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Birds and Fish are now Dying all Around the World

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Most of our visitors voted in our poll that HAARP may be the cause of these mass deaths.

UPDATED on March 09, 2011

Massive fish deaths are back! NEW MASS DEATHS reported in California!

The story was published on January 6.
Update 1 was done also on January 6.
Update 2 was done on January 7.
Update 3 was done on January 8.
Update 4 was done on January 9.
Update 5 was done on January 10.
Update 6 was done on January 11.
Update 7 was done on January 12.
Update 8 was done on January 13.
Update 9 was done on January 14.
Update 10 was done on January 15. Both new and old reports have been added.
Update 11 was done on January 16.
Update 12 was done on January 17.
Update 13 was done on January 19.
Update 14 was done on January 25.
Update 15 was done on January 28.
Update 16 was done on February 1.
Update 17 was done on February 14.
Update 18 was done on March 9.

Something strange is happening in the world. First they (the authorities) claimed it was the cold which was killing the birds and the fish but now it’s happening all around the world, in warmer areas as well. So it’s not the cold which is killing these animals.

It’s not pollution either, such as poisoned water or something in the air (such as chemtrails) because it would have been detected by now and besides it’s happening everywhere in the world. It’s simply not possible that the entire world would suddenly turn poisonous. So what’s really happening here? No one really knows yet but everyone is speculating and creating theories of their own.

Some have even ventured to fairy tale lands into explaining that the birds died because they were terrified by fireworks which were used on January 1st 2011, but what about the fish? And why hasn’t this happened in previous years because this year is definitely not the first year in which people use fireworks.

Update 7 – Italian authorities concluded that indigestion was responsible for thousands of turtle doves falling from the sky.

HAARP has also been named as a cause of these mysterious mass deaths, but HARRP is based in Alaska, and could it reach and affect the entire world?

Update 5 – One of our visitors believes that these poor animals died because HAARP was used world wide, which is possible. At this point anything is possible. There could be more of these facilities in other countries as well. He sent us the following links:
Possible HAARP Locations Around The World
HAARP Nightmare Expands to Sweden; France is Next

HAARP is also suspected for the recent massive floods in Australia where Government radars and satellites have detected strange rings above Australia.

The truth is that no one really knows what’s happening and everybody is speculating. This strange world event will definitely not be ignored by us.

This is definitely not normal, not a routine event and not something that happens everyday. Some of these events have happened a few months ago while most of these events are happening right now, but never the less the listed older events still might give some clues to what could be causing this strange world event.

This page will get updated regularly as more such mysterious deaths are expected to happen anytime so be sure to check back.

So far, according to the authorities, all these poor animals died because of the cold and indigestion, but there’s a problem here. There’s no cold in these countries: Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Brazil nor in New Zealand and could all these birds and fish suddenly become victims of mass indigestion?

There’s something bizarre happening here.

This mysterious apocalyptic phenomenon has happened so far in the following places:

Update 10 – Mysterious whale die-off is largest on record

Update 10 – Thousands of dead barramundi fish wash up in Australia, unknown causes
Update 10 – Dead fish clog lake at airport
Update 10 – Migratory bird deaths blamed on wild weather

Update 10 – 6 million dead fish, alligators, turtles and dolphins floating down Bolivian rivers

Mysterious killing of fish in coastal

Update 1 – 10,000s of Birds found dead in Manitoba
Update 1 – Dead Birds and Fish reported in St. Clair River, Ontario
Update 1 – Goldstream River, at Goldstream Provincial Park, Victoria mysteriously turns bright green
Update 6 – Canadian farmer finds flock of dead birds in St.-Augustin-de-Desmaures, west of Quebec City
Update 14 – Dead herring wash ashore on second beach in Cedar
Update 17 – Royal Ontario Museum investigates sudden bee death

Thousands of Birds fall from the sky in South America
Update 10 – 2500 tons of fish die in China
Update 10 – 300 dead sparrows found
Update 10 – Geleshan strange birds fall out of the sky the birds are dead

