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Diet soda linked to heart attacks, strokes

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Chugging a Diet Coke or two every day could cause you to have a heart attack, stroke, or other major heart event, suggests new research recently presented at the American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference in Los Angeles. A team from the University of Miami (UM) Miller School of Medicine found that people who regularly drink diet sodas are 61 percent more likely than others to have a major heart event.

Hannah Gardener, an epidemiologist from UM and lead author of the study, and her colleagues, surveyed more than 2,500 Manhattan residents on their eating and lifestyle habits. They also evaluated participants’ health, including their blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and made comparisons. After taking into account all relevant factors, the team found that diet sodas in particular are linked to heart illness.

Drinkers of regular soda, on the other hand, did not demonstrate an increased risk of heart events in the study, illustrating that something specifically unique to diet sodas was the culprit. And a simple, common sense analysis indicates that the only major difference between diet soda and regular soda is the use of artificial sweetener additives like aspartame.

But researchers went out of their way to say they were unsure which ingredient(s) might be the culprit. Besides suggesting that perhaps other outside factors are involved, which is a typical cop-out conclusion made in many studies, not one suggestion was made to even hint that aspartame just might be the cause of increased heart events.

Humorously, when addressing the possible causative factors in diet soda, the researchers actually suggested that caramel color, another popular ingredient added to sodas to give them a brown color, might be the cause. Such a statement is surprising coming from allegedly educated scientists, though, because caramel color is also added to regular sodas. And if regular sodas did not demonstrate the same increased risks, then caramel color is not the additive in question in this case.

No matter how much the establishment tries to dance around the issue, aspartame, as well as sucralose, saccharin, neotame, and the other artificial additives used in foods, are harmful to health. Aspartame in particular, which is made using a genetically-modified (GM) enzyme, is linked to premature birth, kidney disease, organ lesions, nerve damage, cancer, and premature death.


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2 Responses to " Diet soda linked to heart attacks, strokes "

  1. JanB says:

    The EU would be better served by investing in Central America, where everything grows to make tasty health drinks, chock-full with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, with more punch (energy) than another harmful US product, red bull.

    To mention a few ingredients of such a drink-to-be: green tea, hibiscus, papaya, mango, borojo.

    The only advantage of harmful products like coca cola is that the USA will be bought up at a lower cost by China:
    http://singularian.50megs.com/Pics/Deng%20Xiaoping%20at%20Mount%20Rushmore.jpg :-D

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  2. Zordana says:

    I was crippled with arthritis and also had a heart problem when i was told about Aspartame two years ago. I could barely get out of bed and had to take multiple pain killers before i could move properly. I decided to get this poison out of my system and it has taken a long time but i feel much better and now no longer uses a disability scooter. It will take me a long time to rid my body of this chemical because i’d been drinking diet coke for decades but i’m getting there. It’s time something was done about this killer poison once and for all. If i had known about it all those years ago i would have avoided it like the plague.

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