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Clegg aims to 'end the stigma'

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Nick Clegg today announced removal of legislation barring those with mental health problems from being MPs, telling Radio 5 Live it was an “old fashioned approach”.

“Today we’re announcing we’re going to remove the law that means if you’re a politician or an MP and you suffer from a mental health problem for more than six months you are disqualified from standing for public office.”

“That’s an old fashioned approach to mental health that is completely out of step with what we now know.”

The Deputy Prime Minister will later speak of his determination to “end the stigma attached to mental illness” as he launches the Government’s mental health strategy alongside Health Minister Paul Burstow today. The ‘No Health Without Mental Health’ scheme will see £400m invested in talking therapies over the next four years. He said this morning told Radio 5 Live that mental health services had not had the same “parity of esteem” as physical health services for “far, far too long”.

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2 Responses to " Clegg aims to 'end the stigma' "

  1. Child O' the Corm! says:

    This would be retroactive legislation to clear the stigma of the florrid mental illness of Mr Blair and his legacy.

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  2. pig says:

    these persons in political limelights have their own mental problems (greed, ambition, an exceedingly lax attitude to truth etc…) a feeble attempt in scraping up a few more votes? from unexploited quaters no boubt…

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