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US pays Pakistan more than $600m in aid

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Washington transferred more than 600 million dollars to the Pakistani government this week to pay for its efforts in the fight against violent extremists, the US embassy in Islamabad said Thursday.

The 633 million dollar payment under the Coalition Support Fund (CSF) programme came on Wednesday, amid reports that top US military commanders in Afghanistan were pushing to expand special forces ground raids across the border into Pakistan’s lawless tribal areas.

“The Coalition Support Fund is designed to reimburse the government of Pakistan for expenses incurred fighting violent extremist groups,” the embassy said in a statement.

It added that the payment covered the first six months of this year and Pakistan had now received “approximately 8.76 billion dollars” since 2001 under the scheme.

The CSF process reimburses 27 nations, including Pakistan, for logistical, military and other support provided to Washington’s overseas military operations.

Washington considers Pakistan’s lawless tribal belt the global headquarters of Al-Qaeda and says eliminating the militant threat is vital to winning the nine-year war against the Taliban in neighbouring Afghanistan.


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3 Responses to " US pays Pakistan more than $600m in aid "

  1. Patrick says:

    Mossad is using the US-tax payer money to pay for their puppet government in Pakistan.
    They are forming Pakistan’s government to become accustom to selling out their own people for paper bank notes that are in reality worthless anyway.
    Because there is no money ie ( gold silver ) to back it, and the Federal Reserve is printing mass amounts of paper bank notes.

    Same as they did to Europe and America.
    Our government’s now sell out our lives for Jewish-Global-Bank-Notes.

    They now have our water filled with drugs, our houses made of poisons, and we are eating the two Jewish companies ie ( McDonalds and Burger Kings ) food so we can no longer defend ourselves.
    Complete and total conquest of a racial people and two whole continents gone down the drain through deceit.

    Lucifer is the Master Deceiver.
    Anywhere you see deceit, you see the handy work of Lucifer.

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  2. Brian says:

    Why are we sending $600M to Pakistan? America could use that money… why do we have to bail everyone out while we’re losing our jobs and homes?

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    • ihsan says:

      dear brian its ur war on terror bt i wld rather say war of us own ambitions in this area, in 2001 us askd pak to support it againt taliban ,due to which we had lost more than 350000 civilian deaths and more than 6000 pak soldiers, our country security is severly affected by ur losing war in afghanistan for the last ten years due to which pak is no longer a secure investment option for investors nd due to frequent daily suicide attacks we had last more than 80 billion dollar in this nonsense war…..and us is paying just a cent of wht v hve lost……

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