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Is the Apple iPhone 5 set to spy on people?

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Apple who are the creators of the soon to be iPhone 5 has recently applied for patents which are to say the least of it controversial. These patents will be applied to things like your iPhone 5 and iPad as well as your Apple Mac computer. What does this do? This patent will be able to identify you and actually will be able to spy on you and even record your voice, take photos of where you are and even wipe your phone or device clean. These kinds of patents seem to be interfering with the citizens’ rights and one wonders where it will end. Your iPhone 5 and other devices will be able to store data of all kinds about you and your situation including taking photos of your face without you even knowing it is being collected. They say they are doing this to protect you in case of your iPhone 5 being stolen. Personally I would rather have my phone stolen. Especially as this can even be done without the iPhone 5 being in use.

The data they collect will be all inclusive from voice to photographs of face and location and even down to your heart beat. Should the authorities decide to demand all this data be handed over to them can Apple stop it being handed over? It makes me tremble to think what else is being done without your being aware of it. Will I be buying an iPhone 5? I don’t think so.


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5 Responses to " Is the Apple iPhone 5 set to spy on people? "

  1. CMUSMC79 says:

    Can anyone say big brother? Who gives them the right to store this information?

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  2. Mobileman says:

    These functions have been in use for Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile OS equipped phones for at least six years as a stealth intrusion function. The technology was developed by engineers from a well-known German tech company and has been purhased by most Western security agencies. I was selling it outside of Europe in 1995.

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  3. Sherrill says:

    Guess that explains the new camera view even on the iphone 4……….shows whos holding the camera. They are gonna get their intel by any means that’s obvious and we feed the frenzy buying the hottest latest new phones. Hmmmmm maybe Ill go to Walmart n buy an el cheapo!

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  4. Njall says:

    I always turn my camera away from me when I am not using it, and no I would never buy Apple, I never did and never will.

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  5. no way says:

    FIRST: Why would I want to be “unique” by getting a stupid gadget that everyone and their mother has??

    SECOND: Who the hell watches movies and plays video games on a 3×4 screen and pay the high service fees for it? Unless you’re a kid w/ stupid parents.

    THIRD: I do anything possible to fight the bog corporations and where I can maximally use them and minimally expose myself to them using me. one of the ways I do this is buying and tossing a new pre-paid cell phone every month or couple of months with a brand new number and sim card.

    I use a cell to call people and for them to call and talk to me, not play games, not watch movies, not access the internet, not take pictures, not take video or listen to music, or download stupid apps, or lame gps. I don’t need any of that nonsense, it is cheaper and I don’t need a freaking blackberry or palm or iphone, these devices are for shallow people who have bought into the emotional marketing message that helps them cope with their miserable lives by making them feel connected or important and busy.

    folks use you brain and guts, not gadgets, you want to listen to music get an mp3 players, you want to watch movies, watch them at home with family, you want pictures get a camera, use the gps in your head.

    stop enslaving yourselves to so called hi tech.

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