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Report: al-Qaeda threatens more attacks in Saudi

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Qasim al-Raymi

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has issued a video warning threatening to attack targets inside Saudi Arabia and demanding the release of its members in Saudi jails, the daily al- Hayat reported Wednesday.

Qassem al-Reemy, a leader of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, warned that the organisation intends to carry out terrorist attacks on Saudi targets, but there were no further details in the recording about what those targets may be.

The recording also listed the names of al-Qaeda’s operatives who the group said were behind two previous attempts to assassinate Saudi’s Deputy Minister of Defense, Mohamed bin Nayef, in 2009.

That plan had been to fire a rocket at Nayef’s plane as it landed in Yemen – as well as firing rockets at the arrival hall where Yemeni President Abdullah Salah would be waiting to meet him, the recording said.

However, the flight was canceled after security forces foiled the attack by finding a rocket, the group said in the recording.

The video indicated that Badr Mashrou and Salem al-Nahdi, Yemeni members of the organisation who were killed in clashes with Yemini security forces, had been selected to carry out the failed attack.

The group claimed that another Yemeni, Mohamed al-Ghazali, masterminded the second attempted assassination of Nayef at his home in Jeddah, which lightly wounded the Saudi official. That attack was carried out by Abdullah al-Aseery in a suicide bombing, which killed him.

One of the group’s most successful attacks came in 2003, when the group claimed responsibility for suicide bombings on Western compounds in Riyadh that left 29 people dead.


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4 Responses to " Report: al-Qaeda threatens more attacks in Saudi "

  1. Percy says:

    LOL, well, that blows the CIA’s whole ploy about Saudi ARabia and Al Qaeda. LOL Remember, during 9-11, they tried to sell us on Al Qaeda members being sunni’s from Saudi Arabia and funded by the Saudi Princes there.

    Now they are threatening Saudi Arabia? Funny, since Al Qaeda has always worked for the CIA, so how come the CIA WANTS TO ATTACK SAUDI ARABIA??? Now that is the question that needs answering. CIA and Mossad since Mossad runs our CIA.

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  2. Percy says:

    Oh, forgot something…..didn’t Saudi Arabia just buy a slew of major weapons from us, like jets and various military weapons??? So right after buying all those weapons, our CIA now tells Al Qaeda to attack Saudi ARabia? Why??? I find this whole issue hilarious.

    Its so blatantly manipulative and such Bull that I can hardly stand it without rolling on the floor laughing. Such propoganda and provocateuring. What war are the money making profiteering military industrial fascist corporations trying to start now??? WELL, I GOT A WAR FOR THEM… HOW ABOUT THE PEOPLE OF THIS PLANET COMING TOGETHER AND WE GO TO WAR AGAINST THE ZIONIST INTERNATIONAL BANKERS WHO START THESE DAMN WARS AND WE TAKE THEM OUT ONCE AND FOR ALL AND WE DO IT ALL TOGETHER IN EACH COUNTRY THAT THEY ARE IN AND TELL OUR LEADERS TO STRAIGHTEN UP OR THEY GO TOO. I like it.

    Lets do it. They are few and we are many, if we can do it before they nuke us all to death.

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  3. m.m. says:

    Actually Percy, this is in line with Gadaffi’s complaints that al-Qaeda are staging a coup in Libya.

    I can’t stand him, but he’s right.

    Since Obama’s been in charge, he spent lots of time in Egypt, including telling the leadership what a good muslim family he comes from.

    He sucked up and pretended to be such a good friend of the Mubarak regime, when as soon as the riots started, he told Mubarak to hit the road.

    He’s also whined about an internet kill-switch. Which was promptly used in Egypt.

    Lo and behold riots break out in Egypt, with people complaining about ‘oppression’ and ‘hunger’… This is perfectly in line with the Cloward-Piven Strategy of marxist takeover – create a crisis, destroy order and then take over. Did I mention Obama’s mother’s family were radical Marxists?

    Obama & Cloward-Piven

    Obama – red diaper baby

    I say Obama instigated this whole thing, his beloved Muslim Brotherhood (who is behind al-Qaeda all the way) is now set to get into the Egyptian parliament.

    Really, if you look at this logically, it’s clear to see that those riots have nothing to do with poverty or oppression, but more with al-Qaeda instigating riots, “making the country un-governable” as the ANC & PAC call it in SA.

    There are rumours that Obama was ignored by the CIA who set up their own task team to deal with Osama and took the bastard out.

    If it’s true that the CIA do not let the trojan spy Hussein Obama know everything, I feel VERY relieved.

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  4. Percy says:

    M.M. I have two articles you really need to read. One is about Obama. When you read it, you will understand that he, like Bush, have had no say in squat. They were and are both handled by their handlers. Its the men behind he curtain that play the game. But let me prove it to you. Read this one and check out the photos.

    Then read this one. On the surface, you may be insulted but don’t. We were all like this at one time including me. But after all these years I finally had to let go and accept that there are no institutions in our country that we can trust anymore including the press. So, read this carefully, its very well done.


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