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Israeli MOSSAD accused of attempting to assassinate Erdogan

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan

The Israeli intelligence agency Mossad has failed in an attempt to assassinate Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a Jordanian weekly says.

Informed sources in Turkey say that the Mossad plot has been foiled by the country’s security forces, al-Manar quoted a report in the most recent edition of the Al-Majd weekly as saying.

There are also reports that Israel has been trying to incite violence inside Turkey by lending support to the militants of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

Earlier in June, Sedat Laciner, the head of the International Strategic Research Organization, a Turkish think tank, said Mossad agents and Israeli military retirees had been sighted providing training to PKK militants in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Laciner said Tel Aviv does not have a positive perception of Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party, which is led by Erdogan.

After an Israeli attack on a Gaza-bound flotilla that left nine Turkish citizens dead on May 31, Ankara drew up a roadmap to “completely” cut its ties with Israel.

Turkish President Abdullah Gul had earlier announced that a roadmap would be prepared on the issue of sanctions against Israel.

“The roadmap details a process through which Turkey will completely cut its ties with Israel” in several stages, Turkish daily Today’s Zaman reported on June 17.

According to the roadmap, the first step would be that Turkey’s ambassador to Tel Aviv, who had previously been recalled, would not be sent back unless Israel sends a member to a UN investigatory commission that aims to look into the Israeli attack on the Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla.

The roadmap would also require all military training and cooperation with Israel to be halted and states that an internal Israeli inquiry into the attack would in no way be recognized by Turkey.

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  • Mihail

    Just for a moment, I want you to consider the possibility that maybe 99% of the terrorists in the world are manufactured fakes, a bloody theater to serve the interests not of fringe groups, but of entire nation-states(ISRAEL)?

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    Israel tricked the US into attacking Libya
    When Israel attacked the USS Liberty they tried to frame Egypt for it
    The Lavon Affair: Israel has a history of faking terror attacks
    Israel creates and aids terror groups
    If HAMAS is so bad why did Israel create it? To demonize Palestinians?
    Israel stages all these “terror” attacks to trick America into hating Israel’s enemies:


  • Patrick

    Mihail, I agree with 97% of everything you are saying.
    Much of it is truth, and the Truth always points to itself.
    People do not need to take your word for it, nor mine.
    They con openly and honestly research it for themselves.
    Especially if they pray to the Holy spirit of Jesus for Him to revile the truth to them, so it shall be.

    For if you ask for what is right, it shall be given.
    The Lord is the Lord of Truth, he does not withhold Truth from the followers of His only Son Jesus.

  • Damien


    Great post.

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