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Jimmy Carter Sued for $5 Million for Criticism of Israel

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In a move that calls back to the attempt by Texas cattlemen to sue Oprah Winfrey for “defamation of beef.” an Israeli lawyer has filed a class-action lawsuit against former President Jimmy Carter, seeking $5 million in damages because his book “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid” allegedly defamed Israel.

Attorney Nitsana Darshan-Leitner insisted that Carter’s book violated New York State’s Consumer Protection Laws by asserting things, largely that Israel was not inherently reasonable and Syria was not inherently unreasonable, that “even a child” knows is untrue.

The suit went on to condemn Carter, saying he had an “agenda of anti-Israel propaganda” and condemned publisher Simon and Shuster for advertising the book as a work on non-fiction. The legal complaint insists Carter has the right to publish a book “to put forward his virulent anti-Israel bias” but insisted that such a book could only be sold as a work of fiction.

Lawsuits against authors alleging “defamation” of the government or a key ally, though common in some Mideast dictatorships, have never been particulary common nor successful in the United States. Likewise, it does not appear that New York’s Consumer Protection Law explicitly forbids criticism of Israel in a work of non-fiction, though if true this would surely make for an interesting Constitutional challenge to such a law.

Simon and Schuster spokesman Adam Rothberg condemned the lawsuit as a “chillling attack on free speech” and promised that the company would oppose it in court. Former President Carter has yet to comment.


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5 Responses to " Jimmy Carter Sued for $5 Million for Criticism of Israel "

  1. Robert Laity says:

    Carter IS Anti-Israel.


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  2. John Taurus says:

    If I was on the jury Jimmy Carter would win. Israel is a terrorist state. This is highly recognized around the world. A Jew judge, a Jews lawyer, a Jew jury….Jimmy should have the trial transferred to Georgia. The Jews are Satan on earth, pure evil. The Jews have murdered over a billion people since world war I, yet, they expect people to cry over 6 million Jews dying, a figure that has been proven to be a lie many times over. The Jews have destroyed America and Europe. They intend to enslave every non-Jew on this planet. The economy has been destroyed by these demons in order to justify a world central bank, which they intend to manage and control. Now, delete this post and ban me from posting. Truth is no longer a welcome thing.

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  3. sam says:

    Carter is my hero – he is the only Ex President of the United States who had to guts and the backbone to call Israel – what it is – An apparthied state.
    To me –
    Israel is a cancer which is slowly but surely eating the world –
    The worst invention of the last 100 years is Israel.
    Israel is a parasite which eats its host.
    The root for most of the problems in today’s world – will be found in the criminal state of Israel.

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  4. Robert Laity says:

    Sam,Carter is a pro Islamic traitor to America like Obama. If carter is your hero,you are an accomplice to treason.

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  5. Auke says:

    @ Robert Laity
    Has the whole world gone crazy? The Jewish landrobbers murder the indigenous population with American made and
    paid bloodmoney, whose the traitor now?
    You Americans are sooo brave being out of range,
    you an inerasable shame on history, why don’t you talk to the American Natives about how much you’ve robbed from them, you mullet

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