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UFO Files Released by New Zealand Military

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In support of their Australian neighbor, Julian Assange, the New Zealand Defence Force released UFO reports for a freedom of information request. They released thousands of files on Wednesday, December 22. These files offer a 50-year history of UFO sightings in New Zealand.

In an earlier interview, the champion of freedom of information, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange referred to the people who send his organization UFO reports as “weirdos.” However, he does acknowledge the substantial references to UFOs in these recently released cable reports.

The files cover one incident of particular importance to New Zealanders: the UFO mystery of 1978 in Kaikoura, a southern island town. Air traffic control detected mysterious radar blips that they were unable to explain. At the same time, a cargo plane reported strange lights in the skies.

The documents describe the encounters of New Zealanders with UFOs in depth. Yet, in all fairness, most of the reports offer natural explanations for the sightings, these ranging from meteors to boat lights. Another report even detailed that Venus being visible had mistakenly led one man to think he had sighted a UFO.

Who knows? With the new pressure for freedom of information, we could indeed be hearing much more about UFOs in the near future.

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    “the champion of freedom of information, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange”



    • RufStei


      I suppose that could be true under a few circumstances. Like if the bankers (like Rockefeller) wanted to implement martial law; They could set up (like the underware bomber and the TSA) a rebel leader to begin an ineffective violent revolutionary action against the US government that would falsely justify to some the use of martial law, at which point, if the military is suitably infiltrated (aka the military-industrial complex) there could be massive horrifing changes, but that seems unlikely and ineffective in the long term (hundreds of years of uncontested power), but in the short term (80 years) very deadly. Slow and patient is a FAR more effective strategy in affecting long term political changes as Rockefeller and his CIA bedfellows use cultural propaganda like the CIA/corporate funded feminist agenda (e.g. IKEA+UNICEF in India to destroy the rights of men) in destroying family and community cohesion (which makes large scale resistence to a massive federal government next to impossible to implement), while at the same time using feminist propaganda to implement laws that have no right to exist, like rape laws that no man can defend themselves against (as Julian knows very well), child porn laws so that the government can at will make enemies of large portions of the general population(yes most men think there are HOT 12 year old girls) in order to justify large scale internet censorship and survillence (as the FBI is already doing with new data retention laws, so that not only can pedophiles be tracked, but ALL people would be forced onto survillence networks like cell-phone networks (if you do own a cell phone take the batteries out when not in use as it has already been used in court cases to record conversation in the presence of an OFF cell phone)). ALL that from JUST the feminist-CIA connection.

      Patience and good planing really do pay off.

      Look at the UK; the UK government is using the feminist destruction of family cohesion to justify the use of CCTV survillence cameras in the homes of 20,000 “problem families […] to ensure that children attend school, go to bed on time and eat proper meals.” (yes this was actually said; I thought it had to be a prank when I first read it, but no, it is true).

      • RufStei

        I almost forgot the feminist-school connection where the government can under the guise of “protecting children” usurp the basic rights of parents. Like how 6 year old Jake Dorman was forced into 48 hour psychiatric hold without being allowed contact with his parents simply because he was upset his dad was being deployed in the military. Or other students who arn’t allowed to pray in school, or play religious music, or where a hat to commemorate the army (because it has plastic toy soldiers with tiny plastic guns are on it, which violate the schools anti-gun policies).

        The government sets the ground for further erosion of civil rights through the school systems so that children who grow up accustomed to censorship within the school system are far more likely to accept censorship within the home and church.

        A perfect example of this is how the US school system is allowed to loan laptops to students and remotely turn on and watch anything seen by the webcam. This actually happend when a girl noticed, while she was changing her clothes in her own room, that the laptop that her school had loaned to her had a blinking red light on the webcam (that she didn’t turn on). The courts decided there was nothing wrong with covertly watching kids getting undressed, because the webcam and laptop were the property of the US government (and it isn’t possesion of child pornography because the images wern’t stored on a school computer (see how the hypocrasy works: child-porn laws to oppress the people, child-porn loop holes to benifit school employees)).

        Did you know that the CIA(e.g. Obama) and FBI regularly infiltrate churches that arn’t GODS WILL=US GOV. Did you know that Hitler started as a police spy infiltrating a workers union…

  • Star Ship

    Don’t anyone panic, It will all be worked out just as soon as captain Kirk beams down.

  • emirbey

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  • Sovereign

    “Another report even detailed that Venus being visible had mistakenly led one man to think he had sighted a UFO.” – Seriously, how can anyone be that STUPID to mistake a bright planet in the sky for a UFO. After a minute you can clearly see that it’s not moving at all. It’s amazing to believe some people can really be that clueless.

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