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Beijing locals visit IKEA to sleep

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You may remember an LA Times article from last year, titled Beijing Loves IKEA — But Not for Shopping. In summary, the article revealed why there’s a line to get in the front door of the Beijing IKEA, but not one to check out. The picture above tells part of the story — just as many locals visit IKEA to sleep — on chairs, sofas, and occasionally beds — as come for the $2 plates of lox and $1 plate of Swedish meatballs. Oh, and a few actually purchase furniture as well. I thought it might be a bit much to post pictures of kids sleeping, so I blurred out this little guy’s face.

This is the scene when you walk in the door.

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This lady is reading a newspaper, while her friend (I assume) sleeps on the adjacent sofa.

Shoppers ignore the non-shoppers. People didn’t even seem to notice as others slept on the piece of furniture they were examining for purchase.

Close-up of the sleeping man in the image above.

(Left to right) reading a newspaper, resting, and fast asleep.

I assume (hope) that this baby’s parents were keeping an eye on her from somewhere nearby.

Pillow talk.

I’m sure the next person to sleep here would be pleased to know that this guy was thoughtful enough to keep his shoes off the bed.

I would at least have switched off the lamps. Getting a tan, perhaps?


Big red.

Bargain shopper.
Reader caption: “Color coordination… I knows it.”

Expensive taste! This mattress has a price tag of $2,999 CNY (about $450).
Reader caption: “Mom, that guy snores… don’t make us sleep here.”

This looks comfortable! Any takers?

Some people really are there to shop…

And finally, before you get too excited, it’s important to note that everyone has to head home when the store closes every night at 10, so don’t plan on skipping the hotel during your next visit to Beijing.


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