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Disaster Compounds As Obama Blows Smoke to Calm the Sheep

Day 49

On Tuesday evening, with the disaster now pushed into a continual downward spiral, the President addressed the nation. By pushing the cap and trade agenda he was attempting to blow smoke to his sheeple. Lots of interesting keywords and phrases were used in the speech to quail the fear throughout the general public. During the speech, Obama had this to say about stopping this horrific spill, “Stopping it has tested the limits of human technology.”

An interesting statement, considering it is still testing the limits of human technology, and until it is stopped, it will forever test those limits. Obama went on to say, “This is the worst disaster we have ever faced….. More like an epidemic, one that will continue for months or even years.” He mentioned how 30,000 people are working on the spill along with 17,000 National Guard.

For anyone who still denies military involvement, it is time to wake up and smell the coffee, or should I say ” wake up and smell the Corexit ?” Obama clearly stated in his speech, ” I authorized governors in the effected areas to activate troops as soon as possible”.

Obama also talked about installing his own person into the (MMS) Minerals Management Service as well as forcing BP to set up an escrow account. This seems somewhat Orwellian in nature, installing his own Gulf Coast watchdog? How can the President do this? The President will continue to have these outlandish powers as long as we are under Pandemic level 6. This pandemic level was extended until March 2012 and unfortunately, due to numerous unconstitutional treaties, UN law supersedes U.S. law. A well thought out, well organized plan to further encroach on our freedoms.

In his address to the nation, Obama used a few key words and phrases that were very suspicious.(Battle Plan?) This is just another form of PSY-OPS currently being used on the American public to condition the sheep into accepting troops into their own neighborhoods.

Meanwhile somewhere in the Gulf…

This photo was taken on day 38. It clearly shows the damages that have been inflicted on to the wetlands. On the Tuesday radio broadcast of NotForSale’s Intel Hub Radio Show, Shepard took callers with tips on the Gulf situation and a caller from Waco Texas dialed into the show. The report was compelling. and coincided with other reports from in and around Tennessee.

The caller stated that after the most recent rains, all the plants around his house were damaged and that they looked burned or melted. This destruction could very well have been from chemical acid rain derived from the Gulf region.

Harmful rain has now been confirmed in at least two states. This is a problem of grave danger. The implications might be catastrophic and irreversible.

The following pictures are being posted to inform the reader on the extent of the damage that has already taken place. Take a min to let it sink in and you will realize just how bad the situation really is. Remember, up to 4 million gallons of oil per day and over 1 million gallons of a deadly chemical Corexit have been sprayed into the Gulf waters. Some of which has already affected our air supply, water system, streams, and wildlife.

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  • Patrick

    I call this “The Obama Disaster”

  • Kayla

    The sad thing is a lot of us that are informed are aware of this, and I don’t consider myself a sheep. I see the imagery and for people that aren’t aware that is what they are. I continually am informing people on a daily basis of the toxic air and levels that are coming to us in New Orleans. Not to mention BP’s Death Cloud under the water that could cause a tsunami effect on the gulf coast. A military state is not what we need, unless they intend on killing/evacuating us. We all see how well emergency evacuations happen in Louisiana…i.e. Katrina…..

    I’ll forward this article as well. Thanks EU for the care and consideration in the article. Considering where I can go if I ever have to leave New Orleans when it gets too bad to live here. May cross the great ocean to get to Europe like I’ve been wanting.

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