.

    You give a bad impression to the world, racism is a mask for people like you who wish to antagonize and scrutinize others based on futile and unreliable arguments… is this what you do every night?? is this healthy..

    I think in your upbringing you were denied alot of love and witnessed little respect, as in this situation the people of PPNG deserve reassurance and understanding.. can you imagine having to worry about your children like this? .. it fills any heart with dread.. Mind you, can you truly tell me white civilizations do not have to worry about their children to the same extent??? rape, gun crime, kidnapp and prostitution… Stop ignoring your own countries problems.. even world problems.. so you can gloat at another’s misfortunes.

    Your sick.. and this is worrying. If anything it highlights the impact drug misuse can have on those who are mentally unstable and the importance of education.

    We have not always been civilized, we are but animals and sometimes we are reminded of this..

  • That Girl In Kentucky

    I feel bad for James. He gives people here in America a bad name. It’s as if he represents us all to be racist and narrow minded. We aren’t. This man was drug induced and clearly not in a stable state of min. His actions were voluntary and his punishment should be critical and equally cruel. I believe that firmly. If you drag a dog behind a truck, you should be dragged behind a truck. I would put this man in a tub and fill it with fire-ants or something similar. I was just surfing forums trying to figure out if the gruesome picture posted with this story on some other places was correct. The picture I’ve seen the baby lacked a skull and I find it difficult to believe he could consume bone before someone apprehended him. It’s a tragedy beyond words and belief. I’m still in awe over it. God bless this child and its family. Helpless, innocent infant. :cry:

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