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Food prices rocket by 50% as global hunger epidemic causes riots and famines

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Food crisis: A leading Government think tank has warned scaremongering over GM farming is no longer acceptable.

The cost of food will soar by 50 per cent over the next few decades as the world becomes racked by famine, mass migrations and riots, experts have warned.

The increase will be triggered by the exploding world population, rising cost of fuel and increased competition for water, according to a leading Government think-tank.

Spiralling food prices will push hundreds of millions of people into hunger, trigger mass migration and spark civil unrest, the report warned.

Global food prices are already at a record high. Last month the price of cereals, sugar and meat soared on the world’s markets after a series of crop failures caused by bad weather.

Foresight predicted that the world’s population would rise from 6.9billion today to around 9billion by the middle of the century.

The world is facing a commodities crisis that could leave millions unable to afford the rising costs of food as population levels soar.

As the world gets more crowded and more wealthy, demand for food, water and energy will soar.

At the same time, climate change will increase the risk of droughts, floods and crop failures – creating a ‘perfect storm’ of food shortages and above-inflation rises in prices.

Co-author Prof Charles Godfray of Oxford University said: ‘There is a very large risk of a quite substantial increase in prices over the next 30 or 40 years.

‘We are going to have to produce considerably more food. So, inescapably, we are going to have to produce more food from the same amount of land without wrecking the environment.’

The report, written by 40 scientists in 35 countries, calls for a ‘green revolution’ to boost production using traditional, organic and genetically modified crops – designed to be resistant to drought or salt water – and better training for farmers in less well-off countries.

It also called for a massive crackdown on food waste. A typical British household wastes £500 to £700 a year on food that they buy and then throw away.

Professor Sherman Robinson of Sussex University, one of the report’s authors, said food prices could go up by 50 per cent over the next few decades.

‘The robust conclusion is that the long run decline in food prices is over,’ he said.

Professor John Beddington, the Government’s chief scientific adviser, said the food system was failing.

‘Firstly it is unsustainable, with resources being used faster than they can be naturally replenished,’ he said.

‘Secondly a billion people are going hungry with another billion people suffering from “hidden hunger”, whilst a billion people are over-consuming.’


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2 Responses to " Food prices rocket by 50% as global hunger epidemic causes riots and famines "

  1. Patrick says:

    GMO is not food, it is poison.
    Jesus does not want us to eat it, He wants us to eat what his Father made for us to eat. If George Washington were here he would not eat it, and I will not eat it either.

    For thousands of years our people ate Organic food and we were fine and healthy and moved forward and defended our once beautiful lands.
    Now for 40 years we eat poison instead of food, and look at us. A fat slob lazy unproductive incapable of a Freedom Revolution against the World Empire under Zionist control.
    We are worthless scum.

    My fellow people, it is time for our people to go back to real nourishing healthy energetic productive reproductive-enabling food once more!
    If its not Organic, throw it at the puppet government.

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  2. JanB says:

    GMO only serves to fill the coffers of companies like Monsanto, which are engaged in the war on Gaia:

    If there’s any chance to face pressures on food supply due to climate change and population growth, it is by supporting your local farmer, by paying a fair price for his work.

    The local farmer depends on sustaining his condition to produce and happy, healthy consumers to continue buying his products.

    Large multinational companies like for instance in Central America, deplete and poison the soil in an effort to maximize profits, then fire all workers and set up shop in a neighboring country, only to return when conditions for exploitation are back. These companies also support violence against local workers in order to keep wages low.

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