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Miss India Jacinta Lal accused of ‘not looking Indian’

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Row: Jacinta Lal raised eyebrows at the Wellington leg of the MissIndiaNZ contest where some of the audience accused her of not being Indian enough.

Her stunning looks won her a coveted title in New Zealand’s Miss India contest.

But Jacinta Lal, 21, was today at the centre of a huge row after she was accused of not looking Indian enough.

The blue-eyed blonde, whose father is Fijian-Indian and mother a New Zealander, was booed by spectators when she won the Wellington leg of the MissIndiaNZ contest.

Organisers later confirmed that there had been ‘two or three’ complaints about Miss Lal’s eligibility.

The row comes just days after the Indian government protested to New Zealand about alleged racial slurs by TV host Paul Henry.

Miss Lal told the New Zealand Herald she had heard people say that she was not ‘Indian-looking enough to win the pageant’.

‘But despite those small-minded people that made those comments, there were many Indians who encouraged me to enter.

‘So just because some narrow-minded people make a comment like that we can’t assume that all Indians think the same way.

‘There is no difference between what Paul Henry is saying and what those select few Indians were saying. They are all wrong and should not say things like that…’

Miss Lal (left) is one of two runners-up in the Miss India contest: She branded her critics 'narrow-minded'

Organiser Dharmesh Parikh said that he had also had complaints when Miss Lal took part in the MissIndiaNZ finals in Auckland in August and became one of two runners-up.

‘People said: “Oh my God look at this blonde girl coming to Miss IndiaNZ, what is she doing here?,” he said.

‘Whoever these people are, they are a very small part of it.

‘This event is called Miss IndiaNZ, with an N-Z, and I strongly emphasise that this event is not an Indian event, it is a Kiwi-Indian event, so you must have New Zealand residency, New Zealand citizenship and you must have some sort of Indian background.’

‘It is a little bit sad, but it is unfortunate for Jacinta as well because she should be accepted into this Indian world as well because she is a beautiful Indian girl.’


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5 Responses to " Miss India Jacinta Lal accused of ‘not looking Indian’ "

  1. TaN00Ki says:

    You’ll have Indians in Miss India when we have AMERICANS IN Miss America…

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  2. Ivantheterrible says:

    Funny article. She looks as a member of my kinsfolk. Obviously the recessive genes of her Aryan mother prevailed. Nice!

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  3. Speaking of Aryans; it was the great spiritual preceptor and saint of India, Sri Paramhansa Yogananda, who called Indians the original “Aryans.”

    Yogananda outlined how many people in the province of Kashmir resemble westerners, insofar as they have blonde hair and blue eyes and cannot be distinguished apart from looking like Americans.

    Here is a direct quote from Paramhansa Yogananda’s definitive spiritual classic, Autobiography of a Yogi, pg. 234:

    “In Kashmir a large number of the people, world-famed for their beauty, are as white as Europeans and have similar features and bone structure; many are blue-eyed and blonde-haired. Dressed in Western clothes they look like Americans. The coldness of the Himalayas affords the Kashmiris relief from the sultry sun and preserves their light complexions. As one travels south to the tropical latitudes of India, he finds progressively that the people are darker and darker.”

    Sri Yogananda was not a member of the “master race” per se, but his spiritual attainments put him in the class of being the definitive “Master Race,” for all mankind, insofar as he achieved co-identity with the Ruler of Time and Space.

    India would do well to remember the observations of her most beloved and favorite son, who made gigantic inroads into the West, to bring East and West together in mutual understanding and appreciation.

    Sri Yogananda once sought an audience with Adolph Hitler, to try to dissuade him from his murderous course and to talk of similarities between German and Indian Aryan culture, but he was totally rebuffed by Hitler.

    Had Yogananda been allowed an audience with Hitler, perhaps the excesses of the Nazi regime might have been neutralized, as Yogananda was a spiritual locomotive among men, who conveyed many souls to the Kingdom of God. He could also look into men and tell them their innermost thoughts.

    It never ceases to amaze this writer that Indian society will celebrate a severely deformed person as an “incarnation” of the monkey god Hanuman, or some other deity in the pantheon of the Hindus. They will even build a temple to rats, as a super condominium for their maintenance and care, but they fail to acknowledge a real Indian beauty, even if she is atypical of the standard brand.

    This prejudice is also reflected in India’s caste system, which grades and assigns human beings on the shade of their skin color.

    India is a gold mine of spirituality from which the West has much to learn and yet Indian society falls into the same trap as the rest of mankind; the preference for tribal affiliation over a common humanity.

    Now perhaps Indians will understand how people of the West feel, by having their countries invaded by foreigners, who wear rags on their heads and sport rudely long beards. Perhaps they will begin to fathom the general distaste a nation feels, when it is forced to become a human zoo, on a United Nations paradigm.

    They will understand the general lack of cooperation by these interlopers, who fail to comport themselves as Romans, while in Rome, even going so far as to attempt to define airport “pat down” procedures and security measures, based on their own brand of cultural sanction. These “guests” will not bare their faces, even for the supreme privilege of a driver’s license!

    Here in America, city buses are filled to the brim with these third world refugees, taking up space, while there are only two or three white people on the bus, seeming to take a last stand against the total submergence of their culture by these exotic imports, which threaten to crowd out the native “vegetation.”

    India has a problem with one of its own daughters, who looks a lot different, because she is NOT deformed?

    Why was this woman not declared a goddess?

    Here’s a thought; let Indians quit referring to themselves as “Aryans,” or let them apologize to this woman and acknowledge her achievement with celebration.

    What is certain, is that Indian women are quite beautiful, whether they are dark or light. They are the many forms and faces of Goddess Kali Ma.

    India is apparently NOT a “welcoming nation,” so why should America or any other European culture make up for India’s deficit?

    Nations such as India, Japan and China, have one culture and one people, not a “multicultural” stew. Perhaps the nations of the West should discriminate more as to who is allowed into their respective countries.

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  4. lynn says:

    Well, she’s really pretty, has NZ citizenship and Indian background so maybe they must just get over it.

    Also think about Aishwarya Rai… She has dark hair and darker skin than Jacinta, but she has blue eyes.

    Just like Ash, both these runners up are gorgeous.

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  5. kriz says:

    identity crisis at its best!! she obviously hasnt looked in a mirror 4 a long time!! u aint indian gurl… stop pretending!

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