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Wikileaks, the US secret bunker, the Gulf of Aden Vortex: Contact made?

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Where is this story in the international media? The combined naval might of twenty-seven countries is concentrated off the Somali coast allegedly to fight the poorly armed pirates who continue to act with apparent impunity. Or is there something far, far more serious?

Once again the Wikileaks cables come into play. And what is revealed is terrifying. According to a report allegedly prepared by Admiral Maksimov of Russia’s Northern Fleet, in late 2000, a magnetic vortex was discovered in the area of the Gulf of Aden. Russia, the PR China and the USA joined efforts to study what it was but discovered that it defied logic and the laws of physics.

The USA set up a center of operations in Djibouti, which soon became the HQ of the Combined Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa (CJTF-HOA) and monitored the vortex, which remained stable from its discovery in November 2000, according to the same report, until late 2008, when it started to expand. This, it appears, caused the USA to send a warning to the rest of the world and in response the following nations poured their military resources into the area.

This is the largest naval force to have been assembled in human history. And it has been gathered to defeat what, half a dozen poorly, armed youngsters in cheap speedboats? What is going on?

The photo shows a spiral of light which appeared over Norway on December 9, 2009. So strange was the occurrence, that according to a Wikileaks document presented to President Putin by the GRU (foreign intelligence unit), President Obama and Defence Secretary Gates were ushered into a secret military bunker, (2012 Alice). Why 2012?

This spiral suddenly disappeared, and a month later, the vortex in the Gulf of Aden seemed to project a worm-hole, like the one in this video:

You Tube: Norway Spiral

Notice the hole on seconds 7, 17 and 35.

Researchers* have pointed out that this Norway Spiral appeared at the same time that HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) and the LHC (Large Hadron Collider), CERN, were conducting tests. And how to explain this top secret report (CI/KR = critical Infrastructure and Key Resources) from the US Embassy in Oslo, Norway, sent to USNORTHCOM.

Now, perhaps, we are beginning to understand the campaign against Wikileaks, the Chinese panic against Google and the rest of the hype, for the spider at the center of the Web is not US diplomatic staff mouthing their personal opinions or saying Gaddafy goes around having intellectual conversations with a Ukrainian blonde, but indeed the Gulf of Aden Vortex file, which Assange has in his possession.


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12 Responses to " Wikileaks, the US secret bunker, the Gulf of Aden Vortex: Contact made? "

  1. Fay Kay says:

    Bizarre. It’s an insult for the governments of the world not to make a statement. The world has tuned crazy and it’s time for the people to act. God Bless us all. In Jesus’ Name

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  2. JamesTheJust says:

    I could not find anything anywhere concerning the Somalia event. I did find the Norway event. CBS reported that the vortex was the result of a misfire of a Russian missile. Now that is laughable. Just how stupid do the governments of the world think we are? Whatever caused the strange vortex it certainly was NOT a missile of any kind.

    More than anything else, I find it an outrageous insult that the governmental powers have such low regard for us that they would concoct such a blatant lie.

    The sooner the powers of this world fall; the better. There is no doubt that the criminal scum of the earth find their way into politics. To hell with them all. They are useless eaters – right, left; it doesn’t matter. They are all sub-human.

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  3. Sancar says:

    MR Just,

    What makes you think that it wasn’t a failed rocket launch. It looks exactely a failed rocket. It spins around until it’s fuel is finally finished. Tell us why you think it’s a lie. What evidence you have?

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    • RA says:

      Are you on drugs?

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    • JamesTheJust says:

      I was in the military. I witnessed one failed launch and have seen military documentaries of many more (as recorded by the military for military purposes)

      AT NO TIME do failed launches result in perfect spirals in a stationary orbit. AT NOT TIME does a failed launch give off any of the characteristics shown by this event.

      Believe what you will. Believe that the earth is flat if you want.

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  4. Diane klopp says:

    Everybody gets mad at the government and all that is being kept from us and alot is! but nobody seems to be saying anything about bible prophecy. If people would turn to God and read His word, they would find out that the things that are going on are prophetic and ordained by God. We are all sinners and need God’s forgiveness. Believe in His son Jesus, ask for forgiveness, Key: believe and have faith. He says FEAR NOT OF THE THINGS THAT YOU SEE COMING ON THE EARTH. KNOW THAT I AM GOD. Connect with other believers and learn.

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  5. Lodewijk says:

    People like Diane Klopp ^^ scare the bejezus out of me.

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  6. anon says:

    Amen, Diane.

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  7. erik says:

    The spiral is interesting, new to me, what I was told from someone it is a stargate.

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  8. x mark says:

    u would do well 2 listen 2 klop. the people that run governments feed on fear. & the only way 2 not b afraid of what is about 2 happen 2 this world is 2 know THE CREATOR & HE will teach u how 2 love… that is the only thing that can save us

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  9. matt says:

    I dont believe its a missile. I dont know what to believe it is. However some of these religious people are frightening. Listen im religious, to an extent, but why does this have to be some apocalyptic, we’re-all-going-to-hell event? Fuck smoke some weed and relax. All this talk about the world is coming to an end shit only makes worse all the tension in the world. Isnt this what all the crazy Iranians in power think? Seems to show. And how are they preparing for it? By building a nuclear bomb. Its a self fulfilling prophecy. Seriously some of us have children. And this shit is out of hand. Quit pushing us to the brink. We seem to be heading that way, and destroying each other well enough without your crazy God talk. Why dont you use God to inspire instead of invoking fear?

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