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UK Gang of "sexual predators" jailed for grooming girls as young as 12

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‘Sexual predators’: Gang of Asian men weep as they are jailed for total of 32 years for abusing white girls as young as 12.

A gang of Asian ‘sexual predators’ were jailed yesterday for abusing white girls as young as 12.

The five men preyed on their victims over several months and threatened them with violence if they refused their advances.

One of the men branded his victim a ‘white bitch’ when she resisted, while a second smirked: ‘I’ve used you and abused you.’

Mohsin Khan, 21, left (jailed for four years) and Razwan Razaq, 30 (jailed for 11 years) were convicted of a string of sexually related offences against girls as young as 12

Umar Razaq, 24, left (jailed for four and a half years) and Zafran Ramzan, 21 (jailed for nine years), prowled the streets looking for girls, attacking them in parks and in the back of their cars

Adil Hussain, 20, was jailed for four and a half years

The men, all British-born Pakistanis, attacked the four girls in play areas, parks and in the back of their cars, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

They gave them gifts and introduced them to their friends. The girls were abused so frequently that after many months it ‘became a way of life’.

The girls, who were being monitored by social services, were eventually rescued by police and removed from their homes amid growing concerns for their safety.

Two of the men wept in the dock yesterday as they were jailed.

Judge Peter Kelson QC told them: ‘I’ve listened to the backdrop of some of you sobbing – I have to say your weeping cuts no ice with me at all.

‘You had what you regarded as your fun, now you will take your punishment.’

The five, Umar Razaq, 24, Razwan Razaq, 30, Zafran Ramzan, 21, Adil Hussain, 20, and Mohsin Khan, 21, were found guilty of a string of sexually related offences against the girls, one aged 12, two aged 13 and one aged 16.

Ramzan was found guilty of raping the 16-year-old girl in her own home, and the other four were found guilty of sexual activity with a child.

Umar Razaq was jailed for four and a half years, while the judge gave Razwan Razaq 11 years.

Ramzan was jailed for nine years, and Hussain and Khan both received four years. All five were placed on the sex offenders register. Three further men were cleared.

The attacks took place in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, during 2008, the court was told. Khan, a mortgage adviser who owned a BMW, described his victim as a ‘little stick’ who looked as if she had not reached puberty.

Despite this he told her he loved her and would spoil her like a ‘princess’.

During the seven-week trial the jury were told how the men drove around the streets looking for girls. The teenagers believed they were in relationships with the much older men.

On one occasion Umar Razaq tried to pull the clothes off one of the 13-year-olds.

When she resisted he pulled her hair and called her a ‘white bitch’.

On another occasion Umar introduced the girl to his brother Razwan who had sex with her in his car.

Afterwards he told her: ‘I’ve used you and abused you.’ When Ramzan was asked by police what age he was attracted to he later replied: ‘As long as they are not too young and they’re legal, that’s it.’

The authorities were alerted after some changes were noted in the behaviour of the victims and they were removed from their homes.

Joyce Thacker, director of Rotherham’s children and young people’s services, said the girls were under child protection plans following family breakdowns or other issues with their behaviour.

‘When we pieced together a map of what was happening we stepped in very quickly to move these girls to a place of safety outside Rotherham,’ she said.

‘It started off as a grooming exercise by the men who became friendly with the girls, gave them gifts and introduced them to their friends.

‘When they got used to being abused it just became a normal way of life for the girls. It is akin to self-harm.

‘It was very dangerous. The girls could have faced death if the men weren’t getting what they wanted.’

She said the girls’ parents bore some of the responsibility but they were in a difficult position and at a loss to do something about their children’s ‘alternative’ lifestyle.

Detective Sergeant Dave Walker, who led the inquiry, said: ‘One was only 12 when she met one of the men and started smoking cannabis and drinking and coming in late at night.

‘As it escalated the defendants were becoming more aggressive to the girls.

‘We basically have a group of young men who think it is all right to abuse young girls and they just groomed them and isolated them from their families.’

All four girls are now back in mainstream education. The three youngest are taking GCSEs and the eldest is at college.

Mr Walker added: ‘We don’t know what the future holds for them but it will be a lot better than it was.’


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  • Proud_Indian

    All rapist and paedophiles should be handed down the capital punishment. Sick BASTA**S.

