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FBI Targets Critics of Government with Home Visits after Arizona shootings

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Another victim of the Tucson tragedy – the right to criticize your Congressperson without getting a knock on the door from the feds.

We can add another victim to the Tucson tragedy – the right to criticize government without fear of getting a knock on your door from the feds. Despite the fact that shooter Jared Loughner was not politically motivated, the FBI is now compiling a list of Americans deemed a potential threat because they criticized their representative – and targeting them with home visits.

An Ozark man who ran a blog last year critical of Republican Congressman Billy Long was shocked to see an FBI agent turn up on his doorstep asking questions. The agent was accompanied by Green County Sheriff Jim Arnott, who had stepped outside of his jurisdiction to become involved in this act of political repression directed against Clay Bowler, a resident of Christian County.

The FBI agent wanted to know if Bowler was a threat to Long because he had used an Internet blog to highlight claims of cronyism and corruption involving the Congressman before the southwest Missouri election in November, in which Long defeated Democrat Scott Eckersley to replace outgoing Rep. Roy Blunt.

The most heated confrontation Bowler had with Long was when he asked him a question about political donations Long had made. The video clip of the incident shows Bowler calmly asking Long a question as the Congressman walks away. He ran a website called “Long is wrong” in an attempt to prevent Long from being elected last year. The website has since been discontinued and Bowler hasn’t had any contact with Long since September.

Even the FBI agent who visited Bowler had to agree that his actions represented no kind of threat whatsoever.

“I’m not a threat to Billy Long,” Bowler said Thursday. “I find the whole thought very funny, because I’m such an advocate for constitutional rights that I would never do anything that would put in jeopardy those constitutional rights like the Second Amendment.”

In the aftermath of the Tucson tragedy, the father of Christina Green, the 9-year-old girl killed in the massacre, pleaded with the nation that his daughter’s death should not be exploited as a justification to crush constitutional rights. In addition, it has been confirmed in triplicate that shooter Jared Loughner was not motivated by politics. Earlier this week one of his closest high school friends told ABC News that Loughner, “Did not watch TV. He disliked the news. He didn’t listen to political radio. He didn’t take sides. He wasn’t on the left. He wasn’t on the right.”

Green County Sheriff Jim Arnott’s justification that it’s best to “err on the side of caution” in targeting critics of government with home visits has no place in a free country. Perhaps Arnott would feel more at home in the former East Germany or the Soviet Union.

“Arnott confirmed to KSPR News that Bowler isn’t the only local person who’s been scrutinized in the wake of last weekend’s shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Gifford (D-AZ) during a meet-and-greet with constituents in Tucson, Ariz,” states the report, affirming that the authorities are compiling new lists of Americans who are now considered to be potentially violent threats for the crime of asking their own public servants uncomfortable questions. Separately it was reported that the FBI was preparing to visit other bloggers in the area.

Targeting anyone who exercises their First Amendment right to redress their grievances against local representatives who are paid to serve them with home visits accompanied by FBI agents only has one outcome – it chills free speech and discourages other Americans from speaking out against the government. These tactics also have the impact of making asking questions of elected officials, the lifeblood of a free society, seem somehow abnormal or suspicious.

Once again, vultures are still busy circling around last weekend’s tragedy, using it as a vehicle through which to advance their own authoritarian and anti-American agendas of political repression.

Dissent is the highest form of patriotism, and any move to imply that asking questions of public officials or engaging in criticism of government is somehow suspicious or indicative of a violent individual is a damning indictment of everything America is supposed to stand for. Circumstances like these should only encourage Americans to become more vocal in their dissent while they still have any semblance of free speech left at all.

In a seperate interview Bowler made a sardonic joke about the incident in describing himself as “a crazy guy who still believes in the American dream.”

  Watch the video below in which Alex Jones warns how a plethora of tyrannical campaigns have been initiated and designed to break up communities and turn citizens against one another. The justifications for these fascist programs are always a matter of national security. The real reason for these programs and even the events that brought them into existence is to set up a police control grid.


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5 Responses to " FBI Targets Critics of Government with Home Visits after Arizona shootings "

  1. George Washington says:

    It is you FBI who have taken to war against “We The People’s Republic”

    I as an American Patriot wait for the day to launch your final large attack against the American people to invade us with are Zionist enemies.

    I have everything needed to defend the good American people from the terrorist organizations Mossad, CIA, FBI.
    And I have it all 100% legally.
    Everything was bought and paid for with background checks and all.
    I break no laws, but you FBI break basic laws of humanity.
    My green tipped Armor piercing rounds can assist at any given day to defend civilians from Mossad and CIA extremist, such as the Jewish-Extremist who just did the shooting in Arizona.
    If anything he was working for some behind the scenes CIA/Mossad group who wants to disarm the American people.

    You individual FBI agents need to start deciding just who’s side you are on.
    America is under attack from global-Zionist-Bankers.
    Network, agents stop selling out America for fat pay checks.
    Join us in defending the people of America.
    Tell us where these 14,000 plus Mossad agents are hiding in the US and there more then 800,000 thousand informants.

    Let America be free once more!

    Look into it, we even arrested some of the Mossad agents who were involved in 9/11 terrorist attacks to make us fight the civilians the Zionist are racist against.

    Give me Liberty or give me Death. Either one is fine by me.

    Just as with every single Founding Father of America. If your not with America as our Founding Fathers were, then you are against America.

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  2. Andi says:

    George, our Founding Fathers didn’t hate the Jews as you do. The Jews are not our enemies.
    Although the federal government is out-of-control and treats the U.S. Constitution like toilet paper, violating our rights continually, this is no reason to hate the Jews or Israel.
    Get off this hate-train before it destroys you. Jesus Christ was Jewish, and he is the Son of God – the greatest and holiest man who has ever lived.

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  3. Ron Leddy says:

    David Dees executed (cartoon)
    Anti-American (Zionist)propaganda artist of the picture above, now living in Palm Springs, California, USA.
    Ron Leddy, Propaganda Buster
    Broadband Digital Media.com
    Vietnam Veteran 1969-70

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  4. Ron Leddy says:

    David Dees executed (cartoon)

    copy & paste link if not active.
    Anti-American (Zionist) propaganda is like pissing on a fallen soldier’s grave. Ron Leddy.

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  5. Ron Leddy says:

    :-D David Dees, Alex Jones and all the others out there trying to make a name for themselves whether for the US. or not: YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN A FULL SOCIAL PARDON. You spread fear and paranoia but in reality, you’re harmless and entertaining.
    I was wrong about you, please forgive me for persecuting you all.

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