Eagles and Birds are falling from the sky in China
Update 14 – China has discovered dozens of dead birds

Update 15 – Strange Light Kills Thousands of Fish in Colombia

Update 10 – 1000′s of baby fish wash ashore dead south of Cuba

Update 10 – What killed the mulets in the Maine Lake

Update 10 – Dead birds of prey found in Germany

Update 10 – Whales washed ashore Ghana coast

Mysterious fish kill prompts ban

Update 10 – Sewage inflow kills fish in thousands in Bangalore’s Iblur Lake
Update 10 – Thousands of Fish Dead in India’s Yamuna River
Update 10 – At least a dozen migratory Bar-headed Geese found dead
Update 16 – Thousands of fishes, turtles die in Etawah pond

Update 12 – Mass fish death recorded in Caspian Sea

Update 10 – Whales found dead on Donegal Beach

Thousands of Doves are Dying
Update 3 – Birds Dying In Italy: Thousands Of Turtle Doves Fall Dead From Sky
Update 5 – Overeating and indigestion blamed for 1,000 turtle doves falling dead in Italy with strange blue stain on their beaks
Update 10 – 200 birds dead in Caserta, Italy
Update 10 – Massacre of the sea clams and crabs
Update 10 – Dead turtle doves in Modena

Japan on alert after finding dead birds

Update 10 – Mass mortality among saigas in Kazakhstan: 12,000 dead

Update 14 – Fishy deaths near Tambun cemetery

Update 10 – 4,000 bird deaths in Lakes in Guanajuato Mexico

Update 10 – Massive fish kills in Berkel

New Zealand
Hundreds of snapper dead on beaches
Update 2 – Penguins, petrels and other seabirds, mass deaths
Update 10 – Botulism outbreak killing ducks
Update 10 – 10 tons of dead fish on Kawau Island
Update 14 – 24 pilot whales dead in New Zealand’s Far North stranding

Update 14 – Eider ducks die like flies

Update 10 – Millions of SeaShells appearing on Pakistani Beaches

Papua New Guinea
Update 10 – Dead fish washed ashore at Pari village

Update 2 – Residents gather, eat dead fish floating in barangay Ibo
Update 10 – 100 tons of fish found dead on Lake Buhi

Update 10 – Dead Octopuses Wash Up on Portuguese Beach

Update 8 – Alcohol poisoning, not avian flu, killed Romanian birds
Update 10 – Dead birds falling in 3 citis in Romania

South Korea
Dead Teal Ducks With Bird Flu Strain Found In South Korea

South Africa
Mystery of dead birds on Cape roads
Update 9 – 730 wild-caught African grey parrots mysteriously die while being transported

Update 10 – Thousands of dead fish

50 birds were found dead
Hundreds of dead birds found in the middle of the road in Sweden

Update 10 – Dead birds found in an orchard

Update 6 – Bird deaths in U.S., Sweden, Britian, Thailand, Brazil and beyond

Update 7 – Massive bird deaths reported in Karacabey, Bursa province

Update 10 – 1,500 birds found dead in Ukraine

United Kingdom
Dead fish discovered in canal marina near Abergavenny
Update 1 – 40,000 ‘devil’ crabs found dead on the beach
Update 10 – Mystery deaths of dozens of seals off Norfolk Coast
Update 10 – 75 starlings fall from the sky
Update 10 – Large number of dead barn owls found
Update 10 – Foul play suspected as bodies of 60 seal pups are found on beach
Update 10 – Another 100 fish die in Cwmbran, UK
Update 10 – 100 dead birds fall on British home
Update 14 – Cold winter kills record number of barn owls

Update 2 – Tonnes of farm fish found dead
Update 15 – 10,000 Cattle in Vietnam Mysteriously Die from Cold Weather

United States of America
Update 9 – Now 300 dead birds fall from the sky in Alabama (how much longer can scientists keep saying this is normal?)

