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Argentina sees UFO sightings as threat to air security

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Argentina to record UFO sightings.

Argentina’s Air Force has said it has received many reports of sightings by pilots and radar of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) that are a ‘potential threat to national air security’.

The Air Force said often combat planes have reported following strange objects in the skies above Argentina.

Even the local media have reported that dozens of photos reach their offices regarding alleged UFOs, often confused with planes or birds in flight and, in some cases, trick photographs.

The Air Force press office said the country’s military unit will set up a multi-disciplinary commission to investigate such UFO sightings, Prensa Latina reported.

The commission will be made up of specialists from the meteorological service, pilots, astronomers, doctors and radar and land experts.


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5 Responses to " Argentina sees UFO sightings as threat to air security "

  1. SC says:

    It’s strange that people see UFOs in Argentina and in Brazil, so what about us right next door in Guyana? Like we’re here too busy struggling to make a dollar out of 15 cents to take time outs to look up and observe the sky…?

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  2. DEEZY says:

    @SC – UFO sightings are predominantly observed in the evening when least expected.. i feel for you having to work hard, but, its got nothing to do with people having ‘too much time on their hands’

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  3. robert says:

    even the bible speaks of flying objects in ezeikel. there falling angels or a better word would be demons. people are blind we all need to pray to god to heal this world before its takeing over by satan himself. when theres caos in the world then shall satan run wild on all the earth then shall the end come as the bible tells us.

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    • IreneI says:

      :) Any more amazingly comments lately?

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  4. IreneI says:

    Robert is right :-D

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