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14yr Old Rape Victim Beaten to Death by Islamic Court

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Hena Begum was a fourteen year old girl growing up in the Shariatpur region of Bangladesh until her forty year old cousin decided to rape her.

After she was raped, the rapist and his family then beat her until she was unconscious.

Next, the local Sharia (Islamic) courts ruled that yound Hena should receive 101 lashes for the crime of adultery — for the crime of being a child raped by an adult.

The Muslim clerics took the young girl, who still could not stand on her own, to a public square and proceeded to deliver the 101 lashes. After receiving 80 lashes, young Hena collapsed. Her family was allowed to take her to a hospital where she died from her wounds.

The child’s father, Dorbesh Khan, was also ordered to pay a fine equal to approximately $700 USD — quite a considerable sum in a nation which is suffering under the poverty which almost inevitably results from Islamic rule.

The rapist, a man known as Mahbub, was previously convicted of rape and sentenced to marry his rape victim. The rape victim from that encounter was one of the family members who helped beat young Hena unconscious before her “trial.” Mahbub has since disappeared in order to avoid punishment for this more recent rape.

What sort of people would beat a fourteen year old girl to death in a public square — and call it justice? This is not the sort of religious tolerance that I as a moral human being am willing to accept.


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  • phil

    what do you expect from a religion that thinks its in the middle ages…A total pro male setup that uses sharia law as a justice system to punish there own people in barbaric ways,and lets not forgot they are the same people that buried a 16 year old girl alive,because she befriended a boy….

    • jon

      Phil: This is from Talmud, it is not sharia law.

      When adult or not adult jew had a sex with wife of goim, married or not, or three years old child, voluntary or raped her, it is necesary to punish the woman by death. The jew will be only lashed.
      ( s. 146) (zonah).(s. 168). Read Talmud to understand, that for jews to have sex with non jews is the same as to have sex with animal.

  • sunny

    this is not the true interpretation of islam.
    if u want to know the right things about islam go and study the life of the best followers of islam like prophets.
    due to some black sheeps u cant blame the whole religion for that.

    • weezie

      this is exactly what islam is all about. you need to read the koran, see what it really says about killing infidesl. look at sharia law-honor killings ad nauseum. you are living life blinded. wake up.

      • Sirajune Beevi

        BULLSHIT have you even read the quran if u haven’t, dont talk

    • pinoyako

      shut up sunny. u think we are ignorants?

    • wm ridenour

      :cry: But Sunny–this is Sharia law–this is practiced by huge swaths of the “religion of peace.” It is promoted and enforced by their leaders–it is cruel, barbaric, unjust and widespread–and many Muslim groups want it instituted here in America so they can torture and control their daughters, justify honor killings (two of which recently happened here in Dallas) and rape their women and punish them with death for their lust and cruelty.
      Islam is the more cruel of the world religions–a promoter of slavery, hatred and torture in the name of God.

      • freeman

        islam doe snot allow this. If a Muslim do this he should be punished. But Islam is against it. Muslim do not buries girls. Hindus buries their girls. Anyway it is very bad to rape a girl as this destroyes their life for ever. The person who does this should be punished with full extend of Law.

        In America every 5 second a woman is raped. I am not saying it. Its American women organisation is saying on facebook.

        None of them are religious. Very bad. Where the civilaization has gone.

        • erb

          Yes, eventually Mary did have sex with her husband, but Jesus is the oldest child of Mary, and the sex came after Jesus birth.

        • Navneet

          Dear Freeman. Get some life before talking about hinduism. Know your islam and shariya first. Stop spreading hattredness. Grow up.

    • Yansumi

      I *can* and *will* judge an entire religion for stuff like this. This has been happening for a thousand years in Islam and Islam doesn’t stop it. If Islam is a religion of peace, mostly made up of people who are peaceful and believe in some better form of government/code of laws, then why doesn’t the majority of Islam rise up and stop this? BECAUSE THIS IS ALL OF ISLAM. People who rape women and then beat them to death for being raped. People who videotape the cutting off of the head of an innocent man. People who blow up women and children in the name of Allah.

      and Christianity is NO BETTER. Christianity killed more than 200k people, mostly women, during the inquisitions. Christianity went to war against Islam and came back to Europe with more fucked up ideas of how to torture, persecute, and kill people. Christianity allows pedophiles amongst their clerical ranks and doesn’t move to stop it.

      Tired of all you organized relgion folks saying that “reglion is good if only it’s run by people who *really* believe or people who are *really* good.” Clean up the ranks of your religions, Islam – get rid of the fanatics, the extremeists, the murderers and sadistic amongst you. THEN we’ll see about whether or not yours is a “just” and “peaceful” religion. Christianity would do well to do the same.

      • jon

        I have a question to you, Yansumi: what islamists are doing is their problem, not yours. Look at the mess in the USA, people are killed there by police on daily basis for no reason. A child hit by polisman teaser for refusing to wash his car, it is a reality. And look at the millions people killed by USA army all over the world since WW2! Iraq war, see the results on children due to depleated uranium usage!! It is on internet. Watch: http://thewe.name/weplanet/news/depleted_uranium_iraq_afghanistan_balkans.html

    • jon

      I agree with you, Sunny. Many people follow propaganda against muslims instead of simply looking at reality. Compare criminality in the USA and criminality in islamic republic of Iran. It is a shocking difference. In the USA according statistics every 5 second is somebody raped (not only women).

