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Germany's Jewish community combats German Islamophobia

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Uneasy Divide: Muslims from Turkey are the largest and least integrated immigrant community in Germany.

Fighting Islamophobia, Even as Muslim Anti-Semitism Persists.

In Germany today, Muslims are often cited as a driving force behind contemporary German anti-Semitism — and are increasingly a target of ethnic-based prejudice and bigotry.

Yet leaders of Germany’s Jewish community have joined others in combating what many view as a tidal wave of German Islamophobia.

Though this is rich in irony, Jewish leaders see their position as a matter of Jewish self-interest in a Germany in which old ghosts remain laid to rest.

Concern about German Islamophobia comes against a backdrop in which experts who track anti-Semitism in Germany cite a trend of Muslims joining with extreme leftists and traditional anti-Semites to protest Israel while invoking Jews, explicitly, as their targets.

Among other widely publicized events, a group of Muslims in Hanover attacked an Israeli dance troupe in June 2007, yelling “Juden raus” as they hurled stones at the members, according to press reports. And in January 2009, Muslims and German leftists marched in Berlin chanting “Death to Jews” to protest Israel’s military campaign in Gaza.

Yet at the same time, Muslims themselves are increasingly a target in Germany: a product of the country’s long-running failure to integrate Muslim immigrants into German society despite their presence — by invitation — in large numbers since the early 1960s. Still, a Germany rife with rising anti-Muslim prejudice offers little comfort to those worried about the welfare of Jews here.

Those hostile toward Muslims “have suddenly invoked the Judeo-Christian heritage in Germany, whereas previously there was more emphasis on the country’s Christian heritage,” explained Deidre Berger, director of the American Jewish Committee’s office in Berlin. “[By creating] a bulwark, so to speak, against the Muslims by invoking ‘Judeo-Christian’ in this debate, you are creating a religious divide. The Jews want to be part of the majority society, but not at the expense of putting other minorities outside mainstream society.”

Recently, an obscure member of Germany’s Central Bank has turned up the flame on anti-Muslim sentiment to an unprecedented boil, though it cost him a seat on the bank’s board.

In “Germany Does Away With Itself,” author Thilo Sarrazin offers an indictment of Germany’s 4.2 million Muslims — 5.5% of the population — blaming them for dumbing down German culture and draining the nation’s welfare budget. Disturbingly, Sarrazin, a member of Germany’s center-left Social Democratic Party, at times appears to come close to a genetics-based condemnation of the community.

“Culturally and morally the Muslims represent a step backward for German society,” Sarrazin declares in his book, published last August. “If the birthrate of the migrants continues to remain higher than the indigenous population, within a few generations, the migrants will take over the state and society and create a nation of dunces.”

Jewish leaders have been quick to denounce Sarrazin. Writing about him in the newspaper Bild am Sonntag, the former vice president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Michel Friedman, insisted that there could be “no more tolerance for this intolerance,” adding, “We need bridge builders, not people who preach hate, much less on the board of the German Bundesbank.”

Friedman’s criticism was inspired in part by a sense that Sarrazin was introducing — or reintroducing — a broader, unhealthy viewpoint into Germany’s public discourse. In an interview after the publication of his book, Sarrazin angered Jews when, in defending and expanding on his views of Turkish Muslims as a group, he seemed to defend sweeping ethnic generalizations, saying, “All Jews share a certain gene; Basques have certain genes that differentiate them from others.”

Chancellor Angela Merkel has soundly repudiated the book, terming Sarrazin’s views “totally unacceptable.” The Berlin newspaper Die Tageszeitung articulated mainstream liberal reaction, editorializing, “What should be done if 65 years after the banning of Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf,’ another treatise on racial theory turns into a best-seller in Germany?”

But Sarrazin’s book has acted like a match on long built-up tinder, and the firestorm it has ignited has refused to die down.

“The Germans have been politically correct about race and religion for 65 years, since the end of [World War II],” Israel’s envoy to Berlin, Yoram Ben-Zeev, told the Forward. “Now, Sarrazin has become the trigger — the spark — to get them to openly speak their minds.”

A poll conducted by the center-left Friedrich-Ebert Foundation last October, soon after the book’s publication, showed that more than 30% of Germans believe that the country “is being overrun by foreigners.” Sixty percent of Germans said they would “restrict the practice of Islam.”