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  • Joe

    These five men are descendants of Pakistani immigrants and should not be refered to as Asian men.By refering to these Pakistani men as” Asian” men makes it look like they were of Chinese or South Korean or Japenese descendants.They should be refered to as Pakistani-British because they are of Pakistani heritage.It’s sad that there are no male relatives of the rape victims to do some brutal reprisals against the rapist or their relatives(males or females).I am waiting for the day when I can read some news (on eu times)about white European men or women taking reprisals against rapist of Pakistani-
    British descendants.

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    • William Tell

      Come on, Joe, wake up and smell the coffee. Stop this pipe dreaming!

      The Brits were mentally castrated many years ago. Ever since Harold Wilson, Political Correctness, Health and Safety and the dumbing down of GCE ‘O’ and ‘A’ Levels so that more and more Blacks, Indians and Pakistani’s can go to Universities and collect degrees which are in the most part utterly useless, it’s been happening. They are so bloody dumb that they have to speak about “two out of five people”, because they are so thick they can’t understand what 40% is even AFTER their so-called ‘degree’.

      The Brits are an amazing race of people. They will go out and destroy an entire town to protest when one of their soccer teams loses a game, but they won’t lift a finger if some Pakistani rapes their sister or mother! They are far too busy watching the antics of one of their favorite thug soccer ‘idols’.

      A race of people who fall for the ‘Nigerian Scam’ emails, not once, but time and time and time again. A race of people who go out to vote, but don’t lift a finger when it’s so blatantly ‘crooked’ that even a total moron with an IQ of 60 can see it, but they choose to ignore it.

      A race of people so completely dumb and at the mercy of any bullshit they care to put on TV. Milk is bad for you, butter is bad for you, herbal medicine is bad for you, wine is bad for you, sugar is bad for you, salt is bad for you, sunlight is bad for you… Oh hang on; we have a huge surplus of butter, so suddenly butter is good for you. Oh, hang on a minute, thousands of kids have rickets due to lack of Vitamin D, produced by sunshine. Let’s make the pharmaceutical companies rich, sunlight is still BAD, but you have to take pills instead. Oops our ‘friends’ the ‘Frogs’ are complaining that wine sales to the UK are down, so suddenly a glass of wine a day is GOOD for your (well, for a couple of weeks anyhow, until sales go up again).

      Pills to make you sleep, pills to keep you awake, pills to lift you up, pills to bring you down. Pills for your headache (which screw up your kidneys), pills for your kidneys (which screw up your liver), pills for your liver (which screw up your digestion), pills for the digestion (which cause strokes and heart attacks), pills for the heart (which cause an even worse headache than you had when you started), so now you need stronger pills which have even more side effects.

      Only a race of utter morons can fall for this crap, yet they do, they guzzle pills by the handful, they sit glued to the ‘Haunted Fish Tank’, watching the antics of some thug kicking a ball around, then they go out and wash down the pills with booze, whilst the “Brave Boys in Blue’ are waiting outside the pubs, hanging around in cars on the road, just waiting for the opportunity to humiliate them, slap massive fines on them to make their wretched lives even more wretched and / or confiscate their only means of transport, because the pills, the doctors, the drugs and the booze they have to take to escape reality, have left them penniless and they can’t afford the massive taxes and even more massive insurance.

      You think that with all of the above that they have time to give a shit about a bunch of Paki thugs raping their kid sister? Of course not. Plurality, multiculturalism and the ‘rich diversity’ that these medieval predators have brought to their island is a GOOD thing. Let’s ‘give generously’ because they have floods in their country and would rather spend the cash on developing atomic weapons than trying to protect their people. They KNOW that the stupid morons in the UK will pour millions into their country for ‘aid’. All that they will do in return is to bring back AIDS, and Sharia Law to the fools in the UK.

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      • Joe

        I gave you a thumbs up because of the last sentence of your post that reminds me of my own government doing the same thing with borrowed money from China!

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  • Joe

    All Muslim immigrant men or European born Muslim men that rape young white European women and girls should be surgically castrated by a doctor when they are in prison and then deported back to their home lands including the European born Muslim men.This castrating and deportation punishment plan can also be applied to non Muslim immigrant rapist including Britsih born descendants of immigrant parents.Enough of this taking advantage of good natured white Christain Europeans that helped these mud people to live a better life in Europe.

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