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US trying to stop UN resolution against West Bank settlements

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A partially built Israeli 'separation barrier' and the sprawling Gilo neighborhood (Right) as seen from the Palestinian village of Walaje.

Washington is desperately trying to head off a United Nations resolution condemning Jewish settlements in Jerusalem and the disputed West Bank territories that is presenting Barack Obama with one of the most acute dilemmas of his presidency.

Senior Palestinian officials said on Monday they were undeterred by American appeals to abandon the resolution, which has been circulated among the 15 members of the UN Security Council and could be discussed as early as Wednesday at a meeting on the Middle East.

In recent weeks, the Palestinians have prepared a draft that would declare all settlements illegal and demand an immediate halt to their construction. The appeal to the Security Council is part of a Palestinian strategy to exert pressure on the government of Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister. US-brokered talks between the two sides collapsed recently when he refused to extend a partial ban on settlement-building.

The US, which has frequently wielded its veto at the Security Council in support of Israel, finds itself isolated in its opposition to the resolution, which would probably be supported by all other 14 members of the Security Council, including Britain and the other permanent members.

Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, said recently: “We continue to believe strongly that New York is not the place to resolve the long-standing conflict and outstanding issues between the Israelis and the Palestinians. We do not think that that is a productive path for the Palestinians or anyone to pursue.”

Compromises are being explored, which could include referring to settlements as “illegitimate” rather than “illegal” and would allow the US to abstain. However an abstention could still be seen as hostile towards Israel.

Robert Danin, formerly deputy to Tony Blair at the international Quartet on the Middle East now a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, said: “This is extremely awkward for the US. President Obama may have to use the veto for the first time on something that he agrees with the substance of. It is somewhat ironic.”

Early in his presidency Mr Obama demanded that the Israelis stop building settlements, describing them as an obstacle to peace, only for Mr Netanyahu largely to stand his ground.

But the US president does not want to undermine Israel, which relies on US support, while failing to veto the resolution would lead to accusations of betrayal and weakness from Republicans. Jimmy Carter was the last US president to support a resolution against settlements, in 1980, and is thought to have paid a political price.

Every US president since has used the veto against similar resolutions, but Mr Obama has presented himself as a multilateralist and friend of the Arab world.

“President Obama doesn’t want to be seen as a unilateralist and a global bully. A veto would be an exertion of American power in a way that goes against the image of the US that the president wants to project,” said Mr Danin.

A spokesman for the Palestinian delegation to the UN said: “Our goal is not to put anyone in a difficult position. We want everybody on board especially on the issue of settlements on which we have a unified international position that it’s illegal and an obstacle to peace.”


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  • George Washington

    Us Americans are just going to have to go over there and tear those walls down.
    I hunt zionist terrorist down with a gun.
    That is the only way evil understands…
    It’s when you come for them.

    • Steve

      Sounds like you are either a Nazi or a Muslim living in America. Your words sound allot like the Nazis under Adolf Hitler. You are the kind of person that brave American have fought against to preserve our freedom. You are not a righteous person but an evil one! And how dare you use the name of George Washington and claim to be an American. Your name should not be George Washington, but rather, “Hitler” or “Muhammad.”

  • Damien

    Unfortunately, you can’t even prevent them from running your country. They have infiltrated too deep into the government and senate. If Obama insist, he will share the same fate as Carter, or maybe even Kennedy. What are you going to do about it? Let me guess, nothing!!

  • Steve

    How dare we put our nose into this. Since the world is so outraged against tiny Israel occupying land that the Holy Bible says belongs to them, why dont we adopt a UN resolution to give America back to the Indians? We coud pass a resolution for Poland and France to give back the land that was part of Germany. We could pass a resolution demanding that the English stop ruling over Scotland and Whales. We could pass a resolution to kick out the Turks our of Asia Minor because the Turks conquered that region and took it away from the indegenous peoples. In fact, we could pass a resolution kicking out all Muslims from all of North Africa, the Holy Land, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, and most of Iraq because these lands were formerly Christian before the Muslims conquered those nations and forced them to become Muslims many years ago. Yahweh God says in the Bible that the land of Israel belongs to the Jews and that all nations who would dare to attack the end time nation of Israel will be “cut in pieces.” The West needs to wake up and realize that the Muslim nations do not just want to annhilate Israel and murder all of the Jews (that is what their so called prophet commanded them to do) but they are seeking world domination. After Israel, Europe and America will be next. Israel stand for freedom democracy but those who wish to hunt down the so called “Zionist Pigs” are showing their true colors. The Muslims who wish to annilate the Jews and take away the rights of a free world are no better than the Nazis who sought an evil empire. WAKE TO THE REAL THREAT! ISLAMO-FACISM! For more info go to the web site: actforamerica.org

  • Raoul

    What did Damien said for been a Nazi?I don`t undrestand?Can you give me a logical explination?

  • Ed

    Wow – Steve’s had his head on a hole for too long. Seems like he hasn’t done any research at all. When he mentions the ‘holy bible’ in the context that it’s the end all, say all – it shows how ignorant he truly is. Do you think moses was a great man, Steve? He was a mass murderer, no different than pol pot, hitler, or ceaucescu et al. They’ve infiltrated the governments of all nations because abraham sent them out to ‘become kings of all nations’around 5,000 years ago. How could two percent of the US population have so much wealth, have so many of their own in our government, military, media, etc, etc? You have no clue of your heritage because they came to Europe, got into the Roman Empire and used its soldiers to force everyone into accepting the surrogate heritage of the jew (the bible). Is that your heritage Steve? Are you a jew, or do you know anything about your true heritage? They stole it, stole the lands that were your birthright and killed off much of your ancestors and you probably couldn’t carer less. Typical christian. They forced your ancestors to turn the other cheek, give the shirts off their backs, etc. all the while supplanting Europe’s population with their own and ravaging her resources. Read Martin Luther’s, ‘The jews and Their Lies’, and watch the video, ‘My Father, My Lord’ and learn your place in this world according to the jews. Learn ‘The Lesson of the Cat’ the rabbi teaches to his students about 30 minutes in. If you can take the time to give a damn, that is. You are so typical. They forced your ancestors to raise their young well – just look at you. You stick up for them just like you were taught – – – by them. It took over 1 thousand years to do it, generation after generation. And here you are. Just look at you. Watch some Youtube about israel and Palestine, for christ’s sake!

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