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Nigeria: Iranian charged in arms case granted bail

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Nigeria: Iranian man charged with importing arms into Nigeria’s busiest port granted bail.

A defense lawyer told The Associated Press on Friday that the Abuja High Court granted Azim Aghajani a $260,000 bail Thursday.

The lawyer, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not permitted to speak to press, said the judge asked Aghajani to present two people who would commit to paying $130,000 each if he did not show for his Jan. 31 trial. He said Iran’s embassy also guaranteed Aghajani would be present for his trial.

Aghajani was charged Nov. 25 with three Nigerians for importing and attempting to export arms.

Authorities have said that an illegal shipment of military-grade arms that originated in Iran and passed through the port in Lagos was destined for Gambia.


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