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Huge rings appear over Australia, is HAARP involved?

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Nine strange giant rings appeared over Australia in January and February 2010. Could HAARP have been involved? That would explain the massive floods which occurred 1 year after the rings appeared, in 2011.

A year ago, Colin Andrews received an email from someone in Australia claiming that he has discovered a bizarre ring over Australia’s South East region.

The rings were huge, as big as Germany or a US state and they have been detected by the Australian Government Weather Satellites and Radars. At that time they haven’t been given any serious attention and most people disregarded them but today, after Australia was hit by massive floods, analyzing and understanding these rings is very important. The Australian media said these rings are perfectly normal and it’s all a conspiracy but now after floods reached “Biblical proportions in Australia” these strange anomalies must be fully studied.

The South West weather ring was definitely very strange and totally looks artificial. Similar rings later appeared in two more places. The large clearly defined ring had slowly dissipated but still was just visible on a time loop which was spiraling counter clockwise (Low Pressure system).

These are Official Satellite Images from Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology.

First Ring appeared in South West of Australia on January 16th, 2010

The image above shows a wide band ring covering many hundreds of miles across the south west of Australia with a small dot (presumably cloud) shown just right of center.

Collin said he checked the site several hours later and played a loop of the radar which was on the site at that time. The radar confirmed the image above and showed the ring fading but still visible over a period of a couple of hours. Regrettably the loop could not be saved. That loop is not on their site anymore but the satellite image taken at 16:30 UTC is also very interesting. It shows a very large counter clockwise rotation over west Australia where the mysterious large ring had appeared. It revealed a small and brief appearance of a condensation trail formed off the coastline and from the center what had been the huge ring a series of three small spiraling arms. These arms can be seen moving out of the area and moving north east.

Only remains of the huge ring now moving away north east as several small spiraling arms. Satellite Image by Australian Government.

Taken at 1117hrs, noting the position of the ring from state border.

Taken at 1430 hrs. Cloud cover has moved position but the ring remains in the same position but less well defined.

Second Ring appeared in North West of Australia on January 22nd, 2010

Two more bizarre rings seen on radar over the North West and South East of Australia on January 22, 2010. The ring over the south east appeared approximately 30 seconds before the bizarre red star over the north west.

North West ring

The actual loop of this effect appearing on the local Broome radar, also shows the histogram.

Here’s a link towards the actual Broome Weather Radar histogram. It’s intensity was detected as Heavy and you can see it happening at frame 16 and 18.

Third Ring appeared in South East of Australia also on January 22nd, 2010

South East ring, Melbourne area.

Fourth Ring appeared in South East of Australia on January 27, 2010

Black spiraling radial arms from a much larger ruby red star center, over the south west on January 27. The same facility as the third ring which appeared on the 22nd.

One hour before the spiral burst appeared. Notice two radiating lines which connect at what becomes the center of the radar burst 60 minutes later.

Close up of the interesting combination of evolving events. Apart from the two radiating radar lines, notice also a series of spiraling arm arcs appearing in wave action in the sea to the south and also similar effects but as clouds to the east. Look again at these after what becomes a dramatic further development.

When the 'Ring of Fire Fault' takes place one can see that its center is the same spot the two 90 degree (radar) lines meet.

The wave action from the ocean can be clearly seen by satellite to be aligned and separated by same spacing ratios as the radar or other arcing arms. Also to the west what is known as a cloud street has formed, again the alignment and placement seems beyond coincidence and in just minutes just like magic become intrinsically part of a new low pressure system.

Fifth Ring appeared in North East of Australia on February 2 and 3, 2010

White ring seen over Queensland. Taken February 2, 2010.

A new ring captured to the north of the old Cyclone Olga, appearing to nudge it south towards the very place spot the new Melbourne Low formed January 27, just six days ago BEFORE the big weather buster cyclone Olga formed. Thank you to those observers in Australia who are continuing to watch the weather changes taking shape.

