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Greece plans border fence to keep out illegal immigrants

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Human rights activists say Greek detention camps are full

The Greek border with Turkey is among the most popular destinations for illegal immigrants to the European Union. Now a Greek minister says the country wants to build a 206-kilometer fence to keep them out.

Greece is planning to build a fence along its border with Turkey to keep out illegal immigrants, Citizen Protection Minister Christos Papoutsis said on Saturday.

“Greek society has reached its limits in taking in illegal immigrants,” Papoutsis told Athens News Agency. “Greece can’t take it anymore.”

Greece’s 206-kilometer (128-mile) border with Turkey is the most common entry point for illegal immigrants to the European Union from Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Pakistan and Somalia.

In October, Greece became the first country to request intervention by the EU’s Frontex external border-patrol agency, which was created in 2007. Greece received 200 Frontex agents in November, driving the number of illegal immigrant arrests down from 250 to 140 daily.

Hundreds of illegal immigrants are caught daily trying to enter the EU through Greece.

“Cooperation with the other EU states is going well,” Papoutsis said. “Now we plan to construct a fence to deal with illegal migration.”

Papoutsis said the land barrier would be like the one erected by the United States along parts of its border with Mexico.

Around 80 percent of the illegal immigrants in the EU arrive via Greece, where there are currently an estimated 300,000 people living illegally.

Illegal immigrants arrested by border police are placed in detention camps, which are bursting at the seams. Human rights groups have criticized both Greece’s asylum policy and the conditions in its detention camps.


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3 Responses to " Greece plans border fence to keep out illegal immigrants "

  1. George Washington says:

    Send out the call Greece, and the American Militia will come to your aid for free, to fight to both defend and liberate Greece for the Greeks!

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  2. Joe says:

    I remember a couple of years ago that Greece had major brush& forest fires.if Greece gets swamped with illegals they could start major brush& Forrest fires.then loot homes and shops to support themselves.

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  3. Muhammad Asif says:

    Greece is planning totally wrong because of poor peoples who eat food 1 time in a day and some time eat nothing .They must cross the Border its batter then they become a terrorist or suside Bomber.Greece peoples help them in that country otherwise they don’t try to stop them.Its batter for European Union.
    Just remember one a every one dead and God will ask you have you help to Human being.
    I have not good English but hopefully you peoples understand me very well.
    Best of luck for poor peoples who crossing to illeagle Borders.
    Best Regards
    Muhammad Asif

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