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British SIS Hit Team Kills Top US Oil Expert For Breaking Gulf Oil Spill News Blackout

A grim Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) report prepared for Prime Minister Putin states that a British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS, also known as MI6) ‘hit team’ was behind the assassination Matthew Simmons [photo top right] who was one of the United States top oil experts and the most outspoken critic of the US and BP’s handling of the Gulf of Mexico oil leak catastrophe.

According to this report, Simmons assassination was ordered by SIS Chief John Sawers after he met with Britain’s top business leaders who warned that the continued sinking of BP’s stock price because of the Gulf oil disaster posed a danger to their entire economy as the oil giants economic health was deemed “vital to the British Government’s plans to cut budget deficits and balance its books.”

What made Simmons particular dangerous to BP, this report continues, was the authority from which he warned that the United States and BP were covering up the true extent of this disaster and were keeping the American people’s attention diverted from the true site of the massive underwater oil leak which he said was located nearly 5-6 miles from the wellhead said responsible for this catastrophe.

Simmons authority to be heard as an expert on this disaster rested on his being one of the United States top oil insiders as a former adviser to President Bush and his being a member of the influential National Petroleum Council and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

Simmons had also earned the ire of both US and European oil giants, and the governments backing them, after the 2005 publication of his book “Twilight in the Desert: The Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy” wherein he used 200 technical papers published over the last 20 years to unmask the truth about the wars being fought around the World for oil that our Planet is fast running out of.

Important to note is that Simmons is not the only “high level target” assassinated by SIS hit teams as they had previously been implicated in the “suiciding” of the former British UN weapons inspector Dr. David Kelly who was killed after his leaking to the BBC that prior to the invasion of Iraq no weapons of mass destruction were found, but were being used as the “excuse” for the US and its allies to capture all of Iraq’s oil and natural gas reserves.

Also interesting to note was that the former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, halted the inquest into Dr. Kelly’s death and set up what was called the Hutton Inquiry which ruled his death a “suicide” and then secretly classified all the evidence in the case for 70 years, in spite of the testimony of a leading American UN weapons inspector, Dr Richard Spertzel, that Dr. Kelly was on a US-British “hitlist” during the final years of his life.

In continuing, this FSB report states that “the most likely cause” of Simmons having to be killed a fortnight ago (August 8th) was due to his preparing to release a report detailing how the US and BP were using massive amounts of toxic chemical dispersants to hide the continued leaking of the “fractured beyond repair” Gulf of Mexico seafloor in what he claimed was the “largest and most dangerous manmade ecological disaster in human history”.

Even worse, this FSB report states that Simmons was prepared to release “independent data” showing that toxic chemical dispersants being used to hide the oil in the Gulf of Mexico from the American people was now entering the North Atlantic Gyre [a Gyre is a large system of rotating ocean currents of which our Planet has 5] and had “stalled” what is called the Loop Current in this body of water and could lead to massive fish kills all along the Eastern coastlines of North America.

Interesting to note, and as Simmons had predicted, several US States along their Eastern seaboard began reporting thousands of dead fish washing up on their beaches a few days after his death, and which his commenting on in any American TV interview this FSB report was deemed “unacceptable” by the SIS.

Though not being reported to the American people after President Obama’s “publicity stunt” this past weekend during his barely 24-hour visit to the Gulf Coast region is that approximately 672 miles of the US Gulf Coast shoreline remain covered in oil: 108 miles in Florida,  375 miles in Louisiana, 117 miles in Mississippi and 72 miles in Alabama.

Even worse are new reports warning that the damage being done to what is called the Gulf of Mexico’s deep scattering layer (DSL) is leading to a catastrophic kill off of nearly every marine species in this vital ecological water system and leading to a massive starvation event of truly apocalyptic proportions.