20 hours after the white ring on left. The image above appeared February 3rd centered on Townsville - Taken 2.30 pm Melbourne time. See also below on left - close up on local radar.

25 hours after the image seen on left. This radar grab taken February 3, 2010 and centered upon Longreach. See below right for local radar.

Centered upon Townsville.

Centered upon Longreach.

Sixth Ring appeared in Center North East of Australia on February 4, 2010

The following day (4th) the remains of cyclone Olga finally crosses directly over the same spot where the Melbourne Low formed under a bright red spiral symbol on January 27th (See Fig 4 previous page). As the storm moves off land to the south east yet another new pattern appears - bright blood red circle appears over Brisbane - Yes "Houston we have a problem".

Click on the image to enlarge it.

Seventh and an eight ring buzzed the South East part of Australia in February and who knows how many more others which were not captured?

February 11, 2010 - Broken rings.

February 19, 2010 - Another series of black spiral arms from a blood red center. A few less arms than January 27.

As the storms continued to move over Melbourne, the strange spokes can be seen by radar under the cloud cover. All orginal frames The Australia Bureau of Meteorology.

Ninth Ring Appeared on East cost of Australia on March 11, 2010.

A new pair of concentric orange rings showed up on Sydney radar (above) on March 11. Right: As seen with Satellite and radar overlay. Middle: Only radar selected. Left: Close up shows two concentric rings. Moments before these disappeared from the national composite, Terrey Hills radar just to the north of Sydney showed a single blue ring (seen far left) on the local radar. All images are the Copyright Australia Bureau of Meteorology.

When the pair of orange rings disappeared, this single blue one showed for a short time (right).

Less than 24 hours after the above unknown interference on Sydney's Terrey Hills radar station, again the equipment was taken out of service. BOM radar system still in meltdown. The above screenshot is what visitors to the weather radar screen witnessed on March 12, 2010.

Only an year after these bizarre rings appeared over Australia, massive floods struck the country.

Other similar circles and rings seen on radar.

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40 Responses to " Huge rings appear over Australia, is HAARP involved? "

  1. Jean-Francois Morf says:

    All satellite images are digitally transmitted.
    A jester hacker may have transformed the pictures, just for fun.
    Has anybody photograph the black ring from the ground?
    Australia military fighters would have filmed such an event!

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  2. Mary says:

    :cry: You cussing people should be ashamed of yourselves. Can we not find peace even on a website? This is what is wrong with the world, there is no peace – ever. I am American but what is wrong with this Country is not my fault. I do not hate, merely mourn the loss of people I will never know, and the animals too. They do not deserve this either. They are HAARP rings and Scalar Squares. They are prominent enough to be seen on our National Weather Channel. Good Heavens, say your prayers and Thank God for what you do have for it may not last long. Above all else, love one another instead of hating each other.

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    • andrew says:

      Good call no point getting our undies in a twist it cost nothing to be civil.

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  3. Alan says:

    Referring back to my earlier post on radar operating principles, I have estimated from the Longreach radar screeen that the inner diameter of the ring shown on this webpage commences at approximately 230km from the radar’s location and extends approximately 500km to the the outer edge of the ring.

    Referring to my Pulse Repetition Rate (PRF) explanation of the radar – at 275 pulses per second, the maximum time interval for the radar receiver to receive the most distant echos (or targets) between transmitter pulses is approximately 470km.

    My point here is that the 275 PRF for a Weather Watch radar tends to relate to the outer edge of the ring, which is the point when the radar receiver is silenced prior to the next transmitter pulse occurring.

    As for the distance to the inner edge of the ring from the radar, I believe that this is associated with the Automatic Gain Control (AGC) of the receiver that compensates for the echos (or returned signals) the radar receives at different distances. For instance, a storm cloud at 10km distance from the radar will produce a much larger signal to the radar than the same cloud at 100km distance if the AGC is disabled. The AGC is designed to compensate for these signal differences at varying distances, and at around the range of the inner circle distance, the AGC is effectively switched off – thereby making the receiver as sensitive as it can be. Therefore, I believe the ‘donut ring’ effect over this and similar radar sites is a function of a temporary receiver malfunction or local testing by radar engineers causing the interference.