In the view of Clemens Wergin, an editorial writer at Die Welt, Germany’s leading conservative newspaper, Germany’s Turkish immigrants, who make up the bulk of the country’s Muslim community, “are socialized by Muslim satellite programs.”

“The TV is on all day,” he said. “That’s why they don’t learn German fast enough when they are young. Their cultural values are different than the German cultural values that they would get from German television — which many of them are not watching.”

Many of the basic facts of the Muslim failure to integrate in Germany are not in dispute. A 2009 report by the Berlin Institute for Population and Development found that Turkish immigrants — who make up almost two-thirds of the country’s Muslims — are the least integrated ethnic group in the country, despite being the second most numerous immigrant group.

Turks were first invited into the country as guest workers in 1961, during West Germany’s post-World War II economic boom. The war’s death toll had left the democratic, Western-allied section of t he divided land with huge labor shortages. Workers were needed for the country’s steel mills and mines, and for other industrial jobs. Germany negotiated an agreement with Turkey under which the latter sent 1 million of its citizens to fill these jobs — mostly desperately poor peasants from Turkey’s countryside who were often illiterate.

Neither country anticipated that these workers would stay long. But they did, and today they and their descendants constitute some 3.2 million of the country’s 4.2 million Muslim population. The overall proportion of Muslims in the population may not be that large at 5.5%, but they are concentrated in key urban areas. In Berlin, 22% of the population is Muslim; in Frankfurt, more than 30%. But until groundbreaking legislation in 2000, Germany, whose citizenship laws historically required German kinship ties, did not grant citizenship to these long-term residents, nor to their German-born children and grandchildren, who knew no other country.

Meanwhile, the industrial jobs that had brought the first generation of Turks to Germany disappeared. The second and third generations, ghettoized in poor schools and with little culture of academic achievement, failed to move into the modern high-tech sector, where the new jobs were. Living in a largely Turkish environment, many failed to learn fluent German even two or three generations into their residence in Germany. Almost all married strictly within their community, or took spouses from Turkey, thereby enlarging the family circles eligible for immigration, though not for citizenship.

“We kidded ourselves for a while that they wouldn’t stay, but that’s not the reality,” Merkel recently told her Christian Democratic Union party.

Acknowledging the failure of the multicultural concept — the co-existence of parallel German and Turkish societies — the German leader urged the nation’s Muslims to master German and respect the constitution. Germany’s Muslims, she said, “should integrate and adopt German values.”

That may be easier said than done. “There is hardly any other country in Europe where immigrants are so poorly educated,” Reiner Klingholz, a demographer and director of the Berlin Institute for Population and Development, wrote in the news magazine Der Spiegel, referring to the Turks. ”No comparative study can hide the fact that people with roots in Turkey have the greatest problems with integration.”

Sarrazin’s book has only widened this large divide. “Many Germans see Islam in their midst as an existential threat to their way of life,” said Wolfgang Benz, the recently retired head of the center for anti-Semitic research at the Technical University in Berlin. Kenan Kolat, vice president of the Turkish Community in Turkey, said that Sarrazin’s book “has given Germans permission to be openly racist.”

Kolat said that many Turks, including qualified professionals, face job discrimination and feel marginalized in Germany. Some are returning to their homeland. In 2008, the most recent year with available data, 10,147 Turks in Germany went back to their native country. The net immigration of Turks to Germany was 10,130 in 2000, but dwindled to 1,746 in 2005, according to a poll done by Der Spiegel.

Implicitly rebuking Merkel’s call for greater integration, Kolat told the Forward: “Ninety percent of Turks have been here for decades and are fully integrated, and I can’t bear to hear this discussion anymore. Integration to Germans means that Turks must adapt to German society and its values, and that is not acceptable.”