To what is happening to those few US scientists attempting to warn the American people as to the true extent of this catastrophe (as opposed to those who BP has bought off) we can read, in part, as reported by the Zero Hedge Report in their article titled “When University Scientists Found Underwater Oil Plumes, the Government Said Shut Up, Don’t Tell Anyone … and Then Tried to Discredit Them”:

“The reaction that [the University of South Florida] announcement [of the discovery of huge underwater plumes] received from the Coast Guard and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the federal agencies that sponsored their research:

Shut up.

“I got lambasted by the Coast Guard and NOAA when we said there was undersea oil,” USF marine sciences dean William Hogarth said. Some officials even told him to retract USF’s public announcement, he said, comparing it to being “beat up” by federal officials.

The USF scientists weren’t alone. Vernon Asper, an oceanographer at the University of Southern Mississippi, was part of a similar effort that met with a similar reaction. “We expected that NOAA would be pleased because we found something very, very interesting,” Asper said. “NOAA instead responded by trying to discredit us. It was just a shock to us.”

Not just scientists are being intimidated and threatened by BP and the US government either, as new reports are stating that it is not only a criminal felony offense for Americans to take or possess photographs of this oil catastrophe, but a veteran American news reporter named Doug McKelway of WJLA-TV, a Washington, D.C. ABC affiliate, was recently suspended from his job for daring to tell his television viewers that President Obama was the recipient of more BP political donations than any other US politician.

Most unfortunately in all of these events is that another great voice for freedom has been silenced in America with the killing of Matthew Simmons; a sad fact made even more intolerable as the majority of the American people continue to remain complacent while the appetite of the US elite classes to steal all they can is warned is pushing them all towards a new Revolutionary War. 


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  • Chris

    Lies! More Sorcha Faal dis-info. I used to trust this site. Now, I’m leaving it for good since they won’t stop posting this idiocy.

    • Pauli

      o no we cant have that… i mean we need to reach you sort of people… i mean sheeple….its such a distressing moment when one hears the truth after living a lie for so long……most run away

      • Percy

        I agee with you, Sorcha Faal is David Booth and his ISP shows he is in Langley VA which is the home of the CIA. So the sheep need to wake up to the disinformation and propoganda put out there.

        Mathew Simmons was killed for his alternative energy initiative that was a major threat to oil companies. He was the founder of Ocean Energy Institute dealing with wind energy off the ocean. His expertise was in oil rigs which could easily be converted into platforms for his giant windmills to garner all that power from the ocean winds.

        In fact, Google just bought into a project along the east coast that will be doing exactly that. It had nothing to do with the Gulf, but ask yourself why would the CIA want you to beleive that? Because the CIA is foreign controlled by oil interests that are more threatened by the alternative energy than by the disclosure of some gulf thingy that he might have done, that no one believed anyway.

  • Gladsb

    :( I feel so bad for the family. I hope justice will be served in the end. Their employers and comrads should investigate. There should be brave and courageous people out there brave enough to uncover this cover up and expose names of those responsible to give us hope that evil deeds cannot succeed at the end. We need more people like Mr.Simmons and Dr.Kelly even more so now with all the corruptions going on…

  • roadrunner

    This man was obviously killed by high powers in business & govt. He said too much…and published too much. High stakes are involved here ppl. As far as the devastated family fishing business in the Gulf, nobody high up really cares. Before Simmons was “terminated”, he should have investigated exactly who has investments in foreign fishing fleets here. It dosent matter where the shrimp comes from…as long as it’s on the elete’s plate…and it can come from Singapore as well as it can come from Louisiana

  • http://Москва Сергей

    Ребята! У вас такая же хрень происходит, что и у нас! Как жалко природу и как же обидно за тех людей, которые ставят свои должности и выгоды выше интересов страны!!!

  • Patrick

    MI6 Mossad CIA are all Terrorist org’s.
    In order to free humanity and Nationas once again, all Massad and MI6 must be arrested and tried, or if the fight back, then killed.

    I do not speak about CIA, becuase I am an American, I will allow someone from out side the US-Empire to speak about the CIA Terrorist…

  • V

    Is this a CIA stunt? If it is – its a poor one. I thought Langly was more inventive!

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