    As for the rings that are coloured, all returned signals (or echos) received by the radar are assigned a colour to equate their intensity. The colour assignment of the signals can be viewed across the bottom of the radar viewer. Red and black equate to the highest intensity signals. As for why they commence as black near the centre and change into red not too far away; this is what happens when the local radar receives and massive interference signal from some other source (locally) that causes it to malfunction. This could be caused by an onsite engineer momentarily doing some testing, which causes the spiral bands to apear for a moment and then disappear. To the untrained eye such ‘interference’ can be unusual and concerning, but to a radar engineer, a logical explanation does exist.

    I hope this simplified technical explanation helps to explain why these patterns could occur on these images.


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  4. Fiona says:

    Nice to know you are all so sympathetic to people who have lost loved ones and homes!

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  5. Fiona says:

    Peter, you idiot! YOU open your eyes! it’s OBVIOUSLY a natural disaster! Look at the weather reports, eyewitness accounts of flooding and cyclone! Pull your head in you moron! :roll: So what about other naatural disasters? Was hurricane Katrina population control? the Boxing Day tsunami? Grow a brain!

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  6. Fiona says:

    Kevin, you might want to look into the financial news. The Australian dollar is getting stronger and stronger and the US dollar weaker AND you are trillions of dollars in debt! (I do my research!) How dare you abuse my country! Jealous much?

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  7. matthew says:

    Praise be to god our father, for creating humor.

    You guys are the funniest men i have heard in a long time.
    Not only have you completely gone off the subject at hand, but are even starting to act like kids… he did this, and she did that. im not saying its good or bad… i just want to say thanks… for making me laugh

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  8. Maree says:

    KEVIN, if America is the “greatest country on earth” then why hasn’t it taught you to spell?
    There are good and bad people in every country, colour, creed, nation and religion. As to other accusations you made; Australia has been the envy of the world for sailing straight through the GFC and surviving it.
    As for the Japanese and Germans invading Australia well stuff happens in war but right from the Boer War to the Vietnam war, all our allies AND ENEMIES have revered our Aussie troops for the way we treated even our enemies with respect on the battle field. Our troops never tortured, our troops fought the longest and hardest and it was America who lost far more troops in Iraq and Afghanistan than America and Britain. Maybe America will teach you to research next time. Thank you to all the wonderful Americans who have supported us Aussies on here and during the recent floods. Don’t take this message personally, am just trying to give facts here to a very ignorant person. You rock guys!

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    • JamesTheJust says:


      I noticed that when the flooding occurred in New Orleans, federal help was sent in by the truck loads. No amount of “assistance” was spared, even though the blacks there were raping, robbing and pilaging. It was disgraceful. TV personalities were showing their whinny faces begging White people to send assistance. Same thing in Haiti!

      Not one TV personality in America has come on TV to ask for assistance for the Aussies. Why is that you recon?

      When flloding occurred in Indiana and places up in those parts, no crime; the people were orderly and they HELPED ONE ANOTHER AS WELL AS THEMSELVES, and they were White.

      I see a trend here and anyone who cannot see this trend is blind.

      Wake up people!

      PS: Is there somewhere (an address or organization) to whom I can send help for the Australians? I love helping my kinspeople.

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      • Maree says:

        Hi James, hundreds of Hollywood celebs and others including Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II, Obama, Oprah and many others have either donated alot of money, started up funds or done fundraisers.
        The English and Australian cricket teams raised $6m in one night with a fundraiser.

