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UK Muslim Woman Threatened by her Cousin to Wear the Hijab

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Defiant: Alya Al-Safar, arrived at court with her hair on show. She said Al-Hakim, phoned her to tell her she must die for the shame she had brought on her family.

A man threatened to kill his cousin and harm her family after she decided to stop wearing the traditional Muslim headscarf, a court has heard.

Mohamed Al-Hakim, 29, allegedly phoned Alya Al-Safar to tell her she must die because of the ‘shame’ she had brought – leaving her too afraid to leave the house.

He had already branded her family ‘bitches and whores’ because of her decision, the court heard.

Miss Al-Safar, 21, had stopped wearing the hijab a few days before the phone call.

She said that Al-Hakim’s mother, her aunt Mardhiya Al-Musawi, ‘wasn’t happy’ that she had stopped covering her hair – a step she had been considering for more than two years.

She received his call when she was with her parents and two younger brothers at their home in Hammersmith, West London.

Al-Hakim allegedly instructed her to play the conversation over a loudspeaker so that they could all listen at about midnight on June 9.

Miss Al-Safar, who did not have her head covered in court but did swear on the Koran, told the jury that Al-Hakim had said: ‘Listen to me carefully, it has been three days and I did not sleep.

Mohamed Al-Hakim

‘I have decided not to go out of the house for two weeks.

‘Listen Alya, I am warning you if by the 19th of June you are not wearing the hijab back, I am warning you I will kill you and harm you. I am giving you ten days. You brought shame to your family, you should not have done that.’

Al-Hakim, who denies one charge of making threats to kill, allegedly said he thought the phone call might be taped but he warned her he was ‘not afraid of anything’. Miss Al-Safar said: ‘He was calm. I was so scared, I really felt scared because my cousin was threatening me.

‘I didn’t know if he was joking, if he was just mad, or if it was true and he would do it.

‘He started shouting, “Listen to me, you had better do what I said.

‘I have seen you on the Edgware Road [a busy street in central London] and if I see you again I will kill you”.

‘He said something about harming my father as well.

‘I was so scared I didn’t want to leave the house and everyone in my family said, “Don’t go out”.’

Days earlier Al-Hakim, of Acton Park, West London, had called Miss Al-Safar’s mother to complain about the decision to ditch the hijab and had shouted down the phone, the jury heard.

Miss Al-Safar said: ‘Then he said something like, “You all are bitches and whores”.’

Her mother, Fatima Al-Musawi, told the court that Al-Hakim had said: ‘If Alya doesn’t wear the hijab I will kill her or send someone else to kill her.

Miss Al-Safar's mother, who gave evidence on her behalf, arrived wearing a hijab.

‘If I see her in Edgware Road, I will kill her dad with her.’

The 44-year-old, who was wearing a hijab, told the jury at Isleworth Crown Court: ‘I was shocked but I knew that he was very nervous, and didn’t believe he would do it.’

Miss Al-Safar’s brother, Khadir Al-Safar, said of the phone call: ‘He said he was tired, sick and ashamed of what my sister had done … to take off her hijab.’

The 20-year-old added that his immediate family supported his sister’s decision, but extended relatives were ‘really mad’.

When asked how his aunt reacted to the news, Mr Al-Safar said: She was so mad, really mad. There were big arguments between my sister and auntie … lots of talking and swearing.’

George Papageorgis, prosecuting, said: ‘It appears that this cousin, who is the eldest in the immediate vicinity, took exception and gave her an ultimatum.’


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  • TaN00Ki

    That’s the enlightenment of diversity for you, and another beautiful example of how compatible the 3rd world is to the west.

  • Steven Ritchie

    Islam and western civilization are diametrically opposed. That is why western countries that believe in freedom must stop all of this insane Islamic immigration. These immigrants are not coming into their host countries to become English, French, German, Dutch, or American. They are coming into Islamisize these nations and enforce Sharia Law. Wake up America and wake up Europe. Islamic Sharia Law comprises the teachings of the prophet Muhammad. The Koran says that women are not equal to men and that women who do not obey men are to be beaten. The Koran also commands Muslim adherents to kill all former Muslims who turn away from Islam. If a Muslim believes that another Muslim is turning away from his or her former Islamic beliefs then the apostate Muslim is to be “seized and slaughtered” according to the order of the prophet Muhamnad that is found written in the Koran. WAKE UP AMERICA! WAKE UP EUROPE! ISLAM IS NOT COMPATIBLE TO THE FREE CIVILIZATION THAT AMERICANS AND EUROPEANS FOUGHT AND DIED FOR. ARE WE GOING TO JUST SIT BACK AND CONTINUE TO ALLOW THE MUSLIMS TO IMMIGRATE INTO OUR FREE SOCIETIES? If so, THE KORAN COMMANDS MUSLIMS TO “INSTILL TERROR INTO THE HEARTS OF THE UNBELIEVERS” by “CUTTING OF THEIR HANDS AND FEET AT OPPOSITE SIDES.” These are the very words that I found written in the so called Holy Koran. Muslims are commanded to fight unbelievers until there is no other religion but that of Islam. That is the plain truth about what Islam teaches. I have read the Koran from cover to cover and the most ancient Islamic history. Islam is not a peaceful religion. Islam threatens every non Muslim with terror and death if they do not submit to Islamic Law. That is what Muhammad really taught and that is what Europeans and Americans need to wake up and realize before it is too late! For more info go to actforamerica.org

