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Missouri Lawmakers' Bill to Assert Their Sovereignty and disregard Federal Laws

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This is great, and Missouri isn’t the only State doing this. What this bill will do is tell the Federal Government that citizens of Missouri will NOT be bound by any law the Federal Government makes which is unconstitutional (like Obamacare, for example). It would allow Federal taxes to be drawn into the State’s Treasury and given to the Federal Government based on how well the Feds perform based on Constitutional issues. This could even go so far as to exempt Guns made and sold in Missouri from being under any Federal Controls or Regulations.

Some other things this bill would do, in addition to what’s listed above:
-It would allow Missouri to define Marriage as a union between One Man and One Woman. It would allow Missouri to disregard any federal laws which would allow same-sex marriage.

-It would make it so that Missouri Citizens will NEVER have to pay any Carbon Taxes which are levied by the Federal Government.

-It would disregard Federal “Thought Crime” laws, with regard to “hate crimes”.

-It would disallow any federal interaction with people who choose to Home-School their children. It would keep Missouri students from being forced to learn things that the federal government mandates, it would return education to the states.

-It would require Missouri to recognize the Constitution under the “original intention” of the founding fathers. This means no more taking liberties with your liberty… if it doesn’t say it, it’s unconstitutional.

-It would allow Missouri citizens to disregard all of the unconstitutional Federal firearms laws.

-It would exempt Missouri from federal laws on abortion. In addition it will mean that the State of Missouri no longer has to provide any funding for them.

-It would keep private medical data private. Would not allow medical information to go into any sort of database.

-It would not allow the Government to have any say in the healthcare of individuals.

-It would ensure that illegals would never get healthcare or any other subsidies from the State government. It would exempt Missouri from any federal law which states that Missouri must give ID or services to illegals.

This is truly exciting. There are other states which are preparing the same bill in their legislature. Montana already has the law which exempts firearms made and sold in Montana from all federal rules and regulations, from what we understand.

So maybe this is the turning point. Where the states finally reassert their sovereignty and tell the Federal Government that the States have the power in a Republic, and this is a Republic, not a democracy. The founding fathers did not intend for the federal government to balloon into a huge monster. It is bills like this that would allow the States to put the Federal Government back where it belongs… Bellow the States, when it comes to national matters, while allowing it to retain the rights given to the feds in the Constitution.


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