        I agree about what happened in New Orleans and it was absolutely despicable that adults could go out raping babies, children and women – let alone do it to their own people. We hurt it was both blacks and whites doing it and crime has no boundaries.
        I am extremely proud of fellow Aussies that they have never done such a thing. Yes we had a handful of young men pillaging but they now automatically get 15 years gaol for such an offence.

        If you go to the OFFICIAL Flood Fund site here:

        You can donate money for the cause.

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    • Chris says:

      Maree, the reason the us has so many troop losses is, well, we put 500,000 troops into a war, where Australia sends what, 20,000 maybe 30,000 if even that. I am very sympathetic for the problems the Aussies are facing but to blame the US for your problems, just doesn’t compute. And considering that Australia was almost fully started as a penal colony it doesn’t surprise me that you guys are where you are. I am just curious what your native Aboriginal Tribes would say about the world today. I doubt they would blame any one specific country. I’m positive they would say it takes many to tango, not just two or three. I love America with all my heart but I am getting tired of living in a country that is being used as a whipping boy for the worlds problems. Also, I dont expect you to be a Geologist, neither am I, but I do know that Geologic studies of Australia show that there have been past historic floods dating from a couple hundred years ago to several thousand. Suck it up and move along, I sure did when I lost everything in the Great Flood of 2002 in San Antonio. I didnt blame anybody, considering I wasn’t even considered in a flood plain. Again I say, suck it up. To all the other haters, you can either pick up a hammer and repair something, or sit on your ass and complain and get nowhere. :-?

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      • Maree says:

        Hi Chris, believe me I don’t consider America the whipping post for all that goes wrong around the world. The American community is a victim just like us BUT I do hold every politician and government around the world accountable for all the man made disasters they created, their lies, their hunger for power and everything else accountable.

        I am way long past this even though another HAARP appeared over Wagga Wagga NSW for well over 30 minutes on Monday February 28 at 11.08pm.
        Why? Because I know what is coming the next 6 months, by the hand of God and I need everyone to prepare for that.

        What has happened in the past few days to Japan – the earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption, economic collapse and nuclear disaster…..will be happening all around the world. By Christmas 2011, like Japan has had happen – ie complete economy collapse, it will happen world wide and we will all be back to the 1800’s bartering food and water, no electricity, internet, phones etc.
        Not even government handouts or pensions, let alone any businesses surviving anywhere.

        I urge ALL of you to start becoming very self sufficient now by getting water tanks, grow your own food and go back to simple basic living.
        Just remember! The world is NOT coming to an end, God is just changing it and renewing it for us because we royally screwed it up big time with materialism and greed. Yes many will die but for those who love God then we live in peace and joy. I’m not scared, I am excited at the fact change and God is coming.

        As for Aboriginal Australia, I have spoken to several and the traditional people (those who have not bred with whites), forget the past and look to the future. The quarter casts and part casts are the ones who wont forget the past.

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  9. Andrea says:

    FUCK YOU! you are a hater too.. like america.. so dont go saying that australia has a shit economy and stuff…. your country is the one thats fucked with the middle east..

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  10. Jamming says:

    I noticed that while it’s raining ants use leave to cover themself as an umbrella

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    • Maree says:

      I heard ants used leaves as umbrellas! Here though when alot of rain is coming, they always go up into the trees, inside house walls, inside kitchens or just inside. They try to build dirt nests up higher.

      I noticed today that Currawongs are on mass in my town migrating and they NEVER migrate through here until August so there is a frequency somewhere on this earth sending all the animals off.