Nearly 3000 Dead Birds Fall From Arkansas Sky
First Birds Fall, Now 100000 Fish Dead in Arkansas
Update 4 – Not Just Birds and Fish but People Dropping Like Flies
Update 16 – Fish safe to eat although UAPB researchers can’t explain 83,000 fish kill

Update 7 – Thousands of fish washed up in Chicago and hundreds of birds perish in California as animal deaths continue to bemuse scientists
Update 18 – Million Dead Fish Swamp LA Area Marina

Update 16 – Hundreds of fish found dead in an irrigation ditch

Thousands Of Fish Dead In Spruce Creek
Update 13 – Pelicans turn up sick, dead off Jacksonville coast
Update 17 – Thousands Of Dead Fish Wash Ashore In Florida
Update 17 – More than a Million Jellyfish Wash Ashore in Florida

Update 10 – Mysterious Illness Killing Pufferfish

Dead Birds Reported by Residents in Southern Illinois

Update 10 – Dead fish wash ashore at lake beach in Indiana, blamed on winter storms

Update 1 – Dead birds found in Kentucky, Sweden, as crabs wash up on U.K. shores in latest mass animal deaths

Mass La. bird deaths puzzle investigators
Dead Birds Fall From Sky AGAIN In Louisiana, 300 Miles From Arkansas Incident Days Earlier
Update 17 – Hundreds of dead birds discovered in Lake Charles

2 Million fish die in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

Update 1 – Hundreds of Dead Fish Appear In Lincoln Park
Update 14 – Outdoors: Pheasant decline tied to vanishing habitat

New York
American Bats Dying Mysteriously
Update 17 – Bird deaths in Columbia County were no accident, USDA says

North Carolina
Dead pelican count escalates in Topsail Beach
Update 1 – Reward offered for information on what’s causing dead pelicans at Topsail Beach
Update 15 – Over 200 Pelicans Wash Up Dead at Topsail Beach, NC

South Carolina
Update 10 – Hundreds of dead sea creatures wash ashore in South Carolina, blamed on cold

South Dakota
Update 13 – Yankton Sees Bird Kill-Off

Update 3 – Flock Of Birds Found Dead In Wilson County

Update 1 – Now East Texas also reports hundreds of dead birds
Update 1 – Experts in Texas are weighing in after large amounts of dead birds were reportedly found across the Country and around the World

Update 17 – More than 20 dead horses found on farm

Update 11 – 200 Dead Cows Found in Portage County Field, Wisconsin

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389 Responses to " Birds and Fish are now Dying all Around the World "

  1. Tony says:

    Zephaniah ch1 ver 14: The great day of the Lord is near, near and hastening fast; the sound of the day of the Lord is bitter; the mighty man cries aloud there. A day of wrath is that day, a day of distress and anguish, a day of ruin and devastation, a day of trumpet blast and battle cry against the fortified cities and against the lofty battlements.
    I will brings distress on mankind, so that they shall walk like the blind, because they sinned against the Lord; their blood shall be poured out like dust, and their flesh like dung. Neither their silver not their gold shall be able to deliver them on the day of the wrath of the Lord. In the fire of hi jealousy, all the earth shall be consumed; for a full and sudden end he will make of all the inhabitants of the earth.

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    • Mrs. Susan Gold says:

      Dear Beloved one in Christ,

      My name is Mrs. Susan Gold, I am from United Kingdom, I am presently ill and i need your prayers, you can send me your prayers here ( susan.gold67@yahoo.co.uk ) God bless you. Love. Mrs. Susan Gold.

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      • Steve Ward says:

        Sorry Susan, I only send God my prayers. But I wish you the best.

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        • Silver says:

          I think she is asking that you pray to God for her that she might heal. I will pray for you Susan. It is my christian duty and personal desire to help another human in pain. If my prayers to God can help you then you have them.


