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Assange declared an 'enemy of the people in Sweden'

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Julian Assange’s chances of being given a fair trail if he is extradited to Sweden on sexual allegations has been further damaged by a “toxic” attack on him by the Swedish Prime Minister, a court heard yesterday.

The WikiLeaks founder’s defence team have claimed that comments made by Fredrik Reinfeldt on Tuesday have made Mr Assange “public enemy number one” in Sweden.

Mr Reinfeldt was quoted by Swedish newspapers commenting on Mr Assange’s claim that he will not be given a fair trial in Sweden. The Prime Minister is reported to have said that the suggestion was “patronising” to the Swedish judicial system. The claim is central to Mr Assange’s defence against the European Arrest Warrant which the Swedes have issued to have him sent from Britain to Sweden to face charges of sexual assault and rape. Witnesses at his extradition hearing have said that rape trials in Sweden are held in private. On the final day of the hearing at Woolwich Crown Court yesterday, Geoffrey Robertson QC, defending, said: “The Prime Minister of Sweden has made an attack on Mr Assange. He has been denounced as an enemy of the people.” The case was adjourned until 24 February.


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