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  11. tajjy says:

    Thai rain making comes to Qld


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  12. Maree says:

    I physically saw one of these rings in my sky two days before we had 3 days of flooding and a week of severe storms and there is no radar in my area for BOM.
    Our Aussie govt was told to reel in Julian Assange and the PM failed so all of a sudden these wild storms start hitting in every state and, right at the peak of our best harvest in 10 years; our economy is shattered in days from the harvest being totally wiped out.
    Face it! America thinks it is a supreme power and no one else must be greater. Our Aussie dollar started to surpass it, our country is the envy of all because we BEAT the GFC when even America couldn’t. What better way to bring down a country than to kill it’s economy!
    Strange how all the floods and so forth hit EXACTLY on the areas around the country that had bumper harvests. All our richest mines were flooded to the point they were closed indefinitely. Our Lord has told His mystics late last year to “watch to the skies” for signs that will be the start of World War 3 in 2011. The first sign was massive flooding in NSW, the second was the Asteroid shower, the third was the total lunar eclipse on December 21, 2010. The fourth was birds falling from the sky, the fifth is man made weather problems. All came true! He also said that the third world war will not be what people think; it’s a spiritual war of religion V religion, country V country, a global war of deceit, greed, and self righteousness. I am seeing this all coming true!
    Assange is no hero, he’s an anti-christ that spreads global hate and he himself stated “I have so much hate in me, I could do this for another ten years”. We HAVE begun WWIII, we are in the final two years before the new Golden Holy Era if we like it or not. Every time America wants something from another country and they can’t have it, BOOM! That country ends up with devastating earthquakes,tornados,floods, fires etc like a threat. They wanted to mine in Chile and they said no so they started getting massive earthquakes. YOU do the maths!

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    • d whiting says:

      You personally saw a ring the size of Germany? Please! Even if you had seen a ring of these proportions the small fraction that you could have seen would not even be discernible as a ring.

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    • kevin says:

      :-x ill do the math u dumb fuck seems like ur pissed because america is the greatest country on earth and austrilia is a waste dump that does anything america tells it to do

      we should have just let the japs take ur worthless country in wwII instead of fuckin them up 4 yall b/c aperantlly u couldnt get the job done

      america is the greatest power on earth and always will be we have no wearys about ur aussi dollar or ur pathetic economy ur just a hater like every other country in the world

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      • JamesTheJust says:

        Kevin, you should be ashamed of yourself talking to kinspeople like that.

        All this infighting has got to stop. You people support the artificial lines of men, called “nations” and fail to realize that our race is under attack.

        The United States is but ONE nation of all Israel and just a prophesied, the sun literally NEVER sets on Israel. From the US/Canada to Australia/New Zealand, South Africa, Europe, Iceland Greenland…the sun always shines on us. No other nation, people or tribe can make this claim and yet some within our own race choose to reduce this argument to artificial lines drawn in the dirt.

        I will also add, that you are taking your argument to the extreme. YOU do not tell Australians what to do. A vile and evil force, which has usurped our nation, tells the Australian government what to do. Whether you like it or agree with it or not!

        Furthermore, the damned vile jew banksters in Jew York are not the final authority; rather the damned vile jew banksters in London call the shots.

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      • Proud Aussie says:

        You are nothing but a yankee doodle

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      • Kayden says:

        Your the dumb fuck, you yanks are worthless red neck cock jockeys, your goverenment is by far the most corrupt, look we’re they are dickhead? In Afghanistan flogging there heroin and Poppy’s, killing innocent people for drugs, in recession bcuz ya cant stop trying to control the world, the world laughs at fuckers like you, doesnt care bout you either haha, look at all ur weather problems?? cuz american people are dumb to see the truth, how the fuck is your shit country gonna do anything bein so far in debt?? L-) , I hope yas all rot maybe ya might wake up and pull ya heads out of ya fat lazy asses, dickhead, we have 6 states to ur 52 and our dollars worth more than yours, doesn’t that tell ya something, it does to me, America is shit. smile)

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    • S. Smith says:

      You started off so well, then you had to bring the God crap into your argument, thus turning it into a complete waste of type

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  13. Bobby says:

    Looks like operational experiemnting with weather modification, a powerful military weapon, also useful for peaceful purposes. This is why we give old-fashioned weapons to our enemies. We’re just waiting for them to start something, so we can test all the new stuff. We did this to Iraq after we sucker-punched them in Kuwait. Whose turn is it next, N. Korea? US is the greatest threat to world pease there ever was, but with the “free press”, you dummmies will never quite catch on, now will you?

