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Guatemala declares state of siege in town taken over by Mexican drug gang

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Soldiers patrolling the streets in Alta Verapaz north of Guatemala City.

Guatemala has declared a state of siege in a northern province that authorities claim has been overtaken by Mexican drug traffickers.

The government initiated the monthlong measure in the Alta Verapaz province to reclaim cities that have been taken over by the Zetas drug gang, Ronaldo Robles, a spokesman for Alvaro Colom, the Guatemalan president, said.

“It is to bring peace to the people and recover their confidence in the government,” he said.

A state of siege allows the army to detain suspects without warrants, conduct warrantless searches, prohibit gun possession and public gatherings, and control the local news media. Guatemalan law allows the measure amid acts of terrorism, sedition or “rebellion,” or when events “put the constitutional order or security of the state in danger.”

The state of siege was put in place for 30 days, but “will last as long as necessary,” Colom told Emisoras Unidas. He asked citizens to trust and cooperate with authorities.

The Zetas are a group of ex-soldiers who started as hit men for the Gulf drug cartel before breaking off on their own. Authorities believe they established a presence in Guatemala more than two years ago.

Robles said that numerous cities in the Alta Verapaz province have been overrun by drug traffickers and that the government decided it was time to take them back.

Anti-drug agents wearing ski masks to hide their identity patrolled the streets of the provincial capital, Coban, on Sunday.

Police officers and soldiers searched at least 16 homes and offices, as well as all vehicles entering and exiting the city, the government said on its website.

Gudy Rivera, a congressman from the opposition Patriotic Party, said the government’s action came too late.

The state of siege also is meaningless “if we continue to have police corruption, a weak justice system and weak jails,” added David Martinez Amador, an analyst and expert on criminal behavior.

Guatemalan news media have reported that the local population lives in fear of drug traffickers, who they say roam the streets in all-terrain vehicles and armed with assault weapons. Some were forced to give up their property to the traffickers, according to the reports.


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  • America’s people united

    See, even Guatemala has a huge problem with Mexicans.
    So it is not just wrongly called “Whites” ie Japhethites who have problems with these racist invaders.

    They have now conquerd a whole part Guatemala!
    But they fight back.
    Here we are not fighting back, so they will conquer ALL of America and put their racist flag over our once ethnic-American lands…

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