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  • Steve

    I am very dissapointed with this EU Time article. Those in the media that speak of “Islamophobia” have never read the Koran, nor the full history of Islam. The vast majority of Muslims will never integrate into German society because the Koran teaches them to hate and war against all who do not believe in Islam. Read the Koran for yourself and you will find that the Koran commands Muslims to engage in jihad against all non Muslims until all parts of the world are ruled by Islam and Islamic Law which is diametrically opposed to western society.
    You quoted Michel Friedman as saying that there could be “no more tolerance for this intolerance,” towards the Islamization of Europe, adding, “We need bridge builders, not people who preach hate, much less on the board of the German Bundesbank.”
    Mr Friedman is lying about who is preaching hate. Islam itself preaches hate against all who do not submit to Islam. If you build bridges for these people to come into your nation they will use it to take over your nation. Geert Wilder rightly said that when we let millions of Muslims immigrate into Europe “we let in the Trojan horse.”
    Lebanon was a free and democratic society with a Christian majority. But the Muslims used the tolerant bridge building efforts of Lebanon to immigrate into that country and build a Muslim majority. Once the Muslims began to outnumber the Christians they rose up to slaughter them. Most of the Christians fled Lebanon for their lives because the Muslims were slaughtering them. Brigitte Gabriel was one of those Christians who experienced the hatred of the Muslims when they slaughtered all of her friends and family in her Lebanese village. Brigitte stated that the Lebanese sided with the Palestinians against Israel but the Muslims had no mercy on the non Muslims when they seized power because their Koran commands them to seize the opportunity to attack nations when the time is right to make Islamic States and to impose Sharia Law. WHY DO NOT AMERICAN AND EUROPEAN POLITICIANS SEE THIS THREAT? THE HISTORY OF ISLAM, INCLUDING THE WRITINGS OF THE KORAN ARE VERY EXPLICITY. The History of Islam, including the actions of Muhammad himself, prove that Islam is not just a religion, but a political system that believes in conquering the world and imposing both their religion and theiir political system upon all of the earth’s inhabitants by force. IT’S TIME FOR THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA AND EUROPE TO WAKE UP TO THIS THREAT TO OUR FREEDOM AND CULTURE. All patriotic Americans and Europeans need to find educational resources and spread that knowledge to all of their fellow citizens. Then elect only the politicians who will truly protect our freedom. STOP MUSLIM IMMIGRATION NOW AND DEPORT ALL WHO BELIEVE IN IMPOSING ISLAMIC LAW ON OUR SOCIETY. If we fail to do this within the next few decades much of Europe will fall into the hands of cruel Muslim leaders. Islamic nations have the death penalty for those who speak against the false teaching of the prophet Muhammad and if anyone is found sharing the gospel of Jesus in Saudi Arabia, he is beheaded! So dont try to tell me that we should build bridges for these people to come into our nations. Most American and European politicians may be able to get college degrees but they have no wisdom to govern and protect the people that they are suppose to serve. WAKE UP AMERICA AND EUROPE BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! For the real truth about Muslim immigrations go to this web site: actforamerica.org

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    • CBTVET

      Well spoken.

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    • Mike

      And the Talmud teaches Jews to hate and despise all Gentiles and to war against them forever so what’s your point!

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  • JamesTheJust

    The jews are the ones repsonsible for the destruction of Germany and all the nations of the West. It is not suprising to me that they would join forces with the very people they sought to bring into the nations of the West. This is only newsworthy to people who do not understand the satanic nature of the jew.

    It the Edomites (jews) same M.O. They helped the Moors and Turks invade the White nations of Greece, Ethiopia and Southern Europe, thereby polluting our blood and culture.

    The jews were responsible for the black slave trade which destroyed Egypt, Portugal and the Americas. They have ALWAYS sided with the alien races in order to destroy the White nations. ALWAYS!

    Whites had better wake up. The jew hates you and wants you and your kin DEAD! The only impediment left to the vile “jews'” plan for world domination is the White race. We are the only race with the spirit of YHWH written into our DNA. We are the ONLY race who has a GOD-given sense of justice and morality and the satanic jew cannot institute the NWO as long as we stand in the way.

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    • Steve

      The Bible clearly states that “God has made of one blood, all of the nations” of the earth. There is no superior race with better DNA. We all come from Adam and Eve; then from Noah, his three sons, and his three son’s wives. From these sources of DNA all of the inhabitans of the earth have originated from.
      The Jewish people do not want white people dead. Nor do the Muslims. But the Muslims want everyone who stand in the way of Islamic world domination to be dead. So the real enemy is not the Jewish people, but the followers of the so called prophet Muhammad who seek to take away our freedom in an evil empire.
      The slave trade was not started by the Jews. During that time the Jews were being persecuted by the Roman Catholic Chruch across europe. History proves that the Muslims started the slave trade by selling black (non Muslim) slaves to the Spanish and Portuguese.
      Black people came from the descendants of Noah through Ham. Scientists who believe in Evolution and in Creation have proved that all of the nations have came from one genetic source. There is no scientific basis to show that any alien blood was introduced except for the angels who fell as recorded in the book of Genesis chapter six. When God destroyed the earth with a world wide flood He destroyed all of that non human DNA.
      The book of Revelation proves that during the end of this age Satan will persecute the woman [Israel] who brought forth the man child [Jesus]. All who hate and persecute the Jews are being influenced by Satan. But God’s prophets have clearly stated that everyone who would seek to annhilate Israel in the last days would be “cut in pieces.” The prophet Zechariah predicted the fiery destruction of all of the nations surrounding Israel that seek to destroy the Jews in the last days. I suggest that we get on God’s side of this issue, rather than Satan’s side.

