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2-year-old Indonesian Child Smokes 40 Cigarettes Per Day

JAKARTA, Indonesia – where is the earthly habitats heading to? We have read about child-kidnapping and child-trafficking but 2-year-old smoker. No! Shocking report of 2-year-Old Sumatran kid Ardi Rizal’s an addicted Child-smoker goes berserk if he can’t light up in Southeast Asia nation, Indonesia is the latest shocknig strange trend in the world today.
According to sources following a bizarre twist and never heard of before, reports making international airwaves about cigarette-addicted-toddler puffing-away more than 40 cigarettes per day is unprecedented.
Reports surfaced on Wednesday, spreading to online social networks on 2-year-old addicted toddler is the latest development.
Some commentators are outraged, “the father is an idiot”, another added, “His parents should be jailed …”
In the United States Republicreport gathered that top anti-smoking group hours ago called on the Indonesia government to give the parents of the addicted-smoking 2-year-Old toddler a lesson of their life, including have them go through therapy program/s.
“It’s clear the parents of this kid understand the risk smoking poses to their child” remarked Matthew Myers of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids in Washington D.C.
Philips Morris tobacco multilateral corporation having paid some millions of dollars here in the U.S. have diverted industry’s Tobacco shipments to third world countries like Indonesia and other developing countries that are ubiquitously under-educated or illiterates. According to reports, his father gave him [Arid] his first smoke when he was 18-months old.
Within the intellectual circle and anti-smoking think-tank group reports concluded that, “This reflects a pervasive problems in many low-income countries where tobacco companies market their products to an uneducated public” added Myers.
The father seems to have adjusted to his addicted-baby’s smoking ways.
“I’m not worried about his health, he looks healthy”, the boy’s father Mohammad Rizal was reported saying. According to our sources the father said, “He cries and throws tantrums when we don’t let him smoke. He’s addicted”.
This is indeed a disturbing trend reports say. According to our source, about 25 percent of Indonesian children ages 3-to-15 have tried tobacco-smoking, “with 3.2 percent of those active smokers”.
According to reports generated from United Nations [UN] World Health Organization, anybody can buy cigarettes in Southeast Asia-Nation, Indonesia. WHO said Southeast Asia country, Indonesia refused to ratify [non-poliferation of tobacco-marketing around the world] the World Health Organization’s treaty on Tobacco, leaving its population vulnerable to unregulated marketing of tobacco-products by tobacco-companies like Philip Morris, avoiding regulatory oversight and compliance.
Impeccable sources told RR that the percentage of 5-to-9-year olds smokers has gone up, increasing from 0.4 percent in 2001 to 2.8 percent in 2004 anti-smoking-Watch-Dogs reported.
RR learned that irrespective of Indonesia’s failure to ratify World Health Organization’s Treaty on Tobacco, anti-smoking advocates are speaking out about the danger and health-hazards that children face from secondhand smoking, there is massive growing peer-pressure on these children to pick up smoking habits seeing it as fashionable especially in a Southeast Asia country where reports say one-third of the population uses tobacco and single cigarettes racketeering are bought at cheap prices.
Reports coming out from Southeast Asia nation said that Chairman of Indonesia’s child protection commission, Seto Mulyadi is blaming advertising agencies not government. Government hip blames at aggressive advertising and parents who are smokers.
“A law to protect children and passive smokers should be introduced immediately in this country”, he added.
Indonesia passed a health law in 2009 and formally recognizes that smoking is dangerously addictive. Sources told RR that anti-smoking coalition is aggressively pressuring government for stricter and tighter anti-smoking regulations in public places, including penalizing and banning advertising companies and big tobacco corporations with non-ubiquitous-health Warnings on cigarette packages on bill-boards.
But a bill on tobacco control has been stalled because of opposition from the tobacco industry. The bill would ban cigarette advertising and sponsorship, prohibit smoking in public, and add graphic images to packaging.
Philip Morris and other Tobacco companies have always marketed its products to anybody who can afford it, whether he/she is a toddler or adults it doesn’t matter to these big-corporations, what matters to them is chasing big bucks, experts remarked.
Source told RR that Benny Wahyudi, a senior official at the Industry Ministry, was quoted saying, “government had initiated a plan to try to limit the number of smokers, including dropping production to 240 billion cigarettes this year, from 245 billion in 2009”.
“The government is aware of the impact of smoking on health and has taken efforts, including lowering cigarette production, increasing its tax and limiting smoking areas”.
RR learned that ubiquitous advertising hit a bump last month following a tobacco company was forced to withdraw its sponsorship of so-called pop star Kelly Clarkson’s concert following aggressive demonstrations from fans, friends and families of anti-tobacco groups.
According to Jakarta Globe reports, “The promotion of health has to be integrated down to the smallest units in our society, from public health centers and local health care centers to the family” was quoted on Friday.
There are though some admissions from the government quarters regarding the way forward addressing child-smoking problems.
The Southeast Asia country’s Health Minister Endang Sedyaningsih conceded stopping young people from puffing up and lighting on will be a challenge to tackle in Indonesia where it is generally perceived as positive habit because cigarette companies sponsor everything from scholarships to sporting events.

“This is the challenge we face in protecting youth from the dangers of smoking” Madam Minister added in a government statement on the ministry’s website.
Tobacco-corporations use enticement, sponsorship to destroy developing countries, prompting an American anti-smoking group to call upon the Indonesian government to take urgent action.
“It’s clear the parents of this baby don’t understand the risk smoking poses to their child” the New York Daily News quoted Matthew Myers of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids in Washington, D.C.
According to reports Ardi, is from a poor neighborhood in fishing village of Musi Banyuasin, in Indonesia’s South Sumatra, he was misled & initiated by his illiterate father to smoking.
Even his mother, Diana, allowed this to happen leaving Arid father to give his toddler a cigarette, raising children some say takes mother and father and a whole village, but in a society where there is total desensitization of outrage on the dangers of cigarette because of sponsorships and funding from Tobacco industries, these are the fallouts, including Arid’s addiction case. .
Even the mother seems confused and doesn’t know what to do, “He’s totally addicted.
“If he doesn’t get cigarettes, he gets angry and screams and batters his head against the wall. He tells me he feels dizzy and sick”.
Myers added, “I was horrified but not surprised” the president of the Washington, D.C.-based Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids said in a statement. “This video demonstrates how truly tragic the global use of tobacco”.

Reports say kid smoking is not new in Indonesia and majority of third world countries, despite face-saving approach by village officials who have been receiving and living off-of Tobacco-multi-national Corporation.
Reports say village officials from the Indonesian village where the boy hails from reportedly offered to buy the parents a brand new car if they forced the boy to quit, but reports say the father turned down the offer.
Maybe the father wants to make a different statement about inconsequentiality of anti-smoking laws in Indonesia at the expense of his toddler with Tobacco multinationals doing what they do best, taking advantage of uninformed illiterate society and populations. Illiteracy is indeed a disease.

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  1. cheryl United States says:

    The father and tobacco company should be on trial and sentenced to jail/prison time. This is seen as child abuse/child neglect, and it shouldn’t matter where you are from, a child is a child, and this is seen as cruelty towards your child and should be illegal everywhere. What is this world coming to? Does anyone truly care about our children? And where is all the money that the U.S. Citizens are giving these third world counties going to?

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