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DREAM Act students vow revolution after act fails in the Senate

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“This is war!” claims Phoenix student Aldemar Cruz. “Republicans may have stopped the DREAM Act, but they won’t prevent La Reconquista from happening. “White people, watch out!”

Olivia Perez, an undocumented student who claims she was forced to fill out false paperwork in order to stay in the United States, says, “Latinos need to fight back. We need to march. We need to scream. If necessary, we need to riot. We need to do everything Blacks did to get their civil rights!”

The DREAM Act would have provided amnesty for many children of undocumented immigrants who had no choice in their arrival to the United States. It would have also provided amnesty to all of their family members who come from lands that were stolen by the United States. But Elena Cruz of the Center for Latino Rights says Latinos need to take a non-violent approach.

“Rioting and any type of violence won’t help our cause,” Ms. Cruz tells this column. “We need to do our best to show this country how Latinos fit into the American Dream. We lost today, but we will prove ourselves very soon.”


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9 Responses to " DREAM Act students vow revolution after act fails in the Senate "

  1. Behold the race war in America:

    The “guest worker” comes as a parasite to bring “La Reconquista” in the Western Hemisphere and “jihad” in the Eastern Hemisphere, to eclipse the culture which foolishly allows him a toehold, under the “politically correct“ multicultural paradigm of the Marxists.

    This is the face of so-called “diversity” and “tolerance” which promotes the extinction of the white race.

    “We lost today, but we will prove ourselves very soon.”

    This phrase echoes a prior statement:·
    “We lost, today pero, its time to fight back and win by any means necesary. I am sick of looking at their stupid white faces and shit. Tired of it. THIS IS MY HOMELAND! I want us to give them a big reminder of who runs this country on their racist holiday July 4th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The European is my enemy I will send them back where they came from. Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy. ”
    Mao Tse-Tung (Frente Zapatista de Liberacion Nacional)

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  2. Prentis says:

    “White people, watch out!” what the hell is this statement? ALL Mexicans need to know the white people are being profiled by the government as much or worse than they are. Be glad you do not have a government trading yours and yours child’s birth certificate on the open market. Hell I can’t even have a dream. So shut up that crap and work together with the people.

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  3. Patrick says:

    Ok, they have not only started this war, but they have also so far killed just over 800,000 of our people, and now they state they are at war with us.

    ok America, take to your streets and defend our familys and our Nation from these racist Hispanics

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  4. Steven says:

    This is War?! Bring it on “brown people”.

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  5. Fred says:

    What is an “undocumented student”? Is a drug dealer an undocumented pharmacist?

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  6. Diane says:

    Mexicans if this was you land like you claim it is….
    Where are your RESERVATIONS?

    Seems like only Native Americans had their land taken from them. Stupid idiots! :roll:

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    • JamesTheJust says:


      The “native Americans did not have this land taken from them; rather the Whites RECLAIMED this land.

      Here’s a history lesson:


      One of the most enigmatic of the lost great White migrations is the existence of Whites in North America from at least the year 7,000 BC. This stunning discovery is comparatively recent and has been backed up by the discovery of a number of skeletal remains and one mummy on that continent which show clear White racial traits, as opposed to the Amerind (American Indian) racial traits, which are Mongolian (Asiatic – the original homeland of the Amerind peoples).



      In 1940, a body, which had become mummified above the waist, was unearthed in a cave called the Spirit Cave in the state of Nevada, USA. The mummified body was well preserved. Its scalp was complete, skin remained on the back and shoulders as well as a small tuft of straight dark hair, which changed to reddish-brown when exposed to light and air. The mummy had a bad back and had suffered, but survived, a skull fracture.


      Other artifacts were discovered in the Spirit Cave: knives, baskets, and animal bones – 67 pieces in all. The mummy was found lying on a fur blanket dressed in a twisted skin robe with leather shoes on its feet and a twined mat sewn around its head and shoulders. A similar mat was wrapped around the lower portion of the body and bound under the feet. Woven bags and other everyday artifacts were found nearby. Two bags contained ashes and bone fragments of two other people who had been cremated.

      The style of weaving used in the textiles is of an advanced form, known as diamond-plaited matting. The complex textiles in Spirit Cave demonstrate a degree of sophistication in material technology that rivaled any on the planet at the time, and the preservation of these textiles exceeds any of comparable age.

      The mummy became known as the Spirit Cave Mummy, and was placed in the Nevada State Museum’s storage facility for decades. Only in 1994 was the mummy “rediscovered” and the startling truth revealed: tests showed that the corpse was 9,400 years old – a 45-55 year old male – and, most importantly, not an ancestor of any modern Indian tribe.

      The age was determined by performing seven separate radiocarbon-dating tests on samples of bone, hair and the two reed mats in which he was buried. The Spirit Cave Mummy’s White racial traits are undeniable – the mummy has a long, small face, and a large cranium, in sharp contrast to the Mongoloid features of American Indians. The Spirit Cave Mummy represents some form of White settlement or incursion into North America around the year 7000 BC.

      The Nevada State Museum went public with its findings on the Spirit Cave Mummy in 1996. Immediately the issue sparked a furor, with the American Indians demanding that the corpse be reburied in accordance with tribal custom – falsely claiming the Spirit Cave Mummy as one of their own.

      The Amerind tribe involved, the Paiutes, laid claim to the corpse under an American law, the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act of 1990, which allows for the return and reburial of bodies of “Native Americans”.

      An extended legal dispute arose over the issue of to whom the corpse actually belongs. As part of the legal wrangling, the Paiute have consistently refused to allow DNA testing of the corpse.

      This is not the only case where American Indians have blocked the study of obviously non-Amerind remains. Another case, that of Kennewick Man (detailed below) was similarly held up by Indian objections; and in 1993 another skeleton was found near Buhl in the state of Idaho.

      Gee, I wonder why the so-called SAVAGE natives refuse to allow DNA testing? Is it because they KNOW that they will be found to be frauds?

      And there is much, much more! Structures, which are CLEARLY “European” in nature which predate any of the so-called natives…

      http:// http://www.white-history.com/ hwr6b. htm

      The Americas belonged to the White race long before the savage saw the light of day. THIS LAND BELONGS TO US AND WE SHOULD NOT HAVE THOSE DAMNED SAVAGES EVEN LIVING HERE – RESERVATIONS OR NOT!

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  7. daniel says:

    mexico has nothing so they will try and lie, cheat, and steal. im always ready to protect my country so bring it! just shut your mouth and do it already..

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  8. doberkidsmom says:

    What part of coming here illegally don’t they get? What lands has the U S stolen? What doesn’t compute for these idoits? How on earth are they entitled to anything that an American….with several generations born here/legal immigrants is? We pay taxes, we pay into social security……….why do they feel they’re entitled to what we earn and pay into? Common sense, this does not compute.

    I say let la raza go back to mexico or wherever they originally came from and take Senator menendez with them.

    What on earth is giving them these ideas? Oh yeah I forgot…obama got their vote by promising all illegals citizenship……….strange…when possilby he;s no even a citizen……………weird! Drinking kool aid again

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