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Football fans protest death of Spartak Moscow supporter

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Egor Sviridov

28 years old Spartak Moscow fan Egor Sviridov has been killed on 6th of December in Moscow. He has been shot in a fight with 8 members of ethnic gang of Muslims from Caucasus (Dagestanis and Chechens). He and other 4 lads stood in Kronshtadsky parkway waiting for taxi.

A group of Caucasian youth passed and started to insult Russians, as fight has begun they used firearms. Egor has been killed. Murderers are arrested but it seems that due to pressure from muslim diasporas and police corruption nothing serious will happen to them.

On December 7th, Russian football fans blocked Leningradskoye highway one of the major thruways of Russia’s capital.

6 people were released out of 5

Suspects released Aslan Cherkessov, 26, a resident of the Kabardino-Balkaria region, was formally accused by a Moscow district court of murdering Mr Sviridov and placed in custody until 6 February.

On 7th December, fans from the Fratria movement, made up of Spartak Moscow FC supporters, gathered in central Moscow for an unsanctioned rally at leningrad highway (on of the biggest highways in Moscow). Supporters of other clubs joined them and called for the authorities to conduct a quick and thorough investigation, to find and punish the killers. The Fratria group wrote an open letter to the head of the Russian Investigative Committee asking the official to take the case under his personal control.

The rally organizers and police said about 1.000-2.500 people attended the demonstration. They were screaming “Russia for Russians”. Riot police were almost immediately dispatched to the site. The officers did not detain any of the fans. They persuaded them not to obstruct traffic and to disperse.

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5 Responses to " Football fans protest death of Spartak Moscow supporter "

  1. Patrick says:

    Im an American and I say “Russia for Russians”!

    Good Russian People, you must put an end to these Racist invaders who invade your country to conquer and murder all Ethnic Russian’s and bring nothing but hate to your good Russian People.

    Free Russia!

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  3. LW says:

    Its the same all over europe immigrant gangs just think they can dominate everyone. Great to see some russians stand up. All my sympathy goes to Egors Family.

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  4. B1453 says:

    Similar events took place in St. Petersburg and Rostov. In Rostov, was killed by local university students Maksim Sychev (photo) http://www.rosbalt.ru/2010/12/14/800711.html. He did not give written off synopsis classmates – Muslims from the Caucasus. This is an insult to their honor, they thought that Maxim poorly thought of their minds, and they killed him. Rostov authorities have already banned the Islamic peoples of the Caucasus to dance on the streets of the national dance, as it irritates the city’s population and could lead to new carnage.

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  5. B1453 says:

    Today in Moscow and Rostov continuing unrest. In Moscow, arrested more than 1300 people, mostly Russian guys aged 17 – 30 years. Police across the city withdraws from passers-knives, batons, iron bars.
    Just detained a group of Muslim athletes shot Russian passengers on the subway. Clashes between the Russian and “chocks” continue (chock – a log, as in Russia, called the inhabitants of Central Asia and Caucasus). Convoy of armed Muslims from the Caucasus, has disappeared somewhere in Rostov.
    Putin declined to comment on. Media are far from right wing suddenly popraveli and more Russian support insurgents. Many articles about the crisis of liberal ideas and the triumph of Nazism – Nazism, our future, they say, because in all the actions right radicals involving young people, and actions of the liberals involved older people.

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