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Mom Loses Her 6 Kids Over Game Addiction, Filthy Home

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Youth Services Removes 6 Children Living In Filth and Animal Waste.

Six children were removed from their Uniontown home after investigators found them living in filth and animal waste.

Police said their mother was addicted to online computer games, so she neglected her children and didn’t clean the house for years.

The children’s stepfather, James Boord, spoke with Channel 11 outside the Mifflin Avenue home on Tuesday.

Boord said his wife, Elizabeth Ruffner, is so obsessed with online games that she neglected her six children, all under the age of 11.

“There was no food in the cupboards. The bedrooms had mattresses on the floor with no sheets or pillows. It looked like they got these mattresses out of the junk yard. They were just filthy,” said Mike Garrow Sr. of Uniontown police.

The children’s stepfather did make an effort, police said. Boord told Channel 11 it was hard for him to handle the six kids alone.

“I’ve been working, and I couldn’t have been home to take care of them. I cleaned them. I gave them their baths at night before school. I cleaned up after them. It just became too much for me to do,” said Boord.

Ruffner wouldn’t come outside to talk to Channel 11. Youth services took her children, but Boord said she still has her computer.

Police plan to file felony child endangerment charges in this case.


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6 Responses to " Mom Loses Her 6 Kids Over Game Addiction, Filthy Home "

  1. Ericthe says:

    This is becoming a real problem with many people. These games are becoming more real to these people than the people who love them in real life. I have a similar problem in that my wife spends absolute hours behind the computer and her game. I think the abuse suffered by husbands, wifes or kids of these addicts may be just as bad as physical and/or emotional abuse.

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  2. shahn says:

    :( you cannot blame the one who is adicted; they obviously also need help. The ones to blame are the stupid moronic mind-numbing games and the people who design and produce them. Most games especially the violent ones should be banned. I saw a friend’s son eho was playing this game in which he gets to shoot dead a singer. Each time she gets up again and he gets to kill her again and it goes on and on.with no real point, but to get the kid addicted…& ultimately adicted to the idea of killing and then who knows…might like the idea!

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  3. JamesTheJust says:

    The mother was a lazy, incompetent little piece of trash. So what? The state has no right to get involved. This is a family matter and communist state trolls should butt out and find real jobs instead of stealing citizens’ money. They are the true criminals here.

    I swear, people think these things are new under the sun. They aren’t. Children have had to deal with worse in times far more ancient than today, yet the children grew up fine.

    There was a time in this nation when many families engaged in systems of discipline and so-called neglect that would make today’s occurrences seem like child’s play; yet the children grew up fine without involvement of the state GOONS.

    Most people today have been so conditioned by the state that when reading this story, they miss the obvious true injustice here: that a communist meddlesome bunch of state thugs dared to enter the sanctity of someone’s home and steal children!!!!

    When I grew up, we had an outhouse for a bathroom. We were up at 4:00am to feed the animals and milk cows. We had to work the fields, kill what we ate, cut wood, wash our own clothes…and if we failed at our chores, bend over for the strap! It was not abuse by any stretch of the imagination unless one is a pansy waste little thing afraid of breaking a nail – and there are more than a few of those around in our society today.

    Fortunately, the chances of me and mine weathering the upcoming storm will be far greater than the rest. Societies are not built by pansies and the state, so many people seem to love, is dead set on creating an entire society full of ’em.

    For cry’n out loud, BUCK UP…for da chillins.

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  4. JamesTheJust says:

    PS: YOU are expected to believe that the exact same state which says that it is perfectly OK to murder children before they are born, is SUDDENLY and MIRACULOUSLY entitled to entire your home AFTER they are born.

    This is all about communist state control. It has NOTHING to do with care for ‘da chillins’.

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  5. amber says:

    people need to take care of there kids and not stay on the computer all day

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    • amber says:

      :-D sup jessie

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