    • MobileTechy


      • NastyDickWod

        FEMALES ARE A GIFT FROM GOD .. PERFECT CREATURES .. STOP HURTING FEMALES IN THE NAME OF RELIGION .. females in those religions need to take up arms against the perpetrators .. >:/

  • Sandofeek

    You are right in one point, that this is not a religion! This is some stupid people who think they are apply the right Islam justice (IF THIS STORY TRUE), however I know more stupid people they use to burn woman just because they THINK she is a witch.. by the way Im sure non of you read Quran, so I advice u NOT TO READ it but to stop saying any thing untill u read it

  • Rahab

    How is this really any different than allowing priests to rape nuns and children and sacrifice to Satan behind closed doors and kill the Catharics or kill in the Crusades or behind Nazi Germany,killing Jews or Muslims? Or not allowing women to be the Priestess’s and Apostles and Prophets we already are! Religion kills unless it is loving the poor orphans widows and keeping self from world. James the real brother of Jesus said this in James 1.Yes, Mary had sex with her husband and she enjoyed it, no doubt! Wake up!These religions have a Madonna/Whore complex!

  • A true Muslim

    May Allah mercy these innocent victims.

    Due to the ignorance which unfortunately prevails in poor Muslim countries and areas, the application of the sharia has become random and ill in those areas. If a person is sentenced to lashing that means that he should not die, simply because he was not sentenced to death. The lashing must be light as not to harm him/her.

    The other grave problem is the fact that in some countries they further their ignorance by passing a sentence without having the difficult Islamic condition that the sharia has stipulated in order to apply punishments in honor crimes, which is that four grownup righteous sane men who were never witnessed lying or caught in any crime should see the sexual act happen and be completely sure of it. This condition makes it almost impossible to discover such crimes. The condition also shows that Islamic sharia made this punishment only for determent. Based on this strict condition, the sentence may be applied once every 30 years, but not as frequently as we hear about in these backward countries. What a crime they have done by passed a sentence without evidence!

    Moreover, rape victims cannot be punished, they must receive rehabilitation and care. The question of evidence comes up again. What is the clerics evidence on her involvement in a relation? They have none as it looks.

    Worst, we have not heart that they executed the male criminal, which suggests that in some countries they apply the punishment in honor crimes on the women or the weak party and spare the man. It is a judicial disaster.

    Finally, Islamic punishments should be applied when fair and trusted judicial tools for implementing the law are to be found. It is hardly believable that in primitive backward areas as found in Bangladesh there could be any.

  • Sirajune Beevi

    This is definitely NOT what Islam preaches and practices. Whoever set the sentence and committed the crime will definitely be answerable to Almighty Allah, here, if it not in the hereafter :(

    • Freeman

      Hi Sirajune Beevi I agree with you that this is not what Islam Preaches. Islamic Law never unjust and is best law for human being. I am not sure why in Bangladesh they have given this girl punishment like this as she is actually a victim of rape. The person who raped her should have been punished or hanged. We don’t know what exactly happened there. Often in European media news regarding Islam or muslim countries does not show correctly. They interpret news their own way.

    • I have to agree. No religion would ever condone such behavior.

      • Kait

        =)) really? Due to religion, women where burned at stake for being witches. Due to religion. many wars have been fought. Religion is the number one cause of violence. Spanish Inquisition. look it up.

    • Jane Doe

      I sure hope so Sirajune Beevi but I have yet to see Allah/God do a darn thing.

  • diana baugh

    These people are sub-human, not even animals act in such an barbaric and idiotic way, they are satans children killing the innocent. There is no hope for jusice or sense in that religious ruling.

    • Jane Doe

      I hear you loud and clear Diana Baugh. The anger in these mens hearts is massive.

  • Jane Doe

    These men need to be castrated and beat to death themselves. Yet I see Jesus/God do nothing nothing at all. NOt because he is a coward but because he is a sexist pervert who loves to be surrounded by men who do these things! I sure would like to see some kind of revenge on behalf of the victim.

  • wish-hear.n.do

    Islam is a religion that is based on Al-Quran and Al-Hadith, which contains the sharia laws and the guidance of mankind. As long as I have learned, there is no content of Al-Quran and Al-Hadith who justified that legal decisions.

    So I think this news is not necessarily the truth and less can be justified. There are only two possibilities, this news is fake or intentionally twisted made ​​by Islam phobia to keep people away from Islam. Another possibility, judicial elements that made corrupt decisions favor the rich rapist.

    Islam is a religion that upholds the dignity of human beings, especially women. Even to see parts of a woman’s body except the face and palms are not justified by Sharia except her husband and her family. This is to protect women from the evil one’s imagination, to avoid the men who may be tempted. Moreover, the real of phisical sexual crimes.

    May be more appropriate and wise if we start from the basic of islam by starting to read the Al-Quran and Al-Hadith than by reading of the news regarding the implementation of sharia that is not necessarily true.

  • Anonymous


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