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Lady Gaga publicly decapitates Santa Claus

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Lady Gaga’s famous eccentricity took a less-than-festive turn last night when she tore the head off a stuffed Santa Claus at her O2 show.Halfway through her set, the singer, 24, made it plain that she loathes Christmas.

She seized the Santa doll and told the audience: “I hate the holidays. I’m alone and miserable you f**king stuffed little toy”, This is London informs.

Dressed in a perspex high-shouldered tunic dress, GaGa demonstrated that when you forget a vital piece of underwear the end result can be rather painful.

The Alejandro singer must have been very uncomfortable considering her boobs were squashed to an eye-watering flatness, as she performed some rigorous choreography during her show.

Even the star’s super-toned stomach looked like it was undergoing some heavy chafe-age in the futuristic outfit, which left little to the imagination, Ok! Magazine says.


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  • McMacO’Me

    Stupid, vile, braindead, attention seeking gutter whore.

  • walt235

    I’d love to see someone “John Lennon-ize” this disgusting, talentless whore! No wonder faggots love her so much. Only someone with a mental disease would like her!

  • justin

    Crap masquerading as original ideas. I’m sure the self-loathing majority of Westerners will appreciate this attack on Christmas as art.

  • Allen

    Too bad she doesn’t have the balls to tear the head off a rabbi doll, or draw a picture of Muhammad.

  • Nead Nigger


  • Patrick

    Is this nut Jewish??
    Anyone know her real family line?

    • randall

      Patrick, she Italian. At least partially. She’s Stephanie Germanotta.

      • Bob

        She is jewish.

    • The Insurgent

      Just look at her warped, ugly and cretin face – jewish by dirty blood.

    • Bob

      Yes she is.

  • WarDog

    Walt Disney’s logo is”Capturing your imagination” America was founded on MASONIC FREEMASONRY or Kabbala.Freemasonry is the founding of “America” Freemasons sought “A”merca or the western star
    This means the Western Star Venus. Venus is the Red White & Blue star. The statute of LIBERTY is Their LIGHT BEARER COLUMBIA Shes their Goddess.Your Capital Building’s are TEMPLES with each having a CORNER STONE from the FREEMASONS. They ORDAIN their CRAFT with WINE CORN & OIL. Vigilantcitizen or freemantv

  • The Insurgent

    No wonder jewish fagots are the worst, ugliest mutterfickers on earth. This bitch needs a lead-poisoning. The NWO’s new ‘littledarling’.

  • blargh

    Lady gaga is a jew, just so you guys know. Ofcourse she’ll hate the holidays, the satanic bastard.

  • Reminds me of that other Jewish dog Amy Winehouse.


    She is nothing but a cross between a pole-danceer, a prostitute and a bad kareoke singer.

  • voice of tolerance

    Why all the jew and gay bashing? If you don’t like her music, that’s one thing, but stow the bigotry, please, Hitler’s birthday isn’t until April.

    Also, contrary to what some of you may have heard on Fox News, Santa Claus is not a religious figure. Yes, there was a St. Nick but the dude didn’t supervise elves in a slave-labor toy factory at the north pole.
    Also Gaga didn’t “attack Christianity” she said she “hates the holidays because she’s alone.”

    F.Y.I. I’ve never heard any Gaga music, simply not interested.

  • krizzy

    lady gaga is part of the illuminati cult.. she is the spawn of the devil!! hav u seen her video clips?? she is a satanist!! burn in hell gaga! u fuckin devils whore!!!

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