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Israeli millionaire builds mosque in France

Mosque in Geneva

Jewish businessman Robert Harush who grew up in Ashkelon spends fortune on renovation of large Muslim house of worship in Montereau, in effort to promote co-existence.

An unlikely benefactor. An Ashkelon resident who made a fortune in the European real estate business has decided to pay for the construction of a mosque in France for the benefit of the local Muslim community.

Father of four Robert Harush, 58, grew up in Ashkelon and having completed his military service tried his luck in the real estate business in Europe. His success has won him many hotels and buildings and he is estimated to be worth hundreds of millions of shekels.

Despite his success Harush did not forget his hometown and has returned to Ashkelon and invested in local building ventures. For the past 10 years he has been dividing his time between Israel and France. His four children all speak Hebrew.

The businessman even chose to stay in the southern city during Operation Cast Lead. He remained in Israel also after a Grad rocket landed near his house.

Surprisingly, he has not harbored any ill-feelings against the Arab side and is a strong supporter of co-existence. He was recently approached by the mayor of Montereau, a French city adjacent to Paris, who informed him of his difficulties in financing the renovation of a large mosque in the city.

“I told myself ‘here is an opportunity to bring the people together’ and decided to donate the money,” Harush said. “People were dumbfounded. What does a Jewish-Israeli man have do to with refurbishing a mosque? The answer is simple: I’m sick and tired of the hatred. A sane voice must emerge.”

Harush explained that he built the mosque in order to promote co-existence. “It wasn’t a cheap venture but I did with all my heart.”

Ashkelon projects

Leaders of the Montereau Muslim community have thanked Harush for the gesture and maintain a warm relationship with him.

The businessman, however, is not interested in supporting the Muslim community alone and has paid for the construction of one of the largest and most grandiose synagogues in Asheklon last year, which was named after his late father.

He is currently working on setting up a mikveh in the southern city to be dedicated to his late mother. “I myself am not a religious person but I feel that in the absence of upstanding politicians it falls on businessmen to bring together Jews and Arabs and seculars and the religious.


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  • Gordon

    This is unbelievable! An Israeli is building a mosque in France while destroying mosques and every trace of Muslim identity in Israel! This is conspiracy against us Europeans! And hypocrisy at maximum!
    If this story wasn’t coming from Ynet which is an Israeli newspaper, I wouldn’t even believe this story but I saw the source of the story and it must be real!

    • mr white

      Typical Jew Bastard

  • Ganpat Sathe

    Afrocentrists are a bunch of retards who cannot accept the fact that their ancestors lived like monkeys (they still are monkeys and always will be) and thus they try to claim the achievements of other people. I have seen many Afrocentrist idiots claim the achievements of my nation, India. Once I saw this old black man, some reputed expert of Afrocentric crap claim that the river Ganga was named after an Ethiopian general. This nutcase does not even know that Ganga is a feminine name and is named after a Hindu goddess. I feel sad for these scums, after all their ancestors were running around naked, dancing around fires eating each other chanting ooga booga in Africa until the Arabs and Europeans civilized them. They have no other option but to steal the history of others.

  • TRQaida

    Take care! Another new islamic sect is coming!!!! :cry:

  • http://www.cosseven.com Cosmonaut Seven

    Given the policy of isreel which an isreeli billionaire surely has a say in, I would say this is definitely a move to encourage Muslims to emigrate to France. interesting that France bans Islamic traditional attire at the same time tho.

    Hmm. Whats REALLY goin on?

  • Oz

    The pessimism here is very upsetting. I think this is the best story I have seen in the news in quite some time and will take it at face value. I am very inspired that he was able to look past religion and want to help people. God Bless him and anyone who is able to help people who have a different ethnicity or religion then themselves. As a non-practicing Muslim in America I am very encouraged by this man’s kindness, despite the growing “Islamaphobia” around the world.

  • libby

    oh my!

  • David

    I agree with his assesment of a power vacuum in politics “in the absence of upstanding politicians it falls on businessmen to…”

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