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Three giant spaceships to attack Earth in 2012?

UFO encounters became especially frequent in the middle of the 20th century, when it became impossible to disregard incidents of UFO sightings anymore. Special services started establishing special departments for air defense troops, secret laboratories were organized to study the phenomenon. It is not ruled out, that secret services have already had chances to study fragments of alien spaceships or even aliens themselves.

It is about time science should say its word regarding the problem, and it did. SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), an independent non-commercial organization, released a sensational statement.

Three giant spaceships are heading towards Earth. The largest one of them is 240 kilometers wide. Two others are smaller. At present, the objects are beyond the orbit of Pluto.

The spaceships were detected by HAARD search system. The system, based in Alaska, was designed to study the phenomenon of northern lights. According to SETI researchers, the objects are nothing but extraterrestrial spaceships. They will be visible in optical telescopes as soon as they reach Mars’s orbit. The US government has been reportedly informed about the event. The ships will reach Earth in December 2012.

The date of the supposed space contact with extraterrestrial civilization brings up thoughts about the Mayan calendar, which ends on December 21, 2012. Is it just a coincidence? Most likely, though, SETI researchers mistake the wish for the reality: fifty years of constant monitoring of space have not yielded any results.

Nevertheless, mankind only begins to explore space. We are just newcomers in this huge and unexplored world. Many believe that there are many other civilizations in space beside our own civilization.

Rumor has it that the Americans classified a lot of information about findings on the Moon. In 1988, a prominent Chinese official, a member of the nation’s space program, unveiled pictures of human footprints on the lunar surface. The official stated that he had received the information from a reliable source and accused the Americans of concealing that information. The photos were dated from August 3, 1969 – two weeks after Armstrong and Aldrin stepped onto the surface of the Moon on July 20, 1969. Therefore, the materials of the lunar mission were studied and classified by NASA.

On March 15, 2009, The New York Times produced another sensation. The same Chinese official, Mao Kan, stated that he had obtained over than 1,000 secret NASA photographs depicting not only human footprints, but even a human carcass on the surface of the Moon. Some of the bones in the carcass were missing, the official said. The human corpse must have been dropped on the Moon from an alien spaceship, whereas the extraterrestrials kept some tissue samples for research.

The photos were taken by a lunar probe. The absence of air makes it possible to capture minute details from the lunar orbit. The pictures of the carcass were very clear.

Dr. Ken Johnston, former Manager of the Data and Photo Control Department at NASA’s Lunar Receiving Laboratory, said that US astronauts had found and photographed ancient ruins of artificial origin on the Moon. Supposedly, US astronauts had seen large unknown mechanisms on the Moon. The data were classified by the US government.

Is all of that just spam or it is fantastic truth? Will we ever know?


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  • OZON3

    unfortunately-SETI published NO SUCH THING IN THEY’RE NEWS FEED!

    • Fullcircle347

      THEIR not THEY’RE! :roll:

    • stupidppl

      why would SETI, NASA, US GOVN., ect.. tell us shit??? there puppets of control….geez i wish ppl would get there head outta there ass n beleive a little that a “unknown orginization” controls all these ppl..SO why the fuck would they tell us?? they wont even when we face ELENIN= ExtinctionLevelEventNibiruIsNigh. stupid ppl…believing the masses…..smh.

  • Bjorn

    “fifty years of constant monitoring of space” I saw a documentary on discovery channel about seti and their money only allowed them to rent the facilites for a couple of weeks per year.

  • skeptic

    Is this supposed to be a credibele newsgroup or something like the onion. News like this would have been everywhere

  • http://www.joebaptista.com/ Joe Baptista

    Someone at the eutimes should take the time to do a little fact checking. Have you called SETI to verify this?

  • Jack Quinn

    I am reminded of the large “object” that came within the moons orbit and then turned outbound. It had brief but wide coverage not long ago. It was much closer but defined as an object. It could not have been an asteroid or it would have not turned back. We also have the technology to ID something that close and that large. What was it?

  • Cabral

    For those of you commenting that this should be in the news all over the world.
    WAKE UP PEOPLE, don’t you know you’ve been lied to all your life about anything outside the “normal” scope ? Any substantial discovery about space or extremely advanced technology is not disclosed. They hide everything and 60 years or more of secrecy builds up and the people from another worlds are concerned with our aggressive nature. They don’t want the stupid earthlings to take their stupid weapons to their world and they are correct. We are dangerous to ourselves, just imagine with technology to travel to another worlds. Some crazy bastard like hitler will try to conquer the universe and make a mess of everything.

  • http://www.vaticproject.blogspot.com Percy

    Remember Bill Cooper was killed by the Government for exposing the top secret plan to set up a bogus alien invasion to move us toward globalizing to “fight” the threat. As usual…. a false flag to achieve an agenda.

    Remember also, that Our military has created a space shipe shaped like a triangle that happens to resemble the UFO’s that have recently been reported, and its anti-gravity craft. I trust nothing in this khazar zionist controlled government including and especially in intel, defence and space. Its all controlled by the zionists.

    I am not saying htere are not aliens, I am not sure one way or the other, however, I do know that any threat by aliens is man made. Of that I am sure.

  • Alienfan2012

    The ‘V’s are coming in 2012

  • HiyaHiyaHiya

    Hey, Wait, how come there hasn’t been any moon rovers? Like Mars?

  • bob

    This is NWO BS

  • NotAnIdiot
  • itsallbs

    Ahahahaha Ahahahaha Ahahahaha, what a crock of proverbial dung

  • walker

    U.S. Government is in contact with other extraterrestrial civilizations (especially those malevolents)since long time ago.U.S. Apollo missions were closely monitored by the Extraterrestrials and took place only with their consent.Apropo what someone said here about Dicovery Channel:all this tv.and radio channels are only CRAP,nothink else.They are lying every moment and they are trying with all their strength to wash the peoples brain (where possible)and I can say that a very large proportion of the population allows this so mass media is nothink but the terror instrument.Personally, I began to remove several television channels just looking to movies and CDs that I have in the house.Radio, I can say with pride that don´t listen to since 16 years.I listen only to jazz and classicaly (I have my collection of over 1000 cds)that way I´m listening only what I want and no what some amateur radio/tv editors, politically subjugate to the System compel me to listen to.

  • sniperwarfare

    😡 if the US didn’t hide the information about ufo sightings,then we can be ready

  • anburajan

    Paathuruvom da machan……..!!!!!!!!!!! 😳

  • http://wrong.com wrong

    wrong… 😛

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