          No votes yet.
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  2. Tony says:

    Zephaniah Ch 2 vs 1 Gather together, yes, gather, O shameless nation, before the decree takes effect before the day passes away like chaff before there comes upon you the burning anger of the Lord, before there comes upon you the day of the anger of the Lord. Seek the Lord, all you humble of the land, who do his just commands; seek righteousness; seek humility; perhaps you may be hidden on the day of the anger of the Lord.

    No votes yet.
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    • Tony, it is nothing to be afraid of. Saying you are sorry (and mean it)do your best not to make the same mistake again, obey the rules (commandments) and love Him. He does not want our money or our cars, houses, computers……… What He wants is actually very simple. To Love Him…. and all honor and glory goes to Him. He has made it simple so we can understand it.

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  3. Tony says:

    True. 2 Chronicles 7:14 (Whole Chapter)
    If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

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  4. DanM says:

    SteveWard3928 You are the biggest retard in the world. People like you are why things are as bad as they are. You think we pray to GOD and he will fix it. We the human race are the ones doing this. You and you narrow minded friends and all under god people that feel like you are the problem. You think God will change it but we need to. You need to open minded and stop waiting for god n do something yourself and realize we the human race is the problem.

    No votes yet.
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    • Steve says:

      Hmm. I am sorry you feel that way Dan. I do not believe I said God will fix anything. Did I? It is not an open mind that people need. It is an open heart. We do agree that it is the human race that is the problem. Humans have been a problem since the beginning. Simply because there are those amoung us that do not follow either the rules of the land (our laws) or the rules of God (commandments). Yes I can make a difference on individual problems. I think where we differ in opinion is when it comes to the Bible (I do not preach the Bible either) Myself and many other church going people believe that the will of God will happen. We as humans cannot change prophecy. All we can do is live the best life possible. And there is nothing wrong with that whether you believe in God or not. I said all this and I did not call you one name other than Dan. Actually all you said was retard. I have been called alot worse. And that is ok also because when people do that, not only to myself but all Christians, they are proving prophecy right because that also has been predicted.

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    • Patricia J says:

      DanM, the Lord say’s it is a fool who believes in his heart that there is no God. In the book of Daniel, Mark, Revelations more there are references to what is happening right now. Yes, it has been mankind who has caused this but it has been caused by the turning away from our creator. I’m watching the signs & preparing my heart for the great second coming. Those who falsely think we can change these prophecies will be rudely awakened.

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  5. Tony says:

    I sorry can I stop millions of birds and fishes dying suddenly. Show me what I must do to stop it, do you have any idea? If not then watch and wait. People been following after science and the saying their is no God. He who sit in the heavens laugh. Science had their turn now it is God turn to do things that they can’t explain, and what He is about to do is just child play but huge in the eyes of men, and men confounded.

    No votes yet.
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    • Steve says:

      Tony, You are correct. I do not think God has even cleared His throat yet. This is all just childs play so far. All that is going on including the recent events in Japan is nothing as to what is coming.

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      • Dottie says:

        So true Steve. Man needs to turn back to GOD. Mankind is being brought to it’s knees! We’ve seen nothing yet!

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  6. Tony says:

    The people that say that the Lord is coming May 21 is false. Jesus said that no man know the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man come. No not the Angel in heaven nor the Son of man but my Father have put it in his own hand.

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  7. carnival says:

    The date is may 27…when the two witnesses arrive there are 42 months left then the return of Jesus …revelations says so…that part of the mystery has been solved


    42months equals 1335 days ….read Daniel

    Christs arrival is very soon….He knows about it to
    Only those not watching will be caught unawares

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  8. carnival says:

    Actually we will see Him coming in the clouds with thousands so that should give you an idea of the time of His arrival

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  9. carnival says:

    May 27 2112

    No votes yet.
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  10. Tony says:

    Matthew 24:36 But of that day and hour knoweth, no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

    Mark 13:32 But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not th angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.

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  11. Tony says:

    Jesus knew people would be saying this that is why he gave of full detail of what we need to know.

