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2 out of 3 new jobs given to migrants

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Two in every three new UK jobs went to foreign-born workers.

Two in every three new UK jobs went to foreign-born workers, shock figures showed yesterday.

The statistic emerged on the day Britain’s jobless total hit 2.5 million, including a record 951,000 16 to 24-year-olds.

The Office for National Statistics figures intensified fears that unemployment will soar this year amid public sector jobs cuts.

But now a breakdown of workers by place of birth and nationality suggests even where new jobs are created, only a third go to people born in Britain. For example, there were 300,000 more jobs from July to September last year.

Two-thirds went to overseas workers – roughly half to migrants from across the world and the rest to those born in eastern European countries like Poland that joined the EU in 2004.

Overall, while a million jobs have been created here over the past six years, there are a third of a million fewer UK-born people working, while nearly 1.3 million foreign-born workers have found jobs.

Analysed by nationality, a third of the extra 297,000 workers last year were British-born, but two-thirds were not – although 63,000 of these have gone on to get UK passports.

Nearly half of all the new workers do not hold a British passport, including 98,000 from eastern Europe.

They bring the total estimated number of eastern European workers here to an estimated 593,000, up from 82,000 since 2004.

The number of citizens of the longer- standing EU member states, such as France and Germany, fell by about 3,000 to 531,000, while Indian nationals increased by 38,000 to 188,000.

Migrationwatch UK chairman Sir Andrew Green said the figures were “spectacular”.

He said: “There are no fixed numbers of jobs in an economy but it is very hard to escape the conclusion that foreign-born workers are taking jobs that might be done by British workers.” He said the new figures suggested there had been a “significant” inflow of eastern European workers in the summer of 2010.

“The huge increase in foreign workers at a time of high unemployment, including nearly a million young people, strengthens still further the case for tough immigration controls on workers from the rest of the world,” said Sir Andrew.

The coalition proposes to cap non-EU immigration for the year from April.

Nearly 3.9 million people working in the UK between July and September last year were born overseas, up from 2.7 million in 2004.

There were 2.4 million foreigners working here, up from just under 1.5 million in 2004. EU rules mean the UK has no power to stop citizens of other EU countries coming here, but the Coalition has pledged to cut non-EU immigration drastically.

In November, Home Secretary Theresa May announced that the number of non-EU workers entering Britain would be slashed by a fifth as she set the first permanent cap on foreign workers at 21,700 for the coming year.

But businesses are free to transfer unlimited numbers of staff from overseas to their UK offices if the workers stay in Britain for less than 12 months.


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5 Responses to " 2 out of 3 new jobs given to migrants "

  1. Steve says:

    It makes little sense to keep allowing imnigrants into any nation if there are not enough jobs to go around. If all of the illegal immigrants were forced to leave the United States there would be plenty of jobs for everyone.
    Immigration reform must take the center stage for all nations who are experiencing heavy unemployment. Deport all who are illegal and the children of illegal immigrants.
    This has nothing to do with racism, it is just wise governance.

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  2. Child O' the Corm! says:

    Did it work in Kentucky?

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  3. sc says:

    People from undeveloped nations are flocking developed countries to find jobs where they can earn more…
    Basic common sense would dictate that developed nations put should systems in place to deal with the high influx of immigrants or else it would be chaos in the country for the locals who can’t find jobs because they’re all being given to immigrants.

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  4. John Smith the 42nd. says:

    What a brilliant idea!!! Let’s bring millions of uneducated people from places with violent and unacceptable social behaviors into our cities. I love how the people from India where I work refuse to wash their hands after using the restroom walk happily into the lunch lounge and start eating with their bare hands. Do they at least wash after that? Why? They can lick them clean with no paper or water waste. Oh, nothing like talking to an engineer from the earth’s armpit and trying to understand what they are saying. This is called progress. The people who engage in the behavior and force us to accept unacceptable social behavior can shove it. What happens when you offend them? Get ready for some sensitivity training because we need to be delicate around Muslims who find offence to my sweet and sour pork.

    These people can drop dead and Hitler was right. End of story.

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  5. Ade says:

    If you want to destroy the nation state and create a huge superstate, firstly you must destroy the people who make up those sovereign nations. Demographically annihilate them with mass immigration, abortion, promote homosexuality and gay marriage, but only to the Europeans.

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