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    • Try the below neurotech/psychotronic technology too. If Aliens do arrive, I hope they wipe all mind manipulating technology off anywhere on this planet including memories of people not morally able to deserve using the same.

      Warning to Citizens of the World


      There is a technological dimension of justice and element of consideration that nullifies the entire case of criminals who are manufactured and influecned to a degree and is ignored (perhaps intentionally?) by the press and media, not that LGBT itself should be persecuted either for those naturally occurring cases. The legal system and education system has failed to warn or protect us from such manipulations which are contrived by the Telco or government in collusion against citizens.

      Human civilisation has fallen to a wretched state today, even religious institutions have used these things to profit off the suspecting citizentry. Be aware of what is happening and those with any ethics would work to expose the technology or methods used against our fellow human beings in this manner.

      Mental Autonomy / mental Privacy is likely to end with 2600 Mhz Telco GridsWhile the infrastructure appears not much different, the technological levels have reached unbelievable levels, and thus the government needs to be HONEST alongside any with supposedly privileged knowledge that they would keep secret to control and suppress free enterprise and ultimately freedom of society and supress equality in man or to suppress those deemed too superior genetically and socially.

      “” There must be accountability and preventive laws as well as counter measures and Technology expositions made to warn the public as well as aid in apprehension of criminals currently using such technologies to profiteer off ailments or attempts to destroy reputation and subvert society or end free enterprise as well. Civil society opt out zones (i.e. EMF/Satellite dish free zones) should also be available, or at least EMF shielding devices made available to the public.

      Make the world a ‘Free Neutral Nation’ or you will find asylum seekers from all corners of the world suffering with no legal recourse from Human Rights Abuses by Neurotech and Psychotronics, help other nations set up the same laws. “”

      Hopefully the handful of free souls left or those who managed to corroborate evidence and experience as I did will be able to create new and protective laws via landmark cases as I now work upon to ensure the freedom of society and freedom of mankind.

      For example Anwar and Saiful Sodomy Case Malaysia, Malaysia’s Minister Maid Rape Case, Prince Saud Abdulaziz Bin Nasir Al Saud’s Gay Lover Killing Case, the Catholic Priests overcome with lust for children, I strongly believe that due to their strong religious and family upbringing and even some of us due to our station, political beliefs and political alignments, or threat of presenting too powerful a social or psychological, even psychic competition, or even intelligence, or even failed relationships with people having access to such devices – have been groomed into rape, murder, LGBT or even simulated mental illness specifically to weaken their voice. Let them seek justice and reclaim their reputations.





      (See even Iran has bio-implants already)








      NASA Research: Reading Thoughts Using Electromyography

      Air Travel Privacy – FOIA Documents (EEG based mind readers)






      There must be accountability and preventive laws as well as counter measures and Technology expositions made to the public as well as apprehension of criminals currently using such technologies to profiteer off ailments or attempts to destroy reputation and subvert society as well.

      CRIMINALS who have abused people with what are weapons BEWARE. Your days of abusing the voters are

      Those with the knowledge, please investigate and prepare for a landmark case and exposition on electronic weapons with bills tabled for criminalisation of usage against civilians, that will exhonerate so many victims that have been wrongly accused of being criminals as well for being victims of electronic manipulation.

      Pls. google “Unmoderated Malaysian Comments” for more.

      We hope PM Najib or Home Minister Hisahmuddin (Hussein Initiative pls!!!) gives us a break by implementing laws banning such Electronic Harrassment / EMF Wave technologies, because without free will, we will not be a country of men anymore but mere automatons run on alogarithms in some computer beaming who to vote for via satellite.