    Act 1:6-7
    When the therefore were come together, they asked of him, saying Lord, will you at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel?
    And he said unto them, It is not for you to know the times of the seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power.

    No votes yet.
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  12. Tony says:

    So are you smarter than the apostles of Christ, or the angels which are in heaven, or even the Son of man.
    No, Hold on lets back it up.
    Matthew 24:35-39
    Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.
    But of that day and hour knoweth no man no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.
    But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
    Foras in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving into marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark,
    And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so also the coming of the Son of man be.

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  13. carnival says:

    When the two witnesses arrive …..42 months….3 and ahalfyears

    The-end.com…….check it out

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    • Steve says:

      OK so let me get this straight. You are telling people that you know when the end of days is? And if we have trouble believing you we should go to a website (The-End.com) for proof. So that makes you one of two possibilities. Either you are the father and Jesus Christ is your son OR you are the anti-christ and satan is your leader. Which one are you? The Bible clearly states not even the Son knows the time of the end. We know what to look for that the time may be approaching, but Nobody knows the exact time. I will repeat that “NOBODY” knows. Only The Father. Trying to intentionally mislead the flock is a pretty serious charge.

      No votes yet.
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  14. carnival says:

    No, I am nothing ,not smarter than anyone. However ,we were given a mystery and many clues ..chapter 11 revelations the2 witnesses arrive and have 42 months before they are killed , the 7th trumpet sounds, and our King returns….the serious charge seems to be how one judges another(something Jesus also spoke about).

    No votes yet.
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  15. Tony says:

    Where are the two witnesses

    No votes yet.
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    • constantino says:

      There’s a book “True Life in God” written by Vassula Ryden, a Greek Orthodox visionary. It’s a Must read for Catholics. The book contains messages from heaven. Through the book God is speaking in the first person. In the book Jesus says that the two witnesses prophesied in the scriptures are Him, Jesus, and the Blessed Mother who through the years have appeared in visions and apparitions to mankind, witnessing for God, warning mankind. But they are dismissed as hoaxes and not believed in by many, even by the Church. Browse “TLIG” to access to the book. In that book Jesus confirms he is on His way of return.


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  16. tenisviejos says:

    more dead fish in FL


    No votes yet.
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  17. may rio says:

    In the philippines we experience birds kill, more or less twenty (20) of them were killed falling in the grounds of our house. We petition to remove and relocate the Globe cell site tower away from our place, adjacent to our house 15 to 20 meters away from the tower. aside from it we experienced skin rashes and skin problems when the company admits they operate the tower last November to december 2010.

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  18. Tina says:


    No votes yet.
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  19. zakaslam says:

    Evil spirits which fill the skies and the oceans can cause this stuff to happen , Look before anyone laughs let me explain these ufo which people see eg bright lights converging into one light then splitting up and shooting away at high speed or disappearing , Are the same shapes and charactiztics of houses which are hauted eg. glowing orbs , light flying around the bedroom , people being possessed they the same , These spirits are going to be under the controll of the anti christ who will arrive in 2012 and orchestrat iran and isreali war were he will hope to be the jewish king and later self procliam he is god , these mass animal deaths dont happen in muslim countries Why ? check it out

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    • Anon says:

      Cats have been dying in large numbers in Saudi. I have seen dozens lying on the streets, and they are not run over by cars.

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  20. carnival says:

    The-end.com. is now also in Arabic

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  21. Tony says:

    I have reason to believe that the book of Revelation is unfolding right before is that true that mean that the devil has lost the great battle in heaven. So he is now of earth to start his earthly battle.

    No votes yet.
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    • Steve Ward says:

      You are correct Tony. The once great Arch angel Lucifer was unable to defeat God and take the throne, so he went after His creation…..us. He was not successful in tempting The Christ in the desert so now he is going after people who believe Jesus is The Christ. Like I said before God has not even cleared His throat yet. Todays crime rate, economy, ability to feed your family,hatred and lies are child’s play compared to what is to come.