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      • JamesTheJust


        You are delusional to believe that ALL races come from one genetic stock. That is called a mutation and no mutation survives.

        Furthermore, any student of common Greek knows that the word NATIONS is Ethnos meaning ETHNIC and refers only to those of KIN relation as all common Greek writing attests.

        You are neither a student of the bible nor are you in a real state of mind to believe that YHWH would violate HIS own laws, which HE HIMSELF established to govern the universe.

        You have bought into the great delusion which deceiveth the whole “WORLD”. I will not debate with someone who does not have ears to hear as YHWH HIMSELF stated the HE would send this delusion to HIS people who would rather believe a lie than the truth.

        You have created a g-d of you own imagination. The perfect jew-god for the destruction of true Israelites (if you are even a true Israelite.)

        PS: You are either a jew or you are just another ignorant and satanically inspired JEWdeo [Anti]Christian. You haven’t got the first clue who those who call themselves jew REALLY are.

        My guess though is that you are just another mamzer – probably of Edomite extraction. They are the ones who are usually the most rabid about defending “jews” who fruits are OBVIOUSLY disgusting and vile.

        Your little house of cards of falling. Can you feel it?

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  • Patrick

    So you are saying the Jews are planning world domination, invading cultures, and they want us dead? I am Catholic and know Jews are pretty greedy and self-centered but the Muslims sound like the group of people you are talking about.

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    • JamesTheJust


      A quick research will reveal to you that the jews are the ones behind the legislation allowing the Muslims into our nations.

      The jews have a long history of subverting the nations of the West; which is why they were expelled from Western European nations over 106 times.

      Think about it:

      Those of us who have researched 911 KNOW that the jews were behind it…

      Larry Silverstein had a 99 year lease on the WTC’s and collected twice the amount allowed for under his insurance policy (a jew judge ruled in his favor)

      The very floors of the WTC which were closed off for “retrofitting” are the very floors where controlled explosions can be seen on the videos of the demolition of the WTC’s.

      It was Israeli (jew) firms who were responsible for the security at the airports from which the alleged “Muslim” terrorists departed.

      Dov Zakheim stole trillions from the Pentagon shortly before his departure and he also headed a company whose interest was in remote control piloting of commercial aircraft…the THING was also a rabbi and schooled in the Babylonian Talmud. (You should try to stomach reading it sometime. It is a windowed into those soulless creatures’ minds.

      Mysteriously, thousands of jews who worked at the WTC called in sick or were “delayed” on the day in question.

      And those are only a few of the more obvious connections.

      Haven’t you asked yourself why it is that if we are to believe that the Muslims are such “terrorist” they being allowed into the nations of the West and in INCREASING numbers AFTER 911?

      You really need to study up on those creatures for your own good. I am assuming that you are a TRUE Israelite of Saxon blood. This warning is for your own good.

      BTW: Did you know that your current pope and his predecessor are/were jews?

      Let me make myself clear:

      I have no love for Arabs, Muslims, Blacks, Orientals…you name it. If they are not of our kind, then they are not my kin. I love my own, just as our Savior (Yahshua) who was NOT a jew and who loved HIS own and came for HIS own – US THE LOST SHEEP OF THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL!

      But if you fail to “SEE” the root of this problem (the literal children of the devil) then you will fail to understand the immensity of this problem.

      You will forever fail because you will only treat the symptoms and not the disease. Make no mistake, the jews are the very root of the disease.

      Strike the ROOT! And all the other problems will go away.

