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Pauline Hanson decides Australia is paradise after all

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People are leaving Europe because of immigration from poor countries and diktats from EU bureaucrats, right-wing firebrand Pauline Hanson said Sunday after abandoning plans to move to Britain.

‘I love England but so many people want to leave there because it’s overrun with immigrants and refugees,’ the former leader of the anti-immigration One Nation party told the Sun-Herald newspaper.

She recently returned from 10 weeks looking at possible places to live in Britain, Germany, France, the Czech Republic and Lithuania.

‘France is becoming filled with Muslims and the French and English are losing their way of life because they’re controlled by foreigners in the European Union.’

Hanson, who served one term in the federal parliament in the 1990s, said the trip had revealed to her the wonder of life Down Under.

‘Problems are worse over there than they are in Australia, and Australia is still the best place in the world to live, but the same sorts of awful things are happening here too,’ she said.

Not everything was perfect – even in sunny Ipswich. The 56-year- old former fish-‘n’-chip shop owner said fast-food was behind an obesity problem in her Queensland hometown.

‘When I came back here I really noticed how overweight and unfit people look,’ she said. ‘And I don’t just mean the people of Ipswich, I mean people everywhere (in Australia).’

Last month, celebrity British chef Jamie Oliver announced that Ipswich would host his first Ministry of Food project in Australia after the Queensland state government
stumped up million of dollars in support of an initiative to improve school meals and home cooking.

Some in the town were appalled at Ipswich being labelled Australia’s ‘capital of fat.’

Local Nell Blair admitted to being overweight but insisted a fatty diet was not to blame.

‘My problem is that I just adore food,’ she told local radio. ‘So don’t immediately think that all fatties eat junk. It’s simply not true.’


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