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Thousands of Hungarians Protest for Press Freedom in Budapest

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Protestors call on Hungarian govt to repeal media law, ask premier to return to dissident past.

Several thousand people have protested Hungary’s new media law and urged Prime Minister Viktor Orban to repeal or amend it.

The law greatly expands the state’s power to monitor and penalize private news outlets. There are concerns it will be used against media critical of Orban’s centre-right government, and the law has come under international criticism.

Thursday’s protest on Kossuth Square outside parliament was the second in what organizers say will be a series of rallies against the law.

Singer Agnes Deak Bardos reminded the peaceful crowd of around 5,000 people about Orban’s brave work as an anti-communist dissident in Hungary in the 1980s, and urged him to accept the criticism of the law.


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  • andrew

    I’m from Hungary Budapest. This is and old story, and the protest was a peaceful, silent public demonstration. It wasnt even a protest, even it was about dislike of the new goverments law. The goverment, that had the 2/3rd majority of votes. Those points above are totally bullshit, got nothing to do with the truth.

    Let me suggest I’m a daily reader this site, that I really considering a joke, full with old hoax, fake news, and misinterpretations. Despite the facts I mentioned, it’s really entertaining. So I keep on attending.

    Keep on!

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