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      • Steve

        This is the kind of mentality that Hitler espoused. Your words are full of false assumptions without any proof to back them.
        How can you say that you believe in Jesus and hate the Jews? History proves that Jesus was Jewish. Jesus’ mother was from the tribe of Levi and Judah. Judah is the tribe from which we get the word “Jews” from.
        You stated: “A quick research will reveal to you that the jews are the ones behind the legislation allowing the Muslims into our nations.”
        Please submit documentation for this allegation. Why would the Jews want Islam to expand and gain in strength throughout the nations when the so called prophet Muhammad stated that the end of this age will not come until the Jewish people are annhilated?
        Can we really imagine that Muslim terrorists who seek to annhilate the Jews would actually cooperate with the Jews to destroy the world trade center?
        Again you stated, “I have no love for Arabs, Muslims, Blacks, Orientals…you name it. If they are not of our kind, then they are not my kin. I love my own, just as our Savior (Yahshua) who was NOT a jew and who loved HIS own and came for HIS own – US THE LOST SHEEP OF THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL!”
        Again, Jesus was cleary a Jew from the tribe of Judah and from the seed of David. And again, you have the audacity to state that Jesus only came to love and save the caucasion people, who you claim are the descendants of Israel. There is no evidence to prove the northern Europeans are the descendants of the ten tribes of Israel. And if you claim to be a Christian, how can you say that Jesus only came to save only the white people? God’s word clearly states that Jesus “is the Savior of all men, especially them that believe.” And again, “Whosever hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life.” Read 1 John and the entier New Testament and start believing it. God loves all of humanity equally. For God is not a respecter of persons. “He is not willing that any should perish, but that all come to everlasting life.”
        James, your words are against Jesus and his teachings. Therefore, unless you repent of your hatred and bigotry towards people of other tribes and nations you will not be saved. The book of Revelation clearly states that people from “every tribe, kindred, and tongue” will be included in the Kingdom of heaven, not just our “kindred.” I also am fully northern European with blond hair and blue eyes. And I also used to be racist against Jews, blacks, and everyone who was not Caucasion. I sided with Adolf Hitler and the KKK but when Jesus truly got ahold of me, all of that anti-semitism and bigotry towards other peoples vanished. Read and obey John 3:5 and Acts 2:38 and get filled with the Holy Spirit. Then you can escape all of that hatred and bigotry towards people that Christ died for.

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        • JamesTheJust


          You are so ignorant of scripture I cannot even debate with you because your ENTIRE premise is wrong. How can one debate someone who would rather believe a lie? You would rather believe a lie.

          You must first divorce yourself from the universal NWO BAAL worship with which you have been indoctrinated.

          This is no joke and it is no game. IF you are an Israelite then your entire future depends on it.

          You know nothing about the history of the White race. You know nothing about the more than 70,000 mistranslations in the KJV of the bible alone.

          You think the word “jew” has always been there even though there wasn’t a letter “J” in the alphabet!!!

          You think Judaen (a citizen of Judea) means Israelites, when it DOES NOT! What, are you now going to tell me that since Europeans (true Israelites) founded the United States that ALL present day citizens of the United States are Europeans???

          Edomites had taken over Jerusalem by the time of our Christ! Herod was an Edomites and he ruled Jerusalem. Are you going to tell me that he was an Israelite too just because he could honestly say that he was a Judean (Jew)???

          You think that YHWH changes when The Word clearly states that HE does not! You think that HE is schizophrenic; whereas in the O.T. time HE did pick a specific RACE and then suddenly HE did not, when all the scripture states very clearly that this is not the case. YAH changes NOT!

          Of all the races, HE picked Israel. He then DIVORCED (put them away) for their idolatry. Then HE remarried then through HIS perfect blood sacrifice. He came ONLY for the “LOST” PUT AWAY sheep of the House of Israel and NONE OTHER!

          It was not THE LAW that was nailed to the cross as JEWdeo [Anti]Christians state. IT WAS THE BILL OF DIVORCEMENT that was nailed to the cross. Yahshua stated clearly that HE did not come to abolish THE LAW!

          YAH DOES NOT CHANGE! And HE does not make mistakes. HIS LAW was and still is PERFECT. Only his forgiving nature towards HIS PEOPLE caused HIM to become incarnate and provide the perfect sacrifice for forgiveness for HIS PEOPLE whom HE had PUT AWAY. For no other sacrifice could ever be sufficient!

          You JEWdeo “Christians” are even clamoring for the damned Edomites to rebuild the temple and reinstate the sacrifices, which make a complete mockery of the ONE AND ONLY PERFECT SACRIFICE of YHWH made flesh.

          How can you people even live with yourselves???

          I am amazed by your ignorance.

