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99% of the people in China want to move to the U.S.

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A recent news article reports “In China, cracks are appearing – in the neighbourhood of the massive Three Gorges Dam, the country’s great prestige project, and also in the Great Internet Firewall of China, enabling the ominous news to leak out. Three years ago stories were already emerging in the Chinese media about landslides, ecological deterioration and accumulation of algae further down the river. And less and less effort seems to be made to plug the leaks. Recent media reports tell of a series of landslips, minor earthquakes and cracks appearing in roads and buildings along the central section of the Yangtse, between the dam and the city of Chongqing. Almost 10,000 ‘dangerous sites’ have been identified, but many of the people living near them cannot be relocated for lack of money.”

We may soon see one of the biggest engineering failures in history thanks to Third World engineering. The liberal media keeps telling us that “east Asians” are superior to Whites. While the east Asian immigrants that have come to the US (so far) may be above the White IQ average, the east Asian IQ would plummet if you average in all of the Chinese. China has had the largest population of any nation on the planet, yet the productivity of China was negligible compared to Germany, France or England. China has only managed to advance itself economically in recent decades thanks to the massive outsourcing of US manufacturing to China thanks to traitorous politicians, who signed the GATT treaty.

The most important criteria for success and prosperity is creativity combined with education. Many Asians are able to do fine in college, but the creativity is just not there, the way it is for White students.

The best of the Asian nations, Japan was matched up against the US in World War Two. By 1943, White American engineers developed five fighter aircraft types better than the best Japanese fighter. In the ultimate test of creativity –making the best weapons, the Japanese fell flat. This is why race-mixing is always bad, even with the best races of Asia; it will snuff out the White genes for creative thinking. Their enormous population could easily blot out the world’s population of White people if we don’t keep Asian immigrants out of White nations. A poll taken in China revealed that 99 percent of Chinese would move to the US if they could. Someone should tell all the “open borders” advocates that we’d better make room for 1.3 billion Chinese if we choose not to enforce immigration laws.


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