      We are in a high tech era, don’t imagine 3G or 4G telecoms towers or the 700 Hz or Wiifi frequency will not be used against us. Those people in the know here are already acting :

      Taman Brown

      Lintang Macallum

      Now you know why 8 Billion FDI left Malaysia last year and that Malaysia may be limited to production industries only henceforth and that anything you hold private can no longer be private any more.

      Start investigating or tabling anti Telcoms Tower, 2600 Mhz or 700 Mhz, Wiifi pre-emptive/prohibitive laws, or opt out zones – it already is very late, there is no more private mental space or industrial secret anymore.

      This is the empirical version, Aliens are entirely another level altogether.

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  14. Jim says:

    I am an American. These rings are not new. In fact, a website once existed where these radar anomalies were posted on a regular basis. The site was begun in 1997 and focused on recording various radar anomalies such as these. Apparently it is only now that Australia is becoming aware they exist. What exactly causes them I cannot say, yet I can say conclusively I have seen them appear on TV during a weather report. Actually, it was not a ring itself but a hole created which was poorly camoflaged and later I was able to confirm a ring had occurred over the area camoflaged on TV. During the years from 1997 until 2001 there were many downloads showing these anomalies and more questionable images. In several such instances it appeared as if objects were ‘pinging’ off the atmosphere. Coming in from space and bouncing off as though a shield were present. I know it sounds to peculiar to accept but I have nothing to gain by lying.

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  15. Wacko says:

    This is very strange for sure but not new. Teslas coil and haarp seem to be nothing more than a way to transmit electricity through the air for a wireless power source, other uses could be possible. However, for a decade now I have video recorded and observed air born devices in southern California USA performing similar acts resulting in thousands of dead squid washing ashore in San Clemente, and years earlyer new homes with modern gradeing and foundation stabilization methods washed away as if they were placed on sand. We all are targeted by these things, pray for those effected in trajedy and for those who will be effected. Read your Bible. God bless the human race.

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  16. Alan says:

    I was a BOM radar technical officer many years ago and worked on their weather watch and target tracking radar type WF44.

    I have seen interference emanating from radar sets located on ships (that came into the harbour nearby) which caused strange patterns to appear on the radar screen when both rotating antennas faced each other from time to time. Because the burst of microwave energy released during transmission from one radar can contain some harmonic (or other) frequencies, a distant radar can pick up these signals as interference, and this can appear as a single radial line (if the reception to the interference is weak) or other patterns if the transmission is strong. When the sun is low on the horizon and the radar beam momentarily ‘looks’ at it, the radar can receive a burst of ‘radio interference’ from the sun, and this too can appear as a single radial line that extends many kilometres out from the radar’s location.

    A good comparison of a radar signal is when you stand in a long cave and give a series of short, loud shouts. Shortly afterwards, your sequence of shouts will echo back to you. This is the basic principle of how radar works; where the sequence of shouts represent the radar’s “Pulse Repetition rate” (or PRF) and the shout represents the microwave energy emitted from the radar dish. If two radar sets are not running ‘in sync’ (or locked together) and one receives the other’s unwanted (transmitted) signal, then this would explain the intense spiral bands expanding outwards as depicted in some of the photos. This is the only way I can describe this pattern in layman’s terms.

    As for the donut-shaped cloud rings, it appears as though internally generated “white noise” (or some signal generated within the radar site’s signal (or returned echo) processing equipment is creating this pattern. All but one image shows these circles are located at exactly the same range from each radar’s antenna’s location. Whether the source of this interference comes from an analogue signal within the radar’s Radio Frequency (RF) processing stages, the video signal processing equipment or via some software processing elsewhere; this is something I am unable to pinpoint. Nevertheless, I am confident that these ‘donut rings’ represent genuine interference to normal signal processing that commences at a low level initially (which appears as scattered clouds in donut shaped rings) then increases in intensity to appear as a solid donut shaped ring of clouds (or rainfall). The interference then decreases to the ‘scattered cloud’ appearance again before finally disappearing.