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  22. Nik says:

    So, even though the human population has doubled in a few decades, and even though many and increasingly more are living life by committing horrors on the world and themselves, living lives of consuming everything on the planet as if it belonged to them alone, plus industrial pollution has also increased drastically as well as “development” (ie destroying natural habitat for human-only use), it’s actually either the God of the bible or a giant radio station in Alaska that’s killing all the animals? Hmmm…

    This mass extinction we are seeing the beginning of started when humans began to go around the whole world, ie long before any of the organized religions or technologies we have now. It happened because everywhere they go, humans seem to generally insist on converting nature into something to serve them alone.

    I think it’s time that people who actually care about this world assumed a more domineering presence upon humanity. These worshippers profess love and peace, but the only language they speak is that of dominance and submission. All that lies at the root of their existence is to serve themselves by appealing to some higher force for salvation, be it money, god, or whatever else. It’s about time we speak their language that they may understand us. WE CARE ABOUT THIS WORLD, AND THIS LIFE ISN’T SOME FUCKED UP GAME FOR US LIKE IT IS FOR YOU LUNATICS!

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  23. avanti says:

    We need to know who, with devil’s mind, is punch the button in the HAARP facilities. He or they have to know what some kind named henry kissinger said: “Military men are dump, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy”

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  24. Steve Ward says:

    Well, now that we have the religion aspect taken care of…can we get back on the subject? As of December, 2011 does anyone know any updates on these animal deaths…..are they continuing?

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  25. Just Russian says:


    I do believe that those damn chemtrails are to blame. As for the damn HAARP – the result is going to be the most of mankind to fall the victims (and already are!).

    May God save those who love Him and follow Him.

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  26. Pastor Wil says:

    More dead fish in Florida. Dec 2011!!!



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  27. Pastor Wil says:

    more fish dying…


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  28. Teresa says:

    :cry: Birds are dying in Phoenix, Arizona mostly Ground Doves and Sparrows. We recently had a treatment to remove gophers so we thought that had something to do with this. That was months ago and another large Dove is laying dead in our backyard. What is going on? We don’t use pesticides here or any weed killers – we are all natural. I am very, very concerned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  29. John Doe says:

    Strange Sounds?

    “Sounds Revealed”…. Sonic Nuke Bomb
    It’s the gov. & other groups & agencies testing new sonic sound blasting equipments for this reason.

    Mermaids-The Body Found (HD)…..”Watch all of it”….they say this is what it is..

    “Birds Falling Out of The Sky” & Flying in Circles, there scared & there radar or guidance system is mest up & bleeding from the ears, these are 2 of the results that whatever they got & using is working…
    1. http://www.youtube.com/​watch?v=9SSsL2K4H54&feature=rel​ated

    When they fire & bumbard the water, the fishes die & flee because they have just been hit with a Sonic Boom (Traumatic Brain Injury) that ranges in sound over 500+ miles under water.
    2. http://www.youtube.com/​watch?v=2DLqvBpNrVw

    Sense 2000 this corresponds with a certain time frame event horizons “The Big Bang I Herd” & every new year or holiday event, & where people are making lots of noises & can’t really tell the dif between exactly what their hearing, there just testing/priming the sonar device, the sound u here is like a start up before fireing, when fired under water, it’s amplified times 10, all the marine life that were found on the shores were bleeding from the ears, whales, dolphins, sharks & so on dies. (Sonic Pulse Nuke/Bomb)

    Whatever it is, there really trying 2 flush something out of the water..

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  30. Jack Longchamp says:

    Oh this is the Lord’s work, no doubt about that :
    He ith testing us again and you can now follow him on Facebook under “J.Ho.666” (there will be a dedicated page under that name once the Archangels have programmed a proper Anti-Arab Filters (AAF), Mormons are supplying part of the code.
    Nobody worry about the animals, they have been resurrected on the planet Gawgoneshola.
    Yay the end is nigh but mayhaps not as nigh as would be reasonable. Shalom !

    No votes yet.
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