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First WikiLeaks' Cable Mentioning UFOs Released

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On December 13th, we have reported that WikiLeaks Set To Reveal UFO Cables. After almost a month, Wikileaks finally released its first cable about UFOs.

The US Embassy in Minsk prepared this diplomatic cable on the comments of Yuriy Zhadobin, chairman of the intelligence service of the former Soviet Republic of Belarus.

This is what Zhadobin said in the cable just released by the Norwegian newspaper, Aftenposten:

Unlike during the USSR, the department is not engaged in studying paranormal phenomena. [Back then,] we had greater means and opportunities which we could spend on anything and everything. Today the situation is different. Then, when society was excited by something, it entered our sphere of interest. But when it comes to healers, UFOs and such, we just can’t deal with them any more. (News Exopolitics Institute)

Hard times in Belarus evidently means that the official study of UFOs can no longer be viable in that country.

It is well known that the KGB of the old Soviet Union was as active as the American CIA in the study of UFOs and the paranormal. But with the fall of that Empire, Belarus has to only imagine what is happening in the skies above them.

Or perhaps this is the story that the Belarus’ Intelligence wants the US to believe.

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  • spunky

    Calm down people

    UFO does not automatically mean aliens, little green men or space ships

    IT simply means a flying thing that cannot be identified

    i.e. to a tribe in the jungle a boeing 747 is a UFO

    and to you and me, some of our militaries secret planes would be a UFO

    all it means is, you cant identify it, not aliens ffs lol

  • Patrick

    Spunky is absolutely right. My father used to see amazing lights hover over the Las Vegas area when he was a kid in the 50’s and 60’s around Nellis AFB and that was the peak of secret government experiments. Look at it this way. The stealth fighter and bomber were not even known to exist until the military formally acknowledged they existed in 1988, however, one of them crashed in a test flight in 1974. If you saw a plane like that in 1974, you would think it would be an alien UFO. Other examples are the diamond shaped hovering craft seen in the 60’s surrounded by helicopters by the eye witness. Popular mechanics released an article in 1996, explaining this new type of craft in great detail and the innovation behind it. Just give it 20-25 years and that UFO you might have seen will be covered or used in commercial environments. Oh, the Raptor and unmanned drones may be the latest and greatest known now but who knows what kind of advantage the USAF may have up their sleeve with their test planes. I am sure they have been around since the 80’s.

  • Damien

    Dissapointment!!! This is the lamest UFO news ever!

    • someguy

      I agree wtf is this??? :-x I have thousands of links with better information that this nonsense…

  • Captain kirk

    We have been here for sometime :mrgreen:

  • Perezpicaro

    Corran corran ya estan por llegar ………..que estupidez!!!!!

  • ben

    check out “the disclosure project” 400 ex military/nasa/fbi people want to testify with proof of alien life. No UFO but IFO (identified FO).
    Edgar Mitchel and Gordon Cooper (former astronauts) confirm this. Wake up people. It is true.

    Alien life is present here on earth. History speaks of alien life (gods from heaven).

    Google on it and you find a lot of info

    • This is the perfect way to break down this inforomatin.

  • Francis Rutkunas

    This is a lame site, with more misinformation than the real spine chilling stuff that you all are looking for.. keep looking :-D

  • doesntmatter

    Most of UFOs were from Cold War era when Russians and Americans were sending unmarked flying object above each other and their interest political zones. Many of them are still UFOs since they have not being fully identified.

    • George Parry

      If the Americans or any other nations have saucer shaped craft a half mile long, then I would agree with you. You should read the account of the 747 1986 on route to Alaska, when it was joined by three saucer shaped craft and followed for over half an hour. The pilot said that the large craft was bigger than a aircraft carrier. If the americans own these craft ? Why are they using the shuttle for space work ? Why dont they just send up their battleship sized saucer to do the work ? Open your eyes and wake up !!!

  • I can think of two diff scenarios:
    a) They know everything about the fake alien invasion yet to come.
    b) Russians are not messing with haarp like USA. It means that they cant control a fleet of saucers. I REALLY BELIEVE THAT HAARP CAN FEED ENERGY TO THOSE SAUCERS, besided zillions of other features.


    Just a while: assuming that UFOs are humans’ generated
    secret fliyng crafts,why on earth should USA or URSS
    show their topsecret projects so often all around the world ?There have been several quick sightings as
    well as dozens of sightings by people staring at a UFO for minutes at a short distance as it happened to US and GB military pilots,just as a sample.

  • FuckYeah.

    Adolf Hitler, And my GrandFather in 1944

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