    I do have a very basic understanding of HAARP. What these radar images present is not HAARP, as these transmitters are located in the remote northern hemisphere regions. The various patterns shown here represent localised interference – either externally generated to the radar (spiral bands and radial lines) or internally generated (the donut rings).

    It is worthy to read some of the comments about interpreting the radar images at the BOM website relating to Anomalous Propogation. Where they mention the sun causing interference, I remember pointing the radar dish directly at the sun at one time and I could track the sun’s movement across the sky by observing the level of interference being received. I was able to do this without the radar transmitter operating.

    Check some related points I have made here at http://www.bom.gov.au/weather/radar/about/radarfaq.shtml# under the topic “Why does the radar show echoes that don’t look like rain?”

    I hope this helps to clarify what the BOM images are presenting here.

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    • Joe Salaman says:

      Thank you for your extensive knowledge of radar that clearly debunks this conspiracy that has recently popped up on the US TV show “What on Earth”.

      Some of the the images do appear like satellite photos of actual clouds, which had me fooled.

      I have my suspicions about HAARP though, and it’s ability to control weather, I’m pretty sure that similar technology exists in the southern hemisphere, though may have other names. There is some infra red satellite imagery out there that may show its use during extreme weather events.

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  17. Maree says:

    I have also noticed a problem with the animals in Central West New South Wales, Australia where I live.
    When alot of rain is coming, ants hurry faster to get food and travel upwards or inside so they don’t drown. I had massive flooding here weeks ago and yet the ants never picked up the rain coming. Nor did the birds who were flying high as usual; nor did sheep and cattle who usually all lay down when a storm is coming.
    How do black birds die with internal injuries whilst flying and why all black at the same time!

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  18. Rick C. Hodgin says:

    Where are the radar tracking stations in Australia? Seems to me a very obvious issue with the radar stations there, as though some program was failing, or a component of the transmitter or sensor was failing, rather than actually being something atmospheric.

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    • D. Whiting says:

      I’ve done a bit of 5 minute research, and discovered that these rings appear centred exactly over the Australian weather radar stations.
      There is no doubt in my mind that these rings are caused by the radar equipment malfunctioning.
      The rings only exist on the charts, they are not real.
      I find it very tiring that people blame HAARP for everything from birds dying, to kittens exploding.
      Time to take off your tin-foil hats, people!

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  19. mudra says:

    This report is’nt current news . It appeared on Colin Andrew’s website in early 2010. The ring is so neat it looks like photoshopped to me . http://www.colinandrews.net/Cloud-Radar-Circle-Australia-2010-0116.html

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  20. Hans says:

    Oh I hadn´t read about this before at all (why ist that so ?) –
    but you see, I was born January 22nd,aong while ago,
    so that probably is the reason.

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  21. Peter says:

    What’s going on?
    Simply population reduction. The best way to hide it. Natural disaster!
    Open your eyes!

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    • The Magic M says:

      So there are no natural disasters in your opinion, nor have there ever been?

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    • Stone of Truth says:

      looks like more NASA illuminati photoshopped trash:
      see the phony hexagon on Saturn N Pole and all the NASA-made laser stencils called crop circles. Cult of Saturn worship rules!
      Illuminati Jewish Masonry Gone Goy, as this image is even touched up to resemble… drum roll….
      Ridiculous waste of resources but then this website is a CIA op- Sorcha Faaillllll is CIA agent David Booth, failed provocateur

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      • Broyhill says:

        They’ve thrown in a variation of their Norway Spiral for kicks.
        BLUE BEAM is in the works.

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    • Derek says:

      The population reduction argument doesn’t make sense. Out of all of these natural disasters, a few hundred to a few thousand usually die; very rarely is it over 100,000. Just for the sake of argument, a natural disaster that kills 100,000 people is equivalent to a rounding error when trying to calculate the total population. A 100,000 people gone in a natural disaster does little to nothing to curb population growth.

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