  • Adam

    Hello everyone, I have personally heard Mr Alhakim, pictured, in one of the conferences saying that “I am the who is being claimed to threat my cousin for wearing Hijab. You cannot believe how these things are stereotyped. It was just an advisory opinion to my cousin’s brother but that annoyed my cousin as she fed up from everyone to give her an advice. There was nothing as threat”. Mr Alhakim continued saying “I am a father of two children and a psychology graduate student, I respect everyone from whatever background or religion. I respect all cultures and traditions. I have a lovely wife and children and we are not extremist. We are very typical muslim who live their daily life working and studying hard and then at night we go back to our homes to sit with children and the family to watch movies after we pray and have some snacks”. Mr Alhakim said, I and my family have been living in this country for 16 years. we never visited a single police station. Mr Alhakim continued saying “I am laughing at the picture shown because everything I went through was unbelievable, the police and the media wanted to win the case to downsize the number of muslims. They arrested my old disabled mother at 5 am by seven poilcemen and we were treated like criminals. I was put in dirty cell and then taken to hospital. I could not beleive that we were in London”, Mr Alhakim said “I told the judge that I felt I was in a dirty cell in Iraq. I have never threaten anyone in my whole life. My cousin who is shown in the media is like my sister and she hated what the police were doing to the both family but they would either arrest her for a false report which would lead to a one year prison or they would take the matter much more seriously. I attended the crown court for five days and I was judged guilty on basis of some private facebook messages sent between me and my cousin’s brother and we both accepted them as polite and non threat but the prosecutor and the officer assigned an interpretor who has difficulty in our language Arabic and then interpret the messages as they wanted and I could say nothing other than that translation is all wrong. They split up the both families for eight months in which both parts could not have chance to contact which other thus we can not interfere in their dirty plan. Mr alhakim also said “Now, I am planning with my cousin, if she may, to reveal everything that happened and how this was a matter of a trap that one of the family has to fall in as I was found guilty on basis of private facebook messages that is wrongly interpreted to satisfy the prosecutor and the officer of the case. Mr alhakim finally said “Since I am a writer I will publish soon how I respected the law all my life and never visited a single police station but finally I am now shown as a threat to my cousin who made a mistake by trusting the police but instead of telling her to go back home and relax. They led the both families to fell in the trap that they were looking for to destroy one of the muslim’s life. I am very sorry for what I have experienced from the law in this country, and only one word I can say: I am Muslim then they have one word to say I am guilty”.

  • jusoh

    AlHakim, just go back to your original country and live happily there. don’t live in kafir country. Real snake ?.

  • William

    Go back to Pakistan and your own culture. Please don’t whine about the floods there, obviously it’s the will of Allah

    • Kay Ess

      William, you have just showed your ignorance of the Islamic World. Anyone with an iota of common sense would have concluded from the names of these people that they are from the Middle East.

  • Patrick

    Here is another fine example of the Muslim animal…


    The prophet Muhammad was a transvestite homosexual who had sex with pigs. May America and Europe continue the systematic execution of you disgusting beings, once and for all.

  • TomT

    Mr Alhakim has been 16 years in his host country, yet has not shown enough respect for his adopoted country to even learn the language. If does not like the rules of his host country he should leave. Quit whining about our laws – go back to where you like the law.

    • Kay Ess

      How long have you been living in your country? All your life? So how come your english grammar is as bad as Al-Hakim?

  • son of donkey

    what do you expect from a religion that thinks its in the middle ages…A total pro male setup that uses sharia law as a justice system to punish there own people in barbaric ways,and lets not forgot they are the same people that buried a 16 year old girl alive,because she befriended a boy…

    • Kay Ess

      Your nick says it all :-D

  • allah the donkey best mate

    Fuck off back to your own countries if you dont like ours and go and pratice your stone age and fucked up sick religion there..Dont force your religion and sharia law on us…..Just fuck off! simples!!

  • caz

    Thats right u muppets, keep critisising a religion u don’t understand…..if islam was like this would not all muslims do this!?!? WAKE UP….ur all brainless, an some of ur lots;;; comments are so narrow minded, i think it is u lot who is stuck in stone age…..

    There are stupid people in the world, no matter wht religion or colour….don’t label one person doing something…as a label on a religion..

    look at urself, at wht ur so called western societies are turning into and promoting….eaither wake up and look at the bigger picture or all become slaves to ur own government :roll:

    • a plague called islam

      caz wake up and smell the koran buring on my stove.always remember islam is a plague carried on the backs of muslims……where ever you go you try to dictate to what you want,and guess what when you dont get what you want to shout racist!!..you never intergate into society…you take all the benifits you can get from western countries and then jump at the first chance to critize those who feed and house you! a bunch of interbreed hypocrites

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