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Obama pressed to weigh Iran strike

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Senator Joe Lieberman

Senator Joe Lieberman, Congressman Howard Berman say US must put time limit on sanctions.

US President Barack Obama is under pressure to consider a military strike on Iran, according to the Financial Times.

Both Senator Joe Lieberman and Howard Berman, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, have urged the president to consider setting a time limit of just a few months on the effectiveness of the most recent sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic for its nuclear advances.

“Our goal here is to convince Iran to stop its nuclear weapons development program by economic and diplomatic means if we can but (to make clear) that we are prepared to use military means if we must,” Lieberman told the Financial Times.

The senator added that the Obama Administration must reevaluate its policy at the end of the year and adopt a tougher stance if necessary. He called the sanctions “biting”, but said he doubted they would cause Iran to negotiate its nuclear program with the West.

Howard Berman told the publication that the administration had “months, not years” to make sanctions work and that a military operation was preferable to a nuclear Iran.

But the Obama Administration is still basking in the afterglow of its victory with Tupraz, a Turkish energy company that ceased refined oil sales to Iran due to sanctions. Next week a US delegation will visit China in an effort to convince Beijing not to fill the newly created void.

And on Thursday the US placed the Swiss-based Naftiran Intertrade Company, a subsidiary of Iran’s national oil company, on a financial blacklist and claimed success in persuading several European energy firms to divest from the country.


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4 Responses to " Obama pressed to weigh Iran strike "

  1. Alice says:

    To most Americans, Israel is just as creepy as Iran. Why not put sanctions on Israel, Joe?

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  2. hollingsworth says:

    One can not dissociate the saber rattling of Joe and Howard from their essential zionist jewishness. These guys do not care about the death of tens of thousands and the destruction of entire nations, as long as Israel’s interests are satisfied. When I examine the statements of any American politician, my first question always is: Is it a Jew making them, and then we go from there in assessing their true intent.

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  3. Old Master says:

    Another Yidisher.

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  4. The Insurgent says:

    Hey nigger, get out of America!

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