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Amazing UFO Mothership Recently Captured Above Lima, Peru

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This video is in Spanish but it is worth the watch even if you can’t understand Spanish.

Neighbors were able to capture a massive UFO above the city of Lima in Peru.

According to the report, an expert assured that the images are a real phenomenon.

The news anchor suggests there is no explanation for the sighting. It is not a helicopter or Superman.

It is considered the first major sighting of 2011.


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7 Responses to " Amazing UFO Mothership Recently Captured Above Lima, Peru "

  1. oeden says:

    Peru has an Air Force and from what I can gather they weren’t deployed — edit: There isn’t any news of them being deployed.

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  2. Urgent, people all over the world, are you ready to accept the truths of life and go into the Third Deminision, not seen or ventured into unless man or woman has time to themselves on hand, let me share one thing with you now, Most of us see and know what is going on around us but that of which is being hid from us in PLAIN SITE, is what would scare you so much that if not ready to accept it might give you a Heart Attack, myself, I could tell all of you TRUTHFULL facts that I as a Combat Veteran have experienced after my time as a combat soldier, some would say they agree some would say hog wash, but just the same, it would be true, but I know most all of you are not ready to accept the things going on right in front of you and EVEN being told to you out of someones mouth, yet you dont pay attention as if you didnt hear what the person said, and then when it happens and you actually see it you seem amazed and shocked, Brothers and sisters, right now in this very second of your life, relieze that some very radical people are out to destroy everyone’s freedoms, some want to be the ones as leaders to bring on Armegedon, some just want to be seen as the worlds most super power, and some just want to get on TV late night shows and regualr news like in america, CBS, NBC and ABC worst is MSNBC, they are reporting on FALSE stories, full of lies but they ARE DECIEVING each and everyohe who watches them they know how to drag you into their own dreams and desires of whcih is a plan to destroy others and even Nations, they have made america more RACIST and yet the ones in leadership are the ones who caused racisim to come back alive with a roar like never before, and when you have leaders going on national TV saying one race is to blame for everything, most of you believe them and act on it such as has been so mcuh so lately, if you only knew what is all around you right now and why so many people are getting so sick and dying as well as the secret operations going on around us and at night who is it really in our streets of our cities training and dont you know what for even though the man has told you on national TV he had to make some very hard decisions for what is going to happen this year, shocking only for those who do not listen and then go to the one station of cable news and see for yourself the truth and of what they have planned for you and yor children, I have found the only way to get the truth of what is going on in america, is to one, watch FOX NEWS on cable, and two, READ the European Union Tiems and RESPOND to others and share Information that is factual, this is your survival by sharring information with others and by seeing and hearing only the truth in news and that is only being reported on at cable news of FOX and read about in this very News Paper brought to us by E Mail, I would love to share with all of you facts ofthings I know for a fact are being ready and planned to become seen by everyone very very soon, but most of you dont want to hear the truth and most of you dont want to have to get ready for survival until its too late but for those who are serious about it, then contact me and we can share facts of how we can use the info. to survival for us, our families and children and maybe even our countries populations, but remember this, their is people who have been in office who dont give a darn about you or your rights or your freedoms because they know at the TWINKLING OF AN EYE it will all be gone and they are the ones who say do it and it will happen…

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    • Lorraine says:

      :) So Glad to see there is someone people like me wide awake…..the bible did say that people will believe a dilusion and that if it were possible even my elect would have fallen for it…..well I was shown in a vison that the dilusion was the TV….Well done Robert and thanks for sharing with us.

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    • DAVE PERRY says:


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  3. I concur with commentator Robert Lee Horton.

    Robert is referring to the 2600 Mhz or Wiifi based satellite based Neurotech transmitter that will end free thought and effectively also mental privacy in collusion with many Telcoms firms worldwide.

    I think this is what they allude by 2012 prophecies or whatever, anything short of removal of governments via vote of bloody revolution AND the dismantling of ALL Telecommunications towers or similar infrastructure will be the only way to stop this.

    The second fact is that some of the more advanced governments have the capacity to CREATE UFOs as well as DNA spliced ‘Alien’ life which they directly will control with the same Neurotech technology discussed in point 1 above, in a FALSE FLAG alien invasion that will either be used to subjugate, enslave or even murder entire populations with the same energy-wave weapons without exposing themselves as the ones who caused the ‘Alien Invasion’.

    Please google “Unmmoderated Malaysian Comments” + :

    1) “Various Excerpts of Discussions on GWEN and Psychotronics – by Ken Adachi – 12th December 2010 (APPEAL to BN Government)”

    2) It must get better – by Lim Ka Ea – 27 December 2010 (Additional Discussions on Covert Electronic Abuse/Warfare)

    3) Various Sites On Mental Autonomy Or the Electronic Infringement Thereof

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  4. Ted says:

    Peru does have an official research team… OIFAA…Office for the Investigation of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena…. any statements from them?

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  5. Arthur says:

    Methinks time is now so short! The evil comes our way, and it wishes to remove ALL life force from this beautiful planet! Beware amerika corporate government.. the pitiful treasonus stooge oobarmaa, the UN….Nato, WHO, EU, IMF! They are controlled by satanist entities!

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