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Clinton: WikiLeaks Revelations ‘An Attack on the World’

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The truth about the unseemly way in which the US State Department has been behaving should not have gone public, insists Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who today called the revelation of these facts “an attack on the international community.”

The Obama Administration has expressed outrage at what amounts to the revelation of a growing number of crimes committed under their watch (and often on their direct orders), with White House spokesman Robert Gibbs calling the leaks a serious crime.

Of course, the Supreme Court has already ruled that classified documents can be published by the press, and while the original leaker himself, apparently Pfc Bradley Manning, may well be liable for prosecution under the Military Code of Justice, his crime certainly pales in comparison to those the documents detail.

One of the documents, for instance, was signed by Secretary Clinton, and ordered officials at dozens of US embassies to attempt to steal personal data, including credit card information, from a number of top UN officials. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is said to be extremely concerned that the US attempted to steal his credit card, and likely much less concerned that someone revealed the attempted theft.


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2 Responses to " Clinton: WikiLeaks Revelations ‘An Attack on the World’ "

  1. Patrick says:

    Hellery Clinton is “An Attack On The World”

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  2. prentis says:

    Maybe the military needs to house all members of government and treasury until the people can get this country on it’s feet again with only a few key chosen leaders like they did back when we were a strong nation.

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