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Barak and Netanyahu United in Desire to Attack Iran

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The Fall of Labor Could Clear a Path for Attacking Iran.

The splitting of the Labor Party, with Defense Minister Ehud Barak forming a new, more hawkish bloc and the less enthusiastic members likely moving into the opposition will remove from the Netanyahu government any pretense of being a “broad coalition” and will cement its right-far-right reputation at home and abroad.

The fall of Labor can only be understood from the foreign policy perspective, as it is by and large the only position on which Ehud Barak difers from traditional labor and is the only position he is seriously invested in.

We learned last week that Barak attempted to orchestrate an attack on Iran in 2010, only to be foiled by the outgoing military chief. This hastened Ashkenazi’s replacement and removed one of the major obstacles to attacking Iran. The Labor split removes the other.

Though Barak dominated the Labor Party in recent years, he has done so primarily by spinning himself publicly as more moderate than he really is, and it is quite clear the Labor voters are no where near so enthusiastic for such a war as Barak himself, and Prime Minister Netanyahu, are.

Whatever the creation of the “Independence Party” means for Barak’s political future, it cements the world view of the current Israeli government as a nation forever under siege, with an endless array of nations that must be attacked to “save” it. The fall of Labor unites Barak and Netanyahu in the only way they ever could be, their mutual desire to start a major war with Iran.


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4 Responses to " Barak and Netanyahu United in Desire to Attack Iran "

  1. George Washington says:

    Well if these Khazars attack humanity, then count us Americans in on countering these Zionist-Khazar’s all over the globe.

    We will hit them by the grace of Jesus for fooling the world into believe that these Khazar’s are the Hebrews of the Christian Bible.
    Khazars have not yet witnessed everyday good Americans countering them in defense of Morality, if they instigate this attack or faults flag attack the US again (as they did on 9/11), then they will witness the defense of humanity led by everyday American citizens…

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  2. Damien says:

    And what has everyday American’s done for 911? Nothing. That’s right, a big nothing. That showed those khazars that they can kill Americans and they will still believe what they see on fox news and cnn. They won’t bother listening what architects and engineers saying about 911, neither pilots or firefigters. Floride mixed with chemtrails must be working very well.

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  3. If most Americans found themselves in the situation that Israel is now in they would refuse to allow Iran to develope nuclear weapons. Israel is surrounded by hostile Muslim nations that are taught to hate the Jews. The most reliable sources of Islamic history inform us that the so called prophet Muhammad said that the end would not come until the trees and the rocks would cry out saying, here is a Jew hiding behind me, kill him. Muhammad taught his followers to annihilate the Jews so it is no surprise to find the President of Iran repeatedly stating that he is going to “annhilate Israel.” Just as Adolf Hitler spoke of his hatred for the Jews and his desire to annhilate them from Germany in Mein Kamp [My Struggle] so the evil prophet who founded Islam spoke of his hatred for the Jews and his desire to annhilate them in the Koran and in the earliest Hadith’s. Muhammad taught in the Koran that his followers were to engage in jihad [Struggle] until the whole world is under Islamic Law [Sharia Law]. Under Sharia Law all non Muslims are forced to pay a tax of 50% of all thier income to the Islamic government. Under Sharia all non Muslims cannot proselitize Muslims or speak out again Islam in any way; and if any Muslim turns to another religion out of his own personal convictions, the Koran orders other Muslims to “seize and slaughter” him wherever they find him. This is why Islam actually teaches “honour killings.” The freedom that Americans and Europeans have fought and died for is being threatened by Islamic immigration. American and European Muslims are commanded to engage in jihad [struggle] whether it be a military, or a political struggle until Europe and America fall to Islamic rule. All Muslims who follow the Koran know this but they are not likely to tell you because they know that Americans and Europeans would not tolerate it. Americans and Europeans would rise up in outrage against Islamic immigration because western civilization believes in fighting for the right to be free to choose your own religion, or for the right to reject religion. Many Muslims are being taught in their mosquest to engage in “population jihad” by purposefully having allot of chilcren in their host countries. Once they reach a high enough population in their host countries, they will forcibly take away the rights of all non Muslims under Sharia. There is no freedom under Islamic Law. Under Sharia, the first and second amendment rights are made null and void. The Koran explicitly states that husbands are permitted to beat their wives if they feel that they are not being submissive to them. Western civilization and Islamic civilization is diametrically opposed. If you are a non Muslim you should stand up and support Israel. For more info go to actforamerica.org

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    • Hasan says:

      Steve can you please explain what is your source of information regarding all the claims you made about muslims and Islamic teachings.. I hope you must have read yourself so do you have any reference available from Koran and Hadith???

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