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More than 50% of Americans say they are worse off now under Obama

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More than 50% of Americans say they are worse off now under Obama. According to a new Bloomberg poll, a majority of Americans believes that they are worse off, today, under Obama than they were two years ago, when Obama had just been elected. Giving the president another headache that is sure to compound his political problems is the number of Americans who responded that they thought the US was headed in the wrong direction. 66% of all Americans think that the US is right now headed in the wrong direction. Another gloomy note for the president is that in just the past two months, the number of Americans who have grown more pessimistic about the future of the country has grown.

The Bloomberg poll exposes that 51% of Americans think that their personal situation has dilapidated since “the One” was elected president some two years ago. Shockingly, there are still a stubborn bunch of true-blue, hardcore believers in Obama left in the country, as 35% actually—get this…get this—seriously believe they are doing better. Better?!?! After the last two years of Obama that has seen nothing but record deficits, the worst-ever deficit spending, constant double-digit unemployment, and more discourage Americans who don’t even bother looking for jobs anymore…there still are 35% who think the opposite of reality? Those must be the hardcore, Kool-aid-drinking, MSNBC-watching nuts who live in San Francisco.

These adverse poll results for Obama can even result in further, gloomy economic activity in the country. Because the majority of the survey respondents feels worse off, that is naturally going to have a psychological effect on their consumer spending during the Christmas (not holiday) season. 46% say that they expect to spend less this year than last year. With almost half of all Americans declaring that their Christmas-season holiday spending will be negatively affected, you can bet your bottom dollar that that is going to carry over into fewer jobs. After all, consumer spending is about two-thirds or more, even, of the US economy, so with less economic stimulation, there will also be fewer jobs around. Thanks again, Obama.

The 66% of Americans who believes that the country is going totally in the wrong direction is up just from this past October, when, according to the same Bloomberg poll, “only” 62% said then that the country was headed the wrong way. The poll identifies that the horrid economic situation under Obama is contributing the most to the pessimistic way the respondents felt about the direction of the US. 50% of the respondents said that the lack of jobs in this fake, Obama-“led” “recovery” (trickle-up poverty, anyone?) was their main concern. That’s awfully significant when once considers that the biggest concerns of Americans, at least according to the media, was the massive deficit spending and the healthcare imposition of Obamacare.

These Bloomberg poll results should not be anything close to a surprise for anyone who’s been following politics for even just the last two years. They, above all else, are a confirmation of and a condemnation of the dreadful mismanagement of the economy by Obama and his financially retarded/economically illiterate Democrat Party. After all, when you waste taxpayer money on fake, non-materializing “shovel-ready” jobs in the public (government) sector as you increase the deficit like there’s no tomorrow, you can’t expect to grow the economy or create jobs. Unless you’re a Democrat, in which case you’re just economically illiterate.


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  • Patrick

    99% of us say we are worse off under the private Jewish banking company called “The Federal Reserve” which is not Federal at all.

    Just the racist-Global-Conquering-Khazar-Master-Race thats been killing us all.

    Obama, like Bush, like Clinton and on and on are the Zionest Puppets to control America while we are dumbed down and disarmed and divided and conquerd.

    Free our right to think for ourselves again!

    “Those who make a peaceful revolution impossible will make a violent revolution inevitable.”- JFK

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