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Spain’s Muslim population to rise 82% by 2030

According to Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, the Muslim population in Spain will increase by around 82% by 2030.

Currently, Muslims make up just over 1 million of the country’s population, which is expected to increase to about 1.9 million in the next two decades.

Immigration is cited as the main reason behind the increase, as just this past year Muslims made up 13% of all newly arrived migrants. A flow that helped Spain reaching an incredible economic growth especially in the construction sector that accounts for 18% of the GDP.

The world’s Muslim population is expected to increase by about 35% in the next 20 years, according to new population projections by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life. The Islamic population is growing at a much higher rate than the rest of the world.

The increase in Spain is not only due to the arrival of new Muslims in the peninsula but also from the newly converted who accounted for around 20,000 in the last 7 years.

People of African descent, or specifically the Moors conquested Spain from 710 AD until the late 1400′s they were in Europe as conquerors and served as a “civilizing force,”. The Moors had a tremendously positive impact on European cultural, socio-economic and political institutions.

The roots of European culture can be traced back to the Moors whose civilization was not only artistic, scientific and commercial, but also incredibly tolerant of other races and cultures. Many of the Moors’ cultural and intellectual influences are still in evidence today .

Projections of Muslim population in Spain for the next two decades are a reminder that the roots of the Moors in al-Andalus have never faded away and the positive contribution of this community in Spanish society will continue forever.


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8 Responses to " Spain’s Muslim population to rise 82% by 2030 "

  1. Robert Laity United States says:

    So Spain is surrendering to Dar-el-salaam? Sad news in a Christian nation:

    Muslim Demographics:

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  2. Robert Laity United States says:

    This article sounds like “Caliph” Obama wrote it.

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  3. JamesTheJust United States says:

    The invasion of Western Europe by a the Moors, also known as the Saracens, a Non-white Muslim army after 711 AD very nearly extinguished Aryan Europe.

    The jews greatly aided the Moors in their invasion, primarily out of their hatred for the Ayran race. (AR is Hebrew for “Mountain” and YAN is paleo Hebrew for YAH or YAHWEH) and means mountain of YHWH. Now mountain always refers to government. The Aryan race is YAH’s government on earth.

    The jews despised the Aryans (White Race and true descendants of Israel) because our laws did not allow usury or sorcery and the jew employed both (still do to this day). To hear the jews speak, they were persecuted for no good reason when in fact they were kept in check because jews were noted for always destroying the Aryans cultures into which they entered.

    Isabella and Ferdinand were true Aryan blue bloods and after they had successfully defeated the Muslims, they then took out their wrath on the jews, who in exchange for helping the Moors, were given jobs within the Moorish government. This is the time, FALSELY written by jewish historians as the Great Inquisition. In fact, it was justifiable retribution for HIGH TREASON and espionage.

    In the Grenada the Spanish were enraged to learn that the Moorish king’s Prime Minister and most of his leading advisers were Jews: a total massacre of Jews in the city followed that discovery. The alliance between Jews and the Moors inflamed the anti-jewish feeling amongst the Aryan Goths even further; the Spanish Jews were amongst the first to feel the full effects of the fall of the Moors from power in Spain. When Spain was finally liberated from the Non-white Moors, the long suppressed anti-Jewish sentiment broke out in full fury.

    I have brought all of this HISTORY up to make a point, that behind all this massive influx of Muslims today, you will AGAIN find the jew and any ire one feels towards Muslims is like an idiot jousting at windmills. You must strike the root..the constant, provable, undeniable SOURCE of the problems of The West.

    The jew…the root of Lucifer, the seedline of Satan, MUST BE COMPLETELY DESTROYED, root, branch and twig!

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  4. jimboo Malaysia says:

    fuck up with conspirashyt theory, jews are the people of G-d!
    Aryan are the evolutionized half human chimpanzees according to Darwinism to begin with.

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  5. Michael Harrington New Zealand says:

    Islam, Judaism and Christianity are all people of the book. You fools need to learn to get along with each other.

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  6. usman United States says:

    muslims are much more tolerated then jews and christans
    ,inquisition is a black mark on the face of chrisranity.
    cruelity can never be defended,falsehood will finally be beaten by truth inshahAllah.muslims will rule the world with peace,endurance and honesty.

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  7. Cactuar United Kingdom says:

    These Americans,they struggle to accept their immigration problems are from south of the border.

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  8. Mirza Oman says:

    Bismillah Hirrahma Nirrahim ( start with the name of ALLAH who is the most gracious & the most merciful )
    Dear brothers. we muslim should practice DEEN in our life in totality. Since ISLAM is the TRUE RELIGION rational people convert to ISLAM . To have the answer i would suggest you to approach them who have accepted ISLAM on their own.

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