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Tea party group pressures Congress

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A group of tea party activists are firing back at a gay conservative group, claiming that they don’t speak for the movement.

Last week, POLITICO reported on a letter that GOProud and several tea party activists sent to GOP congressional leaders urging them to pursue fiscal issues over social ones. Now, another group of tea party activists released their own letter to Republican leaders, calling GOProud a “non-Tea Party, non-conservative” group.

“We, the undersigned, are leaders of mainstream Tea Party groups. We are the people that helped get conservatives elected on November 2. While we do not speak for this movement as a whole, we are a large cross section of this movement and we want to tell you what this movement wants,” they write. “We, the members of the mainstream Tea Party movement have a lot of expectations for you in this Congress. We realize the limitations you face. But we also realize the tools you have at your disposal. America is a conservative country. We expect conservative leadership from our country.

The letter is signed by more than 150 tea party activists from around the country, and urges Congress to pursue an agenda that includes defunding the health care bill, cutting spending, eliminating government subsidies to groups like Planned Parenthood, cracking down on illegal immigration and cutting taxes.

UPDATE: GOProud’s Christopher Barron emails: “A letter signed mostly by members of Tea Party groups rather than leaders of Tea Party groups seems like an awfully cheap way to try to make it look like you have a lot of signatories. I mean if we asked for anyone associated with the Tea Party movement to sign our letter we could have 5 times that in 24 hours… Second, the letter itself is funny. They only bring up one point GOProud would disagree with – Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – and our letter had nothing to do with DADT. Seems they wrote a letter that confirms, rather than refutes, our letter.”


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2 Responses to " Tea party group pressures Congress "

  1. Patrick says:

    I am the Tea Party just as the next man is the Tea Party, and I am not against Homo’s, but I am against Homo’s believeing that they are just like everyone else.

    The military can either be Homo, or it can be straight.
    Not both. Pick one so I know where all involved stand.

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  2. dave says:

    Ask your self one thing, pharamones makes us male and female
    Any man or woman who likes the same sex violates the laws of nature
    No homo should have aplace in public or in govt.
    Most people laugh at them as do i,but after religous people they are the next great threat to true western civilation,they would be better off to tie a mill stone around there neck and cast them selfs into the sea
    Any one who is a fag is mentally ill,just sit back and watch them ,any of themband you will see what i mean
    Nasty bastards,they are.We as a comunity run these idots out of comunity by force and tell the cops there next if they try to stop the comunity
    Hell the suvilians are better armed than our natinal guard in america ,and the cops know this and back off when they are looking down the barrels of that many guns
    We dont belive in bring politicaly corect
    Just look back on history,any country that allows fags in public has fallen .so why shoud we alow them in our socity today when it gose aganst all things in nature ,including the the tea party
    Trust me the tea party is not a homo based orginazation and they do not suport obmas health care plan

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