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  • Patrick

    Hey, it is the Ashkenazi-Jews who brought them all there and to the the US.
    Ashkenazi are defeating all the worlds nations through making all of us invade the others lands.
    While Ashkenazi-Jews understand that race is everything constructive and positive.
    They plan to colonize the whole earth after they kill off all the Japhethites, Shemites and Hamites.

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    • JamesTheJust


      For all intent and purposes, the Hammits were already destroyed with the destruction of Egypt as they were the founders of Egypt. The Canaanites invaded Egypt and allowed (encouraged) the black Nubean flood to come in. It was all downhill from there and although the Hammites did make a brief comeback, by then most of their blood was polluted (a jew tactic even to this day) and their return was a a brief 70-80 years.

      As we read in the scripture that a Pharaoh, who did not know Israel had taken over and the time of their enslavement began; prior to their Exodus. This was the time of the Canaanite/Edomite/Jew destruction of the Hamitic Kingdom. The destruction of Egypt was prophesied in the scripture.

      As I stated, there was a very brief comeback and it’s last remaining vestige was about the time that Jerusalem (the last defensed city of the once greater Kingdom of Israel) was taken by the Babylonians (with the help of the Canaanite/Edomite “Jews”) who not only helped the Babylonians, but also raised the first temple to the ground. This is why Jeremiah told the Judahites and Benjamites to go peaceably and not to rely on Egypt as a source of defense. They were polluted and broken; barely unable to maintain Egypt, let alone help their kin of Noah.

      Some Japethites went into the Russian steps and their blood was later polluted by the Canaanite/Edomite “Jews”, most of whom converted to Babylonian Talmudism and they are the present day Khazar “jews”.

      Some Japethites went into Europe, where the scripture states that they would dwell in tents along with the Shemites (Isrealites) who are today’s Anglo-Saxon and related people (the true Israelites)

      These have mostly interbred with the Israelites (which is perfectly OK in accordance with YHWH’s LAW of “Kind after Kind”). Some other Japethites are today known as Slavs who also interbred with Israelites.

      So, as we can see, of all the Nations of the Earth (MEANING ONLY THE NATIONS OF THE WHITE RACE BECAUSE THAT IS ALL YHWH WAS CONCERNED WITH) YAH chose Israel to carry HIS banner; just a prophesied.

      It is stupid and silly for the JEWdeo-[Anti]Christians to state that ALL races descended from Noah as this flies in the face of YHWH’s LAWS governing HIS nature as well as Science and genetics! The flood was local and NOT world wide. The word for “earth” can also be translated as “LAND” and makes much more sense given the facts that there were still other races AFTER the flood and that there is certainly no geological evidence to support a worldwide flood occurring despite how liars try to pervert the geological record.

      The bible is about the White race and their ongoing battle with the children of Lucifer; the enmity that YHWH placed between our SEED and his (lucifer’s) SEED. This is a LITERAL seed and any attempt to spiritualize this away is only a trick and a ploy engaged in by wolves in sheep’s clothing and the STUPID and GULLIBLE IDIOTS who buy into it. It provides excellent cover for the children of lucifer.

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  • Let me tell you all one thing as as a white South African. GET RID OF THEM ASAP. Just look at us here in SA !!! This is what awaits you if you wait to late corruption and crime will kill you Germans 1 by 1. Please support this cause as well. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Verenig-Zuid-Afrika-en-Duitsland-Unite-Germany-and-South-Africa/170319136345127

    From South Africa

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    • JamesTheJust

      I pray for my kinspeople in SA all the time. I know all about how the jews were/are responsible for it’s destruction. A POX on them. May YHWH turn the ears and eyes of our SA kinspeople to HIM; for only then will HE correct this problem.

      (See what happens when niggers get self-rule? There is chaos. They are unable to self-govern!)

      The children of lucifer are OUR curse for turning our back to HIM and only by calling on HIS NAME can this problem be corrected.

      For if my people, who are called by my name, will change their ways and call upon MY NAME, will I hear them and heal their lands….

      HIS name is YAHWEH! Not god (baal). There are many gods, but there is only one YHWH!

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  • William

    The primary jewish political drive in Western Nations is to minoritise Whites via promotion of immigration by whatever means. See “The Culture of Critique” by Professor Kevin McDonald for a scholarly survey of the literature in this area. In this way White political autonomy will forever be lost and Jews will feel safe.

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