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UFO Files Released by New Zealand Military

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In support of their Australian neighbor, Julian Assange, the New Zealand Defence Force released UFO reports for a freedom of information request. They released thousands of files on Wednesday, December 22. These files offer a 50-year history of UFO sightings in New Zealand.

In an earlier interview, the champion of freedom of information, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange referred to the people who send his organization UFO reports as “weirdos.” However, he does acknowledge the substantial references to UFOs in these recently released cable reports.

The files cover one incident of particular importance to New Zealanders: the UFO mystery of 1978 in Kaikoura, a southern island town. Air traffic control detected mysterious radar blips that they were unable to explain. At the same time, a cargo plane reported strange lights in the skies.

The documents describe the encounters of New Zealanders with UFOs in depth. Yet, in all fairness, most of the reports offer natural explanations for the sightings, these ranging from meteors to boat lights. Another report even detailed that Venus being visible had mistakenly led one man to think he had sighted a UFO.

Who knows? With the new pressure for freedom of information, we could indeed be hearing much